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LMS Success: Steps to Implement and Administer Your Learning Management System
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LMS Success: Steps to Implement and Administer Your Learning Management System


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Originally shown at TechKnowledge 2014, this slideshow summarizes the main points of book LMS Success, a step-by-step guide to learning management systems for trainers and administrators. Technical …

Originally shown at TechKnowledge 2014, this slideshow summarizes the main points of book LMS Success, a step-by-step guide to learning management systems for trainers and administrators. Technical knowledge is optional! Basic concepts and easy-to-use tips are presented along with activities to help you develop your LMS, e-learning courses, and corporate training program. LMS Success was written by a trainer and LMS administrator, with the help of many learning management aficionados.


The functions of an LMS.
Stories and advice from experienced system administrators.
Training and development resources that save you time and money.
Activities to help you develop your system.

Learn How to:

Select and implement an LMS.
Introduce the system to employees and leadership.
Assemble and manage a system administrator team.
Develop effective e-learning course content and deliver virtual classes.
Handle technical issues, support, and system maintenance.
Use your learning management system to the fullest extent.

Here are some specific topics discussed in LMS Success:

Select the best LMS software provider by setting goals for e-learning, asking the right questions, and considering your company’s budget and needs.
Determine a plan for system implementation. Market your plan to leadership and employees. Build enthusiasm for your learning management system!
Discover innovative ways to deliver e-learning and present virtual classes. Create interactive courses using simple audio and video production.
Build an administrator team that has excellent communication and project management skills.
Involve all company departments in developing course content. Create excitement for training through inter-department competition.
Purchase e-learning software and discover free training and development resources. (Short reviews are included.)
Understand basic terms and concepts associated with learning management system administration, including SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API, and more.
Set goals for technical support. Manage system outages and anticipate common technical issues.
Discover easy methods to make the LMS more user-friendly and appealing to employees. Motivate managers and employees to spend more time training.
Use learning management system tools to make administrative tasks, such as data entry, faster and easier.
Encourage a positive training culture by communicating the system’s successes and developing an innovative, well-structured training program.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 2. Based on book LMS Success! Available on Amazon. “It’s an informative (and amusing) guide to selecting, implementing and administering an LMS.” “This book should be given to all employees who are involved in the LMS decision making process, even in the midst of the implementation.” Excerpts from Reviews
  • 3. Our Class Agenda Selecting and Implementing Your LMS Assembling Your Administrator Team Types of Training Content and Course Content Creation Maintaining the System and Handling Technical Issues Realize the Value of Your LMS © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 4. Selecting Your LMS Take stock of your company’s current and future needs. • • • • What are leadership's goals for the LMS? How many employees or students do you have? What is your projected growth? Will all of your employees have access to the LMS? Will your company be delivering most classes through an online format? Research Learning Management System companies. • • • • • Are they successful, offering other products, have a good reputation? Walk through the “standard user experience.” Is the LMS company willing to customize your system? In what ways? How long will it take to build your system and make it available to employees? How easily can you transfer existing training data into the new LMS? © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 5. Security & Network Considerations Security Network • Is your level of security appropriate for the content that will be stored in the LMS? • Are you going to maintain the LMS on your own server, or use the LMS company's server? • Do all of your employees have e-mail addresses or ID numbers? • Do you want employees to access this content from home, or only on the company network? • How will your LMS interact or link to existing company systems? © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 6. Selecting & Implementing: Common Concerns Where am I going to find administrators, content designers, and programmers? How do I “market” the LMS to employees so they accept the system? How do I use the LMS home page to effectively market company training programs? © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 7. Assembling Your Administrator Team
  • 8. Traits of an Ideal Administrator Highly Analytical Patience & Sense of Humor Customer Service Skills © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning Excellent Multi-Tasker Technical Background More info at:
  • 9. Determining Admin Team Structure Recruit a Lead Super Administrator and Back-Up Define how many levels of admins are needed © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning Define the tasks associated with each role How will you train your admins? More info at:
  • 10. Tips for Communicating with the Admin Team Create a list of tasks performed on an ongoing basis Create a list of development projects Check-in procedure for remote admins Create a list of responsibilities and deadlines for each high-level admin © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 11. Admin Team: Common Concerns I don’t have employees who fit the bill of an “ideal admin.” I’m not sure what tasks to give my admins, or how to lead them effectively. Who can I hire to train my admins? How do I get supervisors on board with training and the LMS? How can I minimize the amount of time spent maintaining the LMS? © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 12. Types of Course Content & Course Creation Resources
  • 13. Types of Course Content and Resources Videos Documents Interactive Games Assessments & Surveys Virtual Classes © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 14. Course Content Considerations Formatting Considerations • HTML 5 vs. Flash-based • SCORM, AICC, API Tin Can, etc. • Mobile device compatibility • Load time Legal Considerations • Electronic Signatures • ADA Guidelines & Accessibility • Differences in laws throughout company territory • Careful wording – “exam” vs. “assessment” © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 15. Course Content: Common Concerns How can I ensure that my trainings comply with the law? How do I know that I am choosing the ideal format for my trainings? What are some ways I can be sure my trainings are as accessible as possible? Yikes! Can someone help me choose software? I need help with course creation! © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 16. Maintaining the System & Handling Technical Issues
  • 17. Regular Maintenance Set course creation guidelines Set data entry procedure © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning Enter data in a timely manner Training data audits More info at:
  • 18. Planning for System Failures Create back-ups of system data. Who are your resources during a system outage? Create a “paper version” of course content. When the system is down, how quickly do you need it back up? © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 19. Technical Issues: Common Concerns How do I help my technology-challenged employees adjust to a computer-based training environment? I wish I could have help in performing training data audits. What are some ways I can decrease the number of questions about common technical issues? © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 20. Realize the Value of Your LMS
  • 21. Five Clever Ways to Use Your LMS Deliver classes to a broad base of employees. Keep up with company growth. Ensure compliance courses, such as harassment trainings, are automatically assigned and completed on time. © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning Make it easier for employees to find and register for upcoming instructor-led classes. Auto-assign a curriculum for new employees so they can start learning immediately. Create competition by releasing training stats by team every quarter. More info at:
  • 22. Make Your LMS an Important Company Tool Determine what "training success" looks like in relation to your LMS. © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning Incorporate transcripts into job evaluations. Link promotions to completion of certain courses. Provide a list of electives that employees can take when there is down time. More info at:
  • 23. Utilize LMS Features Automatic/recurring reports to track progress of your training initiatives Courses and assessments that “reassign” until employees accomplish a certain grade Auto-assigned curricula A catalog of increasingly challenging courses on a variety of subjects Scorecards that advertise your employees’ training accomplishments to leadership © 2013 Resources of Fun Learning More info at:
  • 24. Thank you for attending! Questions? Please e-mail the instructor directly at We appreciate your feedback!
  • 25. Services Offered by Resources of Fun Learning Starting Your LMS Your Admin Team Course Creation & Facilitation Admin Selection & Training Design of videos, graphics, games, documents, assessments, you name it! Selecting, Implementing & Designing your LMS Don’t have employees to spare? We can do your admin work on a contract basis. Our qualified instructors are willing to travel and conduct virtual classes. We will teach your content, or the content we create for you. Creating Custom Solutions that will Save You Time and Provide the Best Possible Employee Training Experience! Project Management For more details, visit!