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Enjoy NT, complex of natural vitamins .

Enjoy NT, complex of natural vitamins .



Enjoy NT - a complex of natural vitamins for the prevention of bone-joint system.

Enjoy NT - a complex of natural vitamins for the prevention of bone-joint system.




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    Enjoy NT, complex of natural vitamins . Enjoy NT, complex of natural vitamins . Presentation Transcript

    • VISION has built, in cooperation with ARKOPHARMA, its own manufacturing plant in Ireland, Nutripharma, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified. It's a privilege for Arkopharma to cooperate with Vision for more than 15 years   ARKOPHARMA Laboratories is VISION’s main strategic Pharmaceutical partner, and one of the largest pharmaceutical concerns in Europe. ARKOPHARMA COOPERATION A strong, stable pharmaceutical partnership
      • Enjoy NT ® :
      • The highest standards in product development, based on
      • clinical studies, deep bibliographic reviews with Arkopharma’s scientific specialists and doctors;
      • market analysis and opportunities studies to find real innovations
      • high-level sourcing and raw material quality analysis
      • For Arkopharma Laboratories, EnjoyNT
      • is a real, great, potential business opportunity
      • We thank, and congratulate all Distributors for the EnjoyNT launch
      ENJOY NT® development A high added-value & high potential product
    • Origin : Marine origin : shrimps and prawn “cuticle” THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINT’S SUPPORT Glucosamine
      • History :
      • A worldwide increase in prescriptions for joints & arthritis over the last 10
      • years, and a 2 billions $ market worldwide.
      • Naturally produced by our organism to maintain cartilage and joints
      • healthy.
      • In the 60’s, glucosamine was directly injected in veins for people with arthritis.
      A worldwide use, a natural marine origin Quality : tested and approved by Arkopharma ( quality, quantity ) by chromatography
    • THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINTS SUPPORT Glucosamine Mechanism of action : cartilage & synovial liquid synthesis hydrocolloid properties  cartilage resistance  THE NATURAL CARTILAGE BOOSTER No side-effects Pain & knee dysfunciton (lesquesnes index) placebo Gluccsamine hcl -1.9 -3.1 Decrease in Pain & knee dysfunction after 6 months -163% HERRERO-BEAUMONT, 2007
      • Results of single glucosamine :
        • decrease in pain & joints dysfunctions in 6 months:
        • 163% decrease vs placebo in the Lesquesnes score
        • after 12 weeks : 88% improvement vs 17% in the placebo group
    • Origin : Marine origin : edible sharks (non protected species) THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINTS SUPPORT Chondroïtine
      • History :
      • Used since the 60’s in veterinarian remedies! (intramuscular injections)
      • Was developed since 90’s, following the clinical studies about its synergy with glucosamine
      A worldwide use, a natural marine origin Quality : chondroïtine sulfate 100% shark origin
    • THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINTS SUPPORT Mechanism of action : cartilage synthesis, inhibition of its destruction, anti-inflammatory protection of synovial liquid THE NATURAL PROTECTOR (synovial liquid, cartilage) No side-effects
      • Results of single chondroïtine :
        • More than 10 controlled clinical studies demonstrate a good efficacy of chondroitin in reducing joint pain with a persistence of efficacy over time.
    • THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINTS SUPPORT  collagen  hyaluronic acid  chondrotin sulfate + glucosamine GLUCOSAMINE + CHONDROÏTINE The best synergy ! Human Chondrocyte producing : CARTILAGE MATRIX The very famous “GAIT” study demonstrated the clinical efficacy of the association of glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitine sulfate . placebo Glucosamine alone Chondroïtine alone Chondro+gluco ! *feb. 2006; new england journal of medicine, GAIT = Glucosamide/ Chondroïtine Arthritis Intervention Trial)
    • Origin : Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, is a sulfurated compound which is present in some food (trace element). THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINTS SUPPORT MSM
      • History :
      • 2 american doctors (Dr Jacob & Dr Lawrence, UCL), published a book on the miracles of MSM showing it was as efficient as ibuprofen for its anti-inflammatory functions to relieve painful joints , but without side effects .
      A miraculous ingredient ! Quality : minimal size = 250 microns (µm)
    • Mechanism of action : anti-inflammatory, protection against free radicals, antioxidant. THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINTS SUPPORT MSM Results on quality of life, in synergy! Results : single MSM: results vs placebo: performing activities of daily living when compared to placebo, and 80% improvement after 6 weeks compared to 20% in the placebo-group. in combination with glucosamine and chondroïtine : demonstrated synergic effect over 12 weeks No side-effects
      • RESULTS
        • Improving the resistance of connective tissues;
        • Remineralization
        • Increase the body's defenses.
      • QUALITY
        • extreme richness in silicon (as silica SiO2).
        • silica is involved in the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans, the main protein of connective tissue, and in bone formation
      NEED FOR SILICA! bioavailability of silica in foods is low and decreases with age THE BEST INGREDIENTS FOR JOINTS SUPPORT BAMBOOSIL REMINERALIZING ACTION
    • TO RELIEVE JOINT PAIN Per capsule Daily recommendations (1 caps a day) Glucosamine hydrochloride 500 mg Chondroitin sulfate sodium 10 mg Methylsulfonylmethane 10 mg Bamboosil powder (Bambusa arundinacea) 10 mg Just one cap a day, For long term treatments, From 3 to 6 months and more. Walk tall, walk free, and look the world right in the eyes !