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Magazine presentation

  1. 1. Magazine Pitch
  2. 2. 70% of readers are visual, they like to see lots of imagery with messy layouts 70% of readers say they pay for music they have 65% say they like gossip magazines, and 50% enjoy fashion magazines. 79% of readers choose comedies as their favourite TV genre 40% also said they enjoyed Dramas Nearly 60% of readers spend less than £5 on music per month
  3. 3. 85% of readers enjoy music festivals and live artists 92% use social networking sites regularly and nearly 60% use YouTube 70% of readers hear about new music from friends and 65% from the Media Nearly half of readers skip to magazine quizzes and 40% to interviews Plus 30% also skip to photos and posters
  4. 4. Magazine Name and Slogo <ul><li>Name: DISTINCT </li></ul><ul><li>Slogo: Being Different Gives You A Voice </li></ul><ul><li>The name and slogo reflect how the magazine is suited to real musicians and feel there is no magazine out there for them. There seems to be a gap in the market for a professional musicians magazine, one that is aimed at people who enjoy creating and playing music. </li></ul>Unique Selling Point The aim of my magazine is to suit the needs of musicians, or upcoming bands. The magazine should be contemporary but be aimed at young people who take music seriously and want to enter the music business, or just enjoy real raw music which is reachable.
  5. 5. Photo Shoot Ideas <ul><li>My final Photoshop idea is a Slash impression with an ideal wig and clothes but with changes to the face; perhaps a comedy mask, disguise face or comedy glasses. </li></ul>For my bands photo shoot I will being taking the theme of famous music images but with an original re-imagining. I will try to re-create the flaming guitar but using a guitar soaked in water, paint, or mud, this could be done using Photoshop or for real. I would also like to do coloured face-paints inspired by Kiss and Robbie Williams but using inappropriate colours and very un-rock designs. The very much copied guitar smashing pose could be recreated by smashing one into a pile of soft feather pillows, with feathers thrown in front of the camera as well (in added in post production).
  6. 6. There will be a skyline  Article names next to the masthead  Left third  Article names next to the smaller images  Front Page Design This is my template for my front cover. It will have a main image, and one or two smaller images.
  7. 7. Fonts Here are some examples of potential/inspirational fonts I could use for the magazine name.
  8. 8. Mood Board
  9. 10. Photography
  10. 11. Cindy Sherman is a big photographical influence on me, I have studied her work before and have found that it can help me with my current photography for my magazine. Her work evolves around creating characters and stories through her photos, my photography plans for my magazine are similar to this idea. My band will be portraying different musical characters and it is very important for them to show who they are trying to be and what they are trying to say. Photography Influence – Cindy Sherman