Content strategy for investor_relations


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Content strategy can be applied to investor relations as well.

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  • Understanding the way of how target group behaves in web starts from litsening. As a rule of Thumb, behavior in web is not that much different from the behavior and interests in real life. Some like interacting more, some valuates information more, one is interested in managements vision and the other believes only numbers. Interaction models in organizational communication are different from the communications with your family and friends – even in social media. There is no need for a company to behave as a friend but as a companion & thought leader.
  • Investors see the world differently than you – they need you as their one and only guide to tell wheather or not your company is worth investing or not. For you, they may be faceless mass of people before you strart listening. Try to figure out faces for each segment of investors and plan the core of the communication from there. Web provides great way to meet even smaller investors that you cannot afford to meet face-to face (compared to instituitional investors you may meet several times per year). By knowing the perceptions it is possible to meet the needs and go even beyond them.
  • Make sure, that you are playing the same game with your investors. Investors may see your situation at the marketplace very differently than you, you need to be all the time aware of the situation. Therefore, listening is sometimes even more important than telling & publishing. Mesure right things  likes, shares and comments are only the tip of the iceberg. You need to go deeper into the analytics & content paths to make sure how your content is consumed.
  • As said earlier, target your message to investors wisely in different channels. Understand, what audiences appreciate Managements vision Key Metrics Growth strategy Information about marketplace Sustainable developement Utilize the different nature of the channels
  • For organization: Twitter is great tool for listening the investors globally For Investors: Twitter provides fast way to hear important insights that have impact on the companys value & future Publishing does not have to happen daily Twitter is a part of the content path & guides for the deeper insight Interaction using hashtags Dell:  DellShares in Twitter giving fast indications about the happenings & insigths ibn blog or elsewhere in web 130 following but over 5000 followers
  • Blog  Powerful channel
  • Idea to give light to managements vision of the future No need to be too ”offcial” Short, max 2 min Straigth in to the point All videos in InvestorChannelTV are behind the same idea Possibility for all investors to meet the management’ Content production is regular: interim reports & annual report  life cycle aligned with quartals & fiscal year
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