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Fred evaluation 6 Fred evaluation 6 Presentation Transcript

  • Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  • As a group we feel that we learnt a lot from the preliminary task in the editing. I feel that we have edited the final production much more professionally throughout the production. In the preliminary task we did not really edit the video to a good standard we just edited a few scenes at the begging of writing that we got inspired by boyz in da hood and added a song into the begging scene of the character walking. However in the final task we editing music into the majority of the video, also we added title scenes into the final piece. Poscig title scene
  • The uses of equipment was different from our prelim task compared to our final piece. It was different compared to our final piece because for the preliminary task we only used one prop which was a telephone. However in the final production we used different props. We used a joy gun which we painted black, we also used a car which Sam's mum drove in the chase scene. Also we used on camera and one tripod in the prelim task. however in the final task we used two cameras and two tripods. Toy gun prop Sam’s car
  • we believe that we have learnt from the preliminary task in the camera perspective is quality and angles of shots. importance of keeping the shots steady at all-time when it needed. This is important because it can make a shot look rushed and not done to a high standard. So we made sure for every shot that we could that we used a tripod for the majority of the shots. In the preliminary task the shots looked rushed. They looked rushed because every shot was instead. You could see when you was watching the preliminary task that the majority of the shots were not steady. So when we came to do the Poscig we made sure that every shot we did we made it as steady as we could. Were do this by taking time and care with the shots we also used tripods for every the preliminary task we did not use many different angles and different type of shots. This was a weakness so when we came to do our Poscig we focused on correcting our error.
  • From the preliminary task we believe we have learnt the importance to keep consistency with costumes throughout our work. We learnt this from the task because there was a point where i was wearing different items of clothing in one scene then the following scene I was wearing a different item of clothing, each scene is only seconds apart so for a viewer it would be very obvious. So in Poscig we made sure that we wore the same items of clothing consistently through every scene. This is a important point because it could ruin the whole production, also it could confuse the audience. So we made sure that the costumes staied the same. Polish hit men costumes
  • From the preliminary task we learned that using appropriate facial expressions was imperative to create a sense of realism to the situation. We learnt this through our mistakes as we didn’t take into consideration how important it was to incorporate good acting skills. However when we filmed Poscig we took all of this in to consideration and concentrated on our facial expressions. This helped to achieve a more dramatic film opening. Acting in preliminary task
  • In the preliminary task we struggled to find appropriate music for the message that we was trying to deliver. We found a song that sounded ok for the scene that we was showing. However the music had the opposite message compared to the task. So we learnt from this error in poscig. The music that we chose for poscig was appropriate because it was upbeat giving off a fast, action packed scene which fitted our chase scene in poscig.