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Question 5


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Question 5 Evaluation for Luna film opening

Question 5 Evaluation for Luna film opening

Published in: Education

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  • 1. To attract our audience we decided to base it around romance and relationships between people ages 15-24. We also wanted to create enigma codes which would attract the audience so they have to think what is going on instead of the answer being there in front of them. The storyline of the opening sequence the boy’s girlfriend is suppose to have died, however it can be interpreted that the boy has broken up with his girlfriend, then it goes through their time together and goes back to when they first met each other, which is then you realise in the beginning he has lost the love of his life. Many members of the audience would be able to relate to the characters as our primary audience (aged 15-24) probably mostly likely have experienced a break up or even in rare cases loss/death of a partner. We also thought it would be a good idea to include death because we watched a past student’s AS opening sequence which had a similar storyline, it had quite a sad effect on us when we viewed it, which we wanted from our audience.
  • 2. We got inspiration from movies like (500) Days of Summer and The Perks of Being a Wallflower and included the “boy meets girl” persona which our target audience generally are attracted to. They are both quite “Indie” movies that involve romance and have proved to be quite popular due to viral advertising which attracted their large audience. As an extra we decided to create a poster in order to attract our audiences, I believe it creates a mystery and people would wonder what this “Luna” poster is about. We liked the typeface used in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was in typewriting style so we used it for our titles, this would attract any “Perks” fans as they would see the similarities in Perks and Luna. We also linked the opening Mise en scene of (500) Days of Summer where every so often the number of days comes up, we did a similar thing with our opening, Luna, we thought this would also attract (500) Days of Summer audience. (500) Days of Summer Luna
  • 3. We also thought our characters as a couple and the chemistry between them would attract the audience. The couple have typical characteristics of a boy and girl in love in a romance film. Does not like sport Laid-back Admires his girlfriend Happygo-lucky Quiet Both have something in common, like to read books Comfortable spending time together