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Kim Kim Presentation Transcript

  • How did you use media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  • The Internetand theWorld Wide Web
  • Nowadays, the internet can provide us with lots ofinformation and it enormously helped me in producing mydocumentary, poster and radio trailer. As it provided mewith lots of essential data for those projects.It goes without saying that Google was the main web-sitefor searching useful data as it puts most popular links onfirst lines my search was very fast.
  • I used Google to:• Research existing fashion posters• To find links to similar documentaries• To evaluate previous students work• To find pictures to illustrate my work
  • I used YouTube to:• Research other students work• Watch existing “real” documentaries• Upload my own work (linked to Wordpress)• Add clips to my own presentations
  • I also used the movie databaseIMDbThis wasvery usefulfor the searchingneeded type ofdocumentaries andinvestigate how theyused posters.
  • I think that my documentary would not be the samewithout the proper research which I have done onWORDPRESS.COM , there you can see all the auditionsand preparation for filming.Moreover, IMDb was very useful for the searchingneeded type of documentaries and creating poster alike tothem.
  • YouTube gave me wide knowledge about differentdocumentaries types and other details as titles, music mostlyuse and the narrator’s role.In addition, iPlayer gave me opportunity to watch tremendousamount of different documentaries series on BBC3 whatmeans to be up to date with their new programs.
  • • Wikipedia was very helpful, for researching different documentary types and other technical terms.• Moreover, there I have also read about fashion documentaries and there I have found different posters as well as on IMDb.
  • Furthermore, I have used SLIDESHARE.COM,GOANIMATE.COM and PICMONKEY.COM for making myblog more creative and interesting as without those websites you would not see any animation or Power Points oreven framed photos with different 3D effects thus the onlywhat I could use would be plain pictures and it’sdescription.
  • On my documentary I have used four different tracks, which Ihave found on as this web-site offershuge number of different tracks, sound effects, songs,sounds for free and without any copyright agreement.
  • Another very useful web site for me was FACEBOOK as there I have founddifferent boys for auditions of the main subject. Moreover, there I found audiencefeedback.And other useful data for evaluation questions.
  • Digital Hardware
  • iPHONEI have used iPhone for making picture of Danila and Stephaney duringworking, filming them for some evaluation and blog pages. In addition, Ihave filmed Danila in the 3D studio on the iPhone video.
  • Digital cameraI filmed my documentary on digital camera with digital sound recorder,moreover, I took a lot of pictures on same camera, which provides witha very good quality, which looks more bright and vivid rather thatiPhone’s.
  • Digital sound recorderI have recorded all the sounds on digital sound recorder, whichmade all the dialogs and monologs very clear and simple forunderstanding.
  • Editing and Post Production Software
  • SONY VEGAS.I have made my film on Sony Vegas program, which consistsa lot of different effects and animation which I have mostlyused in the beginning and in the end of the film. (you see iton the BBC3 label)
  • PhotoshopMy poster was done on the Photoshop as this programprovides with many different effects within which my posterbecame very professional and close to BBC3 type of posters.Furthermore, with it I have created a lot of different images,explaining my whole process of work.
  • iMovieFor lots of research pages I have been working on iMovieprogram as it is very simple in usage and many differenteffects which made simple videos more fun.