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Big data, collaboration and innovation
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Big data, collaboration and innovation


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  • Set the scene for the Presentation
  • Set the scene for the Presentation
  • Set the scene for the Presentation
  • Understanding client confidentiality and needs……………Relating to the picture, unique data housing………….
  • Mention each stat and relate it to the customers requirement. The bullet points should form a story, with security at the forefront. Demonstrate that we are at the forefront of each of these drivers and how brightsolid can satisfy the customers request.
  • What does this mean for innovation and collaboration……….
  • Emphasis on public data being a sensitive issue and responsibility of security.
  • Challenge – Resource, budget and time for securely storing big data.
  • Remote wipe services.Focus on data security concerns surrounding mobility, remote access and lost devices.
  • Screenshot from Recce 3D Mapping with Real-Time Citizen Engagement. Discuss the potential for collaboration using such tools – Datatainment to an extent.
  • How are brightsolid using and embracing big data internally.
  • Genes Reunited Dashboard screenshots.Used around the relaunch of the Genes Reunited website where we could track comments around functionality and other areas.
  • Genes Reunited Dashboard screenshots.Used around the relaunch of the Genes Reunited website where we could track comments around functionality and other areas.
  • Grey area between professional and personal. Is visibility an issue?Taken from Dave Coplin of Bing, Microsoft at the Turing Event in Edinburgh. Big Data is achieving 3 things – New Insight, New Generation of Services & Platform for Innovation.Our case study with Stirling Council covers each of these. Platform for Innovation – Touch on Recce and 3D Mapping and some of the ideas that Richard has around using this.
  • Transcript

    • 1. How does information security impact innovation and collaboration? @brightsolid_tec Information Classification: Restricted 1
    • 2. Agenda• Understanding Big Data security• Scotland Census 2011 case study• Collaboration, innovation and security• Economic and Digital landscape: what does it mean for you? Information Classification: Restricted 2
    • 3. Big Data…………..what is it and how is it made?Database sets that are so large, traditional data processing can’t copeSince 2003, every day more data is created than from the beginning of timeDaily, we collectively create the equivalent amount of unstructured data as everyspoken word since the dawn of man.If this unstructured data was made into books, it would stack up from the earth tothe sun, twice! Information Classification: Restricted 3
    • 4. Understanding the Importance of Data SecurityScotland’s Census 2011 Case Study • Requirements: On time, within budget, IL4 security standards • Challenges: High profile project, peaks in traffic, security and accessibility assurance • Solutions: Architect and create an environment that is 100% accessible, secure and reliable • Result: Robust solution delivered with no security breaches and no downtime with exceptional cost efficiency Information Classification: Restricted 4
    • 5. Solid Data Security – Each cloud has unique requirements We treat our customers as individuals because one size doesn’t always fit all.Some of our clients • Enterprise capabilities • Understanding customer requirements and concerns • Risk mitigation • Fully managed environments • brightsolid network • Architecting bespoke infrastructure Information Classification: Restricted 5
    • 6. Growing Security Threats70% of CIO’s primary concern issecuritysource Goldman Sachs survey 2011 Data security is the legal issue of most concern to directors of listed companies and corporate lawyers in the US FTI Consulting: April 2012 The largest security risks start inside organisations. Forrester Report 2012 Information Classification: Restricted 6
    • 7. brightsolid is one of the UK’s top 3 social media players and premium,enterprise cloud hosting companies. We own and operate FriendsReunited, Genes Reunited, FindMyPast and Scotland’s People. We knowthe importance of data security because……There are 24,021,406registered members onFriends Reunited – more thanthe population of AustraliaSafety in numbers….. Information Classification: Restricted 7
    • 8. Working with the British Library we digitiseenough newspapers to cover a football pitch every day Information Classification: Restricted 8
    • 9. 750 million names in the FindMyPast database + 751 million in Genes Reunited = more than China’s 1.3 billion population.And we have 80 million names in Scotlands People. Information Classification: Restricted 9
    • 10. At brightsolid, we believe in… “trying something new every week. It drives innovation through our business and to our customers.” Information Classification: Restricted 10
    • 11. Growth in CollaborationWe believe sharing knowledge holds real power………• How does security impact open knowledge?• Should we be concerned where our data goes?• Who has access?• How long is it stored for?• Can it be accessed from anywhere? Information Classification: Restricted 11
    • 12. Multiplatform, Multi-channelliving isn’t the future.It’s the now. It’s empowering It’s non-linear and holds endless possibilities Information Classification: Restricted 12
    • 13. Big DataIt’s here!............and it’s the Big Bang of the virtual world. Information Classification: Restricted 13
    • 14. brightsolid, Big Data & Security Helping the Enterprise Embrace it……  Where does data go? DATAPublic or Confidential –balancing an open culture withsecure data storage takesthought and time. Regulationsare tough and often unclear. Weunderstand standards whetherit’s PCI Card Data or PublicSector Impact Levels. Information Classification: Restricted 14
    • 15. brightsolid, Big Data & SecurityEmbracing it…… Who has access? Anyone with permissionCan the cloud be accessed from anywhere? Yes, as long as you have aconnection Information Classification: Restricted 15
    • 16. brightsolid, Big Data & SecurityEmbracing it…… So how does data security impact open knowledge? • It powers information sharing between organisations, groups and platforms in a secure and accessible environment. • It ensures complete collaboration by using cloud innovation • Supports the mobile economy by providing a reliable and secure infrastructure on which to build your knowledge. Information Classification: Restricted 16
    • 17. brightsolid, Big Data & Security Every Cloud has a silver lining. Information Classification: Restricted 17
    • 18. Follow us on Twitter @brightsolid_tecVisit our Information Classification: Restricted 18