Evaluation question 5 amy newman


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Evaluation question 5 amy newman

  1. 1. How Did YouAttract/Address Your Audience ?
  2. 2. The next few slides I have shown examples of what my front cover, contents page and double page spread look like and I have annotated them showing different features on the pages of why I put them there and how they attract the audience.
  3. 3. Stars add to the The picture stands ‘American’ theme out straight away from the rest Clear font which stands Shows the price out to ALL in pounds, audiences dollars and eurosThe leather jacket Shows the date ofadds to the ‘rock’ that edition togenre and adds show the readerstyle how old it is Other cover Gives a brief lines which are idea of how likely to attract established it is the reader and if its been going for long Match with the American theme Giving provides the audience to go to it easily rather than searching the‘PIA-ELIZA’ stands out magazinemore than any of theother cover lines to Persuasiveshow this is the main language to tryarticle in the magazine and attract the reader Barcode to makeCompetitions attract it seem realisticaudience and grab theirattention as they may beinterested in the prize
  4. 4. Carries on the American Pictures give theme us a bit onTypical thing an idea offor a magazine what toto do – have expect in thethe weekly articlesarticles whichfeature eachweek The line shows a clear marker of All the latest where the two news articles sections are page separate from number to each other help the reader A plain subtle navigate background through the gives some magazine colour to the An editors note page but not too makes the much so the magazine seem reader isn’t more friendly and distracted or gets to have their diverted from say and is what’s on the encouraging the rest of the page reader to get involved. The boxes round the pieces of text help toCompetitions separate the writingattract the and make it clear toreaders attention readto get involvedmore
  5. 5. Bold colours & font to The red, white and blue It also stand out and attract colours continue with the introduces the the reader American theme piece of text so you know more or less what you’re going to readThe The questionsintroduction and themakes it seem answers are inmore friendly a differentand a lot less style of text socasual. they clearly differentiate This finishes off the The pictures make it seem conversation so you know it’s more appealing and not as coming to an end and gives the boring reader an idea that there will be more interviews to come
  6. 6. Feedback The following questions are questions I asked someone of a similar age to me and this is the feedback I got from them about what they think of my music magazine:Q: Would you pick up this magazine If you saw it in a shop?A: - Yes I think I would, it appeals to me very muchQ: Would you pay £2.20?A: Yes definitely, it has a lot of pages so you get a lot for your money and most other music magazines are a lot more expensive so yes definitelyQ: Do you think it looks professionally done?A: Very! I don’t think I would have noticed it had been made by you if you didn’t tell meQ: What do you think of the contents page?A: It’s brilliantly done! There is lots going on, just as there usually would be on a contents page, makes you feel like there is lots to read and it is a good layout and easy to readQ: What do you think of the double page spread?A: The interview is well written and the content of it is interesting but it looks a bit plain, you should put more pictures on there and maybe not so much writing!Q: What do you think of the photographs taken?A: The photographs all look very professionally done and are all well thought out. From their actions, to facial expressions, to clothes and the props they have.