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Portfolio Katerina Mavroidis

  1. 1. KATERINA XIU XIU MAVROIDIS International Brand Strategist Chameleon’s Insight •Multi-dimensional perspective •Greek-Chinese •Athens; London; Zurich; California; New Hampshire; New York; Beijing Creativity for Sustainability •Language of art •Conceptual architecture •Environmental entrepreneurship: A new concept for Athenian rooftops Inspire Empower Action •Business leadership via teamwork •Strategic planning: bridging disciplines, priorities, cultures, and goals
  2. 2. Chameleon’s Insight We are as multi-dimensional as the worlds we touch
  3. 3. Born Greek-Chinese
  4. 4. Greek
  5. 5. Chinese
  6. 6. Raised in Athens-London-Zurich Educated in California and New Hampshire Employed in New York and Beijing
  7. 7. A multi-layered perspective brings insight into human nature http://www.chameleonHI.wordpress.com
  8. 8. How does human insight help business?
  9. 9. Global Brands are the result of global people
  10. 10. What responsibilities and opportunities arise for brands given a global consciousness? Can Global Brands Survive the 21st Century? Branding and PR Networking Talk 30 January 2008, London
  11. 11. What human truths are we are bound to despite cultural, social, and technological revolutions?
  12. 12. Creativity for Sustainability
  13. 13. The language of art is about ‘anything is possible’
  14. 14. Berkeley conceptual architecture gives social relevance to form and function
  15. 15. Buildings must be judged in context…
  16. 16. A new ecological idea for Athenian rooftops…
  17. 17. Furthering sustainability’s reach – Leadership and teamwork
  18. 18. In search of positive impact - Innovative healthcare startup
  19. 19. Making a difference on a larger scale: Communication Strategy across industries
  20. 20. New York – Beijing – Shanghai – Guangzhou Beijing – Guangzhou Brand Foundations
  21. 21. Saatchi & Saatchi , New York 36 planners, 9 brands, 5 months Finance Entrepreneurship & innovation FMCG Automotive
  22. 22. Saatchi & Saatchi, New York •Timeline of Beauty Rituals from Around the World for Olay •Lucky Charms and Fruit by the Foot repackaging •Strategic Planning sources of inspiration presentation
  23. 23. To China, and not just for the numbers… New York Shenzhen 100 years… 8 million. 25 years… 12 million
  24. 24. Saatchi & Saatchi, Beijing Xploring China Pharmaceuticals Xian-Janssen Novartis Hospitality The Ritz Carlton Sustainable Development Parkview Green Retail IKEA FMCG Mengniu – Mongolian Milk Snow Beer Technology Sony Ericsson HP Online Google maps Google Adwords Finance Bank of China Internal: Saatchi & School – Beijing’s internal training program.
  25. 25. Saatchi & Saatchi, Shanghai Xploring China Delivery Service FedEx Domestic Express FMCG Reynolds Double A Retailer Starbucks White Goods Haier
  26. 26. Saatchi & Saatchi, Guangzhou Xploring China FMCG Mizone MeadJohnson Arawana Oil Ariel
  27. 27. DDB Guoan Beijing Strategy tools, and the Joint-Venture experience Luxury Citizen Apparel Kappa Bruin Technology Gateway LG Dyson Airblade Automotive FAW-VW Golf FAW-VW Finance Huaxia & Deutsche Bank ING
  28. 28. DDB Guoan Guangzhou Strategy tools, and the Joint-Venture experience Confectionary Wrigley’s •Sugus •Cool Air •Juicy Fruit •LangYi
  29. 29. KATERINA XIU XIU MAVROIDIS Katshio@gmail.com www.ChameleonHI.wordpress.com Skype: Katshio US: +1 347 475 4703 UK: +44 20 8133 6925 China: +86 138 1108 6205