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  • 1. Magazine evaluation Katrina Stapleford
  • 2. audience feedback For my audience research I, as previously, created a survey on surverymonkey and linked itto my Facebook account, this made it easy for people to access it and I could target a specific group of people via invitations. I specifically asked a range of people in age (14-30) andgender. This is because my magazine could be bought by anyone and is not restricted by how old someone is. This is the second survey I have created for my magazine project, the first was to help me during the construction, this survey was to help me evaluate. Full list of questions in my questionnaire:1. Do you get a sense of what type of magazine this is? This is a screen2. Do you like how the magazine is laid out? shot of my3. Do you think the magazine has a continuous style? questionnaire I posted on survey4. Do you think that colour is used wisely throughout the monkey. I then- magazine? asked my target5. Does the photography suit the magazine? audience to answer it.6. Is text easy to see/read?7. Is the magazine laid out in a way that is easy to understand?8. Do you like the photography thats been used?9. What do you think of the backgrounds used?10. Do you think the magazine makes good use of space?
  • 3. 100% said themagazine (or audience feedbacksome parts) 66.7% think that colour isare laid out used wisely. The restwell think that its mostly used91.7% get a sense of well – some responseswhat the magazine is said the contrast shouldabout be greater100% think it 100% thoughthas a the magazinecontinuous made good usestyle of space
  • 4. audience feedback100% said the Some people thought thephotography suited contrast withthe magazine background:text should be increased, others liked the100% liked the understated tonesphotography thatwas used 91.7% think the text is (or100% like how the mostly) easy tomagazine is laid out see
  • 5. I interviewed my modelabout the front page inwhich she appears.I asked her;Is the magazine what sheexpectedWhat does she think ofthe photo I chose (incomparison to all shotswe did)What does she think ofthe editingDoes the photography Click to playsuit the magazine
  • 6. in what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My magazine follows conventions by: by; challenges conventions The bar code isplacing the masthead at the placed in the toptop of the page right hand cornerThe masthead does not whereas it usuallyappear to be the main sits lower downfocus of the page, because below the mainof the colour and the way image.the main image ispresented, the logo is not I challenged the conventionwhat catches the eye. The of the left third by making itlarge amounts of space and run across the page far moreboxed text is far more so some text wouldn’t beprominent. visible on the shelf. The text is also placed in a coloured box (a reoccurring theme in my magazine), and I used cover lines along the bottom of completely overlaps the the page , however I used none across main image. the top.
  • 7. how does your media product represent particular social groups? I created the contents page Throughout, the plain then I developed theThe My targeta audience and listings with colourscare, I real are pink tones lot of throughout naturalinto names is took used and ideasdetermine what my rawtime toword unblemished views and reflect play in their backgrounds fakery or people, no reflect used target audience interests to see and would like theafacades reader titles in magazine
  • 8. what kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?IPC are a magazinepublishing company who’swork includes musicmagazines NME andUncut.My magazine is slightly alternativeand about real, serious music,NME is in the same sort ormarket as mine.Another publishingcompany, Bauer, would notbe suitable because itpublishes magazinescentred on lifestyle andwoman’s chat magazines.
  • 9. who would be your audience for your media Someone who enjoys product?Someone with an serious music, gigs andunusual skill that is getting involved in thenot represented in industrythe media A serious musician A student of musicFor a more detailed reader profile see magazine pitch
  • 10. what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Editing – I used Photoshop to piece together my magazine and edit all photos etc. This taught me how to professionally edit photographs, make use of techniques to make my magazine unique, and use tools to portray the magazine’s message.The left photo shows the image before I added the blackand white layer, and the right photo is the finished image The hat in both images is thefor the front cover. same, this is because I cut it out of the second layer, exposing the first layer through. The black and white layer has changed the whole image except the hat. Her skin is much paler and her top is seems less affected by the yellow Layering light above her.
  • 11. what have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Throughout construction and evaluation, I have used websites such as; facebook blogger dafont issuu slideshare youtube surveymonkey I have also used websites for magazines, publishers and newspapersInternet Websites
  • 12. I used facebook I used surveymonkey to post my to create and surveys and to distribute my contact people to surveys. be involved in my photoshoots and I used youtube to interviews. find photoshop tutorials andI’ve been using watch otherblogger to present my studentswork and show presentations.people partaking inmy survey the final I used dafont tomagazine. find fonts for my magazine,I have used however I onlyissuu and used a font fromslideshare to this website for mypresent and college up mypowerpoints.
  • 13. looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Left is my college magazine front cover, right is my music magazine front cover. One of the clearest differences to me is that the masthead; the font, size and integration are a lot more confident in the music magazine. I also put a lot more thought into the music magazines photography regarding mis en scene, appropriateness and its relationship with the text and background. In the college magazine I didn’t include a slogo, which I did in ‘Distinct’.
  • 14. looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Left is my college magazine contents page, and right is my music magazine contents. There is a much more obvious difference between these two. The first magazine’s contents uses coloured boxes with effects however it looks messy and unorganised, the final magazine’s shows a more cleaner, clearer page with less distractions and mess. I used text boxes again in the second contents however the colour stayed the same and the effects were minimal to match the house style of the magazine.
  • 15. This course has taught me how to use various programmes, how to integrate technology,use different websites – ultimately it has made me more confident using media and applying it to work. It has also helped me withphotography skills and production techniques which has helped me in my other subject – photography. I very much would like to continue with my Media course into A2.