Newcycling AGM 25 March 2014 full (Committee)


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Newcycling AGM 25 March 2014 full (Committee)

  1. 1. Overall aim Welcome to our AGM 2014 “Shifting up a gear” Tuesday 25 March 6:00pm kick off Write your own #Space4Cycling message and get your picture taken
  2. 2. AGENDA 18:00 1. Chair’s welcome 18:05 2. Minutes of last AGM 18:10 3. Reports (for information) 18:20 4. Management Committee 2014/15 Appointing the committee members Introduction of the new committee members 18:30 5. Updates from elsewhere Chris Peck (CTC): Space for cycling Lizzie Reather (Leeds Cycling Campaign) Sally Hinchcliffe (Cycling Embassy of Great Britain) Tbc (Labour) and Cllr Stephen Psallidas (Liberal) – Political viewpoint 19:30 6. Campaign priorities and next steps 20:00 7. Conclusion and social! Onwards for drinks at The Tyne…
  3. 3. Journey so far…. Consistently strived to engage politicians and press for change while developing a better understanding of the local and national contexts 2010 – creation of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign (petition) 2011 – putting cycling on the political agenda: Manifesto, Cycling Strategy 2012 – making a case for a better and safer built environment: SCR 2013 – developing and communicating our message 2014 – Where next? Mobilising members and getting everyone involved “Shifting up a gear”
  4. 4. How to get involved Use to enter your hotpots  register  log an issue  contribute to discussions
  5. 5. How to get involved Be our delegate for the national cycle campaigners conference / workshop  Saturday 3 May  Leeds  organised by Space4Cycling
  6. 6. How to get involved Attend a bike rally  possible date Saturday 17 March  in run-up to elections  coincides with London’s ride  show strength of feeling  organised by other groups  supported by us
  7. 7. How to get involved Write to your councillors for May elections  using Cyclescape hotpots  letter template  candidates’ commitment
  8. 8. How to get involved Tell us your story and we publish it on the website  building a community  sharing experiences  finding solutions  refining our message
  9. 9. How to get involved Attend a cycle infrastructure safari  this summer  meet Committee members  discuss road designs
  10. 10. How to get involved Attend other events  Green Festival  Skyride
  11. 11. Campaign Plan 2014 March – AGM “Shifting up a gear” – building a community April  get on Cyclescape to map hotspots Committee: obtain position statements from councillors and candidates Committee: analysis of members survey, over a hundred replies to date May  bike rally organised with other groups  be a delegate at the national campaigners meeting in Leeds  letter writing for local election, based on position statements and hotpots recorded on Cyclescape and members survey June to Sep  cycle infrastructure safaris of the 7 SCRs and city centre Oct to Jan  tell your bike story March 2015 – AGM assesses plan progress and set new priorities Come along to a regular meeting or safari and meet the Committee (new format is under discussion) Use Cyclescape Engage with your politicians We publish your stories online Other events, Skyride, Green Festival