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  • 1. Question #3 What kind of media institutions might distribute your magazine?
  • 2. Existing Media Institutions.. • Bauer • IPC Media • Emap • Sky • ITV
  • 3. During my research, I looked over the following three magazines: Kerrang, NME and Q …
  • 4. NME was published and distributed by IPC Media Kerrang and Q were published and distributed by Bauer.
  • 5. Bauer • Multinational Media institution • Founded in 1875 • Headquartered in Humbug
  • 6. After looking back at my research and planning , I have decided that the institution that I have chose to distribute my magazine is Bauer. Kerrang have been my main influence when making my music magazine, as they have been my main existing inspiration, therefore it would make sense to base my media institution on Kerrang. Bauer have a history with successful music magazines, such as kerrang, Q and Mojo. All three of these magazines are among the top selling magazines in the UK and are all relevant to my music genre.
  • 7. I think my music magazine would fit right in with the conventions of Bauer’s existing style. Above are some magazines which are existing products of Bauer’s distribution. These magazines were all researched and taken into account when planning and creating my own magazine. I particularly took Q’s powerful main images and Kerrang’s layout and font as main inspiration. All these magazines are highly successful, which would suggest that Bauer would be willing to publish LOUD until it became as successful as the magazines above.
  • 8. Different Platforms: As well as publishing Q Magazine, Bauer has also created Q Radio. This is useful information for me because it suggests that if they were to publish my magazine, they may be able to branch further and perhaps make a LOUD radio station or TV channel etc as well.