Magazine Cover and Poster Analysis


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Magazine Cover and Poster Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Cover Analysis
  2. 2. The masthead is shown The title of the film isat the top of the cover so also positioned nearthat the reader can the top of the cover,easily identify the cover so the readers canin the shops. They have instantly know whatused the theme of black film is the mainand green, they have feature this week.used a green outline sothat it links back to TheJoker himself. For the main cover line they use a pun that plays on the Jokers catchphrase ‘Why so serious?’Cover lines showing thereader who else will befeatured in themagazine. For the main image they have used a close up of The Jokers face creating a connection between him and the reader.The extra cover linesinform the reader of theother articles that will beincluded in the issue. Theyhave once again used the Barcodecolour green and the brightcolour stands out from thebackground; making itclear to read.
  3. 3. The strapline that reads ‘Movies biggest year ever’ entices people to read it.This button attracts thereaders’ attention as Masthead is shown at thethey use a bold colour top of the page so thatthat stands out from the customers can easilybackground. They are identify what thealso a good way of magazine is when goinginforming the readers of to buy one. Empire is alsoa feature in the a well known and popularmagazine; linking to the magazine, so they arefocal image. able to cover a section of the masthead with the image.For the image they use along shot of the main Cover lines are used tocharacter, which shows his notify readers of otherpower. articles that will be in the issue. They have used a lighter coloured font forThe extra cover lines the text, so that it standsinform the reader of the out against theother articles that will be background.included in the issue.They have used a brightcoloured font so that itstands out from the Barcodebackground; making itclear to read.
  4. 4. The strapline notifies the Masthead is shown at the topreaders of what is inside of the page so that customersthe magazine and is placed can easily identify what theat the top so that it will magazine is when going to buyentice people to read it.. one.The sell line for Empireis “The UK’s no.1 Movie The main image is a close upMagazine” it attracts of the main characters face.the readers to buy the Using a close up imagemagazine as it is written connects with the audienceunder the masthead and attracts them to buy theand can be clearly seen magazine as they are usingdue to colour font that eye contact to connect withstands out from the them.background. This button attracts theThe main cover line is readers’ attention as theyplaced on the left-side use a bold colour thatand they have used a stands out from thewhite font so that it can background. They are alsobe easily read when a good way of informingdisplayed in shops. the readers of a feature in the magazine.Barcode is placed at the Letting the readers knowbottom so it doesn’t cover about freebies that areparts of the main image. included in the magazine; alluring them to buy it.
  5. 5. Horror Film Poster Analysis
  6. 6. The tagline at the top of theposter draws the viewersattention, while also having abrief synopsis of the film. The main image is an extreme close up of a womans face; this creates a connection to the viewer. The title is positioned at the bottom of the poster, making the image the main focus. It is also in a light coloured font and clear writing so that’s it easy to read. They have credits printed This sentence is used to entice at the bottom of the the viewer as they quote that poster in a very small the film is ‘highly acclaimed’. print, so it doesn’t draw They also include the Directors away the attention of the name; Wes Craven is well image, but still informs the known and respected in the audience of the production horror film industry, so team and cast. including his name may attract the viewers to watch it.
  7. 7. The image is a medium shot of the main villain, where they have half of his face hidden which would frighten the reader because they are unknown to the villains identity. In this poster the image is the focal point. They have credits printed at the bottom of the poster in a very small This tagline contains a brief print, so it doesn’t draw synopsis of the film and they away the attention of use a pun using the word the image, but still ‘nightmare’ linking with the informs the audience of film. They also use the word the production team and ‘your’, which makes the cast. audience feel like they are part of the film.Release dates are used to The title is at the bottominform the audience of the poster showingwhen it will be released. that the image is moreThey place it at the important. It is also in redbottom of the poster, so it font linking to horrordoes not take focus away paradigms.from the image.
  8. 8. Image is in the centre, so you know the unknown person is the main focus. The characters face is unclear bringing the fear of the unknown. They have used a medium shot of someone lookingThey include other films in the window, whichthey have produced, links with the title.enticing the audience towatch the film as it makesthem seem more well The film title is near theknown and respected. bottom of the page, which shows that the image is more dominant. They have also used a white font, so that it stands out from the greyFor the credits, they used background.a small font that is placedunder the title. This tells They have creditsus who’s starring in the printed at the bottom offilm, and the members in the poster in a very smallthe production team. print, so it doesn’t drawThey use a font that is away the attention ofsmall and is a similar the image, but stillcolour to the background informs the audience ofso that it does not draw the production team andaway from the image. cast.