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Conventions Conventions Presentation Transcript

  • With reference to the texts you have examined, discuss theconventions of the genre/style in which you are working and howyou intend to adhere to/ subvert these conventions
  • Conventions - Characters• In Slasher/Horrors there a usually stereotypical characters for example:• The Victims—The victims tend to be young, attractive, high school or college- aged adolescents:• The Jock• The Defenceless Female• The Nerd• Psychopathic Killer (the Killer is usually male)• The Heroine
  • Psychopathic Killer Has a set kill room (At first he uses his apartment as a kill room but then moves to Paul Allen’s apartment to kill his victims) Male Axe- stereotypical Some of theMass murderer Villians/Psychopathic killer are weapon for a slasher portrayed as an anti-hero. The most notable are Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal, Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon) and Norman Bates (Psycho) View slide
  • The Heroine Survives the murders Last woman or girl alive to confront the killer. Helps discover the murderer and find a way to defeat themWith reference to Halloween (Carpenter, 1978) the character Laurie Strode is thelast female to defeat the psycho killer Michael Myers. View slide
  • The VictimsThe Defenceless Female The Jock Get killed early on in Never Gets victimised the films survive and murdered by the psychotic killer The NerdUsually one of the first onesto die. Survive most of the film. One of the last ones to die
  • Existing NarrativesSlasher films are a sub-genre of Horror usually involving a psycho killerfrom a difficult background that graphically kills a sequence of victims. Wewill be looking at existing narratives to help with the making and the plotlines of our short film.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street• A group of four teens experience similar/the same dreams in which a sinister figure is attempting to the murder them in their sleep.• The figure is deeply scarred who wears gloves that have attached sharp razors that act as his fingers. He is an un-dead character that attacks his victims supernaturally.• Breaks a convention by not having a survivor, the victims are tricked into thinking the killer is dead when it is a trick and all of them are killed.
  • Halloween• Killer has a troubled background of murder and has broken out of a sanity institute fifteen years later.• Wears a dark jump and a mask. Usually uses a long sharp knife.• Throughout the film he is trying to murder a group of teenage high school students.• The killer is supposedly defeated until his body disappears after being shot out of a window.