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Qu'ran Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Muhammad was born in Makkah in 570 C. His father died beforehe was born, his mother when he was six and his grandfather whenhe was eight. He was then looked after by an uncle ,Abu Talib
  • 2. The QuranThe Quran is the Muslims’ holy book. It is the wordof Allah (God) as told to the prophetMuhammad . Muslims believe that it is the mostimportant book in the world. It is not translated exceptfor study, and people learn it in Arabic.
  • 3. The Qur’an means recitation.The words in it are those which weretold to Muhammad. He ‘recited’them and later they were writtendown by his friends to form theQur’an..
  • 4. Muhammad was born in 570C.E. and lived in the city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia The people of Makkah worshipped the sun, moon the stars and stone pillars. They made idols of them andThe Ka’bah put them in the Ka’bah(cube)
  • 5. When he was twenty five he married a widow, Khadijah At about the age of forty he began to have visions andhear voices, in which God told him to preach againstidolatry and polytheism.(worship and belief in manygods)After hearing this Muhammad rushed home quickly tohis wife. She assured him the words were from Allah.His wife and uncle supported him and became the firstMuslims. This means they worshipped the one God,Allah.
  • 6. The first vision took place on Mount Hira outside Makkah. Muhammadliked to be by himself to think and pray. In the silence of the caveMuhammad saw an angel and heard a voice saying: ‘O Muhammad!‘You are the messenger of God and I am Jibril’ (Gabriel). The angelcommanded him to recite (speak out loud) the first verses of God’srevelation.Those words were: ‘In the name of God, the Compassionate, theMerciful. Recite in the name of your lord who created man from a clotof blood. Recite: And your Lord is Most Bountiful, who taught by thepen, taught man that which he did not know.”Muhammad received many more revelations over the next 23 years andthese were learnt off by heart and eventually written down byMuhammad’s followers
  • 7. Muslims believe:Muhammad was ____ years oldwhen he had his first revelationfrom AllahMuhammad used to go byhimself to the _______outsideMakkah to pray.On one occasion he was onMount ______ when he had avision of the angel __________(Gabriel) who told him to _______
  • 8. The angel told Muhammad to recite (say outloud): Recite in the name of Allah, the compassionate & merciful who created man from a clot of blood’These were the first words of God’s revelation.These revelations became the Qur’an
  • 9. Makkah NewsStrange things in the mountains!
  • 10. In pairs present a news report givingdetails on what happened toMuhammad on Mount Hira.
  • 11. The Qur’an teaches Muslims about GodSurah 112 : Surah 2:115He is God, the God is allOne and Only, knowingGod the eternal Surah 24:35 God is the light of the heavens and the earth
  • 12. The Qur’an teaches about Surah 16:77 To God belongs the mystery of the heavens and the earth. The decision of the hour of Judgement is as the twinkling of an eye. The Qur’an refers to heaven and hell
  • 13. The Qur’an teaches about prayer.Surah 62:9When the call isproclaimed to prayer onFriday, the day ofAssembly, …rememberGod and leave off businessand traffic
  • 14. Helping othersBe regular in charity, 2.5 % of yourmoney should go to the poor
  • 15. The Qur’an teaches Muslims should not…
  • 16. If you were to create your own religion with a system of teachingslike the Qu’ran or the ten commandments in the bible, what wouldyour teachings be…Start with your surname and list ten points you believe allhumankind should abide with.