HKBU, Contemporary Europe and Asia 2012, POLS 3620


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from Katrina Lam and Max Tong

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HKBU, Contemporary Europe and Asia 2012, POLS 3620

  1. 1. Europe VS AsiaEducation Culture Presenters: Lam Hoi I, Katrina (10019634) Tong Hui Sik, Max (10008675)
  2. 2. EuropeTeaching
  3. 3. Europe – Teaching Teaching Focus ◦ Devote resources and teach different knowledge ◦ Encourage students to digest knowledge
  4. 4. Europe – Teaching Teaching Habit ◦ Individual characters ◦ Built up their analytical skill
  5. 5. Europe – Teaching Teaching Attitude ◦ Teachers as supplements ◦ Not result-focused
  6. 6. EuropeLearning
  7. 7. Europe – Learning Learning Interest ◦ More diversified ◦ Learn according to their own interest
  8. 8. Europe – Learning Learning Habit ◦ Seldom recite ◦ Active outdoor learning ◦ Active class participation
  9. 9. Europe – Learning Learning Attitude ◦ Curiosity ◦ Challenge the authority ◦ Rather relaxed
  10. 10. Asia Teaching
  11. 11. Asia - Teaching Teaching Focus• teach examination skills
  12. 12. Tutoring Culture? “private tutoring has become widespread across Asia, according to a report released in July by the Asian Development Bank and the Comparative Education Research Center at the University of Hong Kong. The report quoted studies, polls and other sources as saying that 97 percent of all Singaporean students, nearly 90 percent of South Korean primary students and about 85 percent of Hong Kong senior secondary students receive tutoring.” (quoted from an article on NY Times published on August 5, 2012: Tutoring Spreads Beyond Asias Wealthy)
  13. 13. Asia - Teaching Teaching Habit• corporate nature: encourage students to act like others in the community• Encouraged planned life schedule
  14. 14. Asia - Teaching Teaching Attitude• authority, expected to be listened• focus on competition among students(Translation: You can’t answer thisSimple question?)
  15. 15. Asia Learning
  16. 16. Asia - Learning Learning interest• learning as a path to develop career and earn for a living• emphasis on business, science or other practical subjects
  17. 17. Asia - Learning Learning Habit• Reciting textbook content• Doing homework• Passive class participation
  18. 18. Asia - Learning Learning attitude• guided learning path, obey to the senior and authority• Work hard, try to fit into the system even it is not fair
  19. 19. Conclusion Differences in mind development:• More prosperous design and IT industries in European countries, like France (Fashion design).• Service and manufacturing industries more dominating in Asian countries, like China.
  20. 20. Reference list: NY Times, Tutoring Spreads Beyond Asias Wealthy- educlede06.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 Eurydice Network: European Education Systems and policies- Review And Evaluation Of International Literature On Managing Cultural Diversity In The Classroom- nternationalEducation/ProvidersOfIntEd/InternationalismClassRoom Strategies.pdf Iveta Silova, Private tutoring in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: policy choices and implications- review