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  1. 1. The Rocky MountainsThe RockyMountainsare amountainrange thatstretchesfrom Alaskato NewMexicoThey are the largestmountain range in theUnited States! They stretcha total of 3,000 milesThey are ayoungermountainrangethey areonly 80millionyears old.-Skiing-Snowboarding-Hiking
  2. 2. New YorkNew York is one of the best places tofind American cultureWhile their just walkingaround showed me thediverse Americancommunity. For Exampleat every turn of the eye Isaw many differentethnicities. Whichperfectly describesAmerica becauseeveryone is different.
  3. 3. World Trade Center• One of the many issues going on today in America is thegrowing fight and battle of terrorism. Terrorism is a very sadtopic in New York because one of the worst terrorist attacks inhistory happened here.• Since then, there have been many wars that are still goingon today to hopefully end this constant threat. In October of2001, America sent their troops to Iraq to try to end terrorism.Since then the troops have pulled out of Iraq an know arefighting in Afghanistan.
  4. 4. Grand Canyon-Hiking-Naturewalks-The Grand Canyon in located inArizona-It was carved out by the ColoradoRiver , which took around 2 billionyears-The Canyons stretch 277 miles
  5. 5. Niagara Falls-I went on the Maid ofthe Mist, a boat thattakes you up close tothe falls-The Falls are shared between bothCanada and the USA.-The largest waterfall is the HorseshoeFalls- The Falls dump 64,750 ft/s of water per sec.
  6. 6. Québec• Canada is influencedheavily by theEuropeans.• They Speck both Englishand French• Hockey is their nationalsports are Ice Hockey(winter) and Lacrosse(summer)• They are a very diversecountry
  7. 7. Northern Lights - Manitoba• The Northernlights are aBEAUTIFULsensation in thesky caused bycharged particles.• It was a greatexperience to seethe sky dance.
  8. 8. Canadian Forests• A growing issue in Canada is theEnvironmental Problems. For Example– Air Pollution- Canada is a growing country andbecause of that there are many cities whichmeans lots of pollution.– Logging- Canada has many large trees and withpaper and wood being in high demand theamount of trees is decreasing.
  9. 9. London• London is greatplace to experienceEurope because it isa Cultural Hearth.• A typical food foundin London is Fishand Chips• The People overtheir dress the sameas Americans
  10. 10. Swiss Alps• The Alps cover 65% ofall the land inSwitzerland• The largest Mountainis Monte Rosa it is4,545 meters tall• The Mountains reachthree Climate zones– The Subalpine– The Alpine– The Glacial-Skiing-Paragliding-Hiking
  11. 11. London• On May 22 2013 a Soldier was stabbed inLondon outside of his barracks• After the man was stabbed the one if thesuspects was caught on video rambling onabout what happened• When the police arrived both suspects wereshot and are now hospitalized
  12. 12. Drive on Lake Baikal• Lake Baikal is a largelake in Siberia andevery year in thewinter it freeze andcars can drive over it• Lake Baikal is the mostvoluminous freshwaterlake in the world• It is the oldest lakealso, they say it is 25million years old.Driving on Lake Baikal was one of the scariest thingsI did while I was on my journey around the world.
  13. 13. Saint Basils Cathedral• The church was built in1555-61 by Ivan theterrible• It was originally knownas Trinity Cathedral• Location: Red Square,Moscow• The bright colors andunique onion domesmake it different fromother churches.This church was very vibrant with allthe different colors and designs. Itwas my favorite church too see onmy journey
  14. 14. Russian Children• In Russia theyrecently passed a lawthat says Americanscannot adopt Russianchildren.• Russian PresidentVladimir Putin signedthis in December of2012 and nowpeople even in theprocess of adoptingwill not be able toadopt.
  15. 15. Himalayas• The Himalayas is amountain range withsome of the largestpeaks in the world.• The largest mountain:Mount Everest itspeak is 29,029 feet.• Himalaya means“abode of snow”-I climbed the largest peakin the world-skiing-visited local tribes
  16. 16. Chinese Market• Chinese marketsare traditionalways that peoplewho make goods,sell them• This tradition isvery old their wasno grocery storesto go to thiswas/still is theirgrocery store
  17. 17. Korea• North Koreas leader Kim Jong-un is famous for hisleadership in North Korea• He is very violent for example: He has been threatening tosend a Nuclear Bomb over to America.• His people worship him even though he does bad things• Kim Jong-un teaches his people to hate Americans• He has been in office since his father died in 2011
  18. 18. Great Barrier Reef• The GBR is thelargest chain ofreefs in the world• 2,900 individualreefs• 1,600 miles long• Tourism in thereefs is thelargest source ofrevenue in thearea-snorkeling-glass bottom boats-Sunset cruise
  19. 19. Outback• The Aborigines are the native Australians theywere in Australia before the Europeans• They were from southern Asia but came toAustralia 40,000 years ago
  20. 20. Uluru• Uluru is a large rock in themiddle of the Outback, thatthe Aborigines believe in asacred place.• The issue is that becausethe Uluru is believed to besacred the Aborigines arefighting to get their landback.• In 1983 the Prime Minstersigned a document sayingthat in 99 years theAborigines can have theirland back
  21. 21. Western Esplanade Beacha.k.a Junkanoo BeachLocated in Nassau, it has turquoisewater and fine, white sand.When the temperature heatsup, this is the place to be!Restaurants and snackbars are only a few stepsaway!
  22. 22. Caribbean Islands• If you go during the winteryou can experience theyearly festival of Junkanno!• The festival happens twotimes a year:– December 26 and againon New Years Day.• Bahamians make elaboratedisposable costumes, theneveryone hits the streetsfor parties and nightparades.-Party-Watch Parades
  23. 23. Aruba• Natalee Holloway went on avacation to Aruba for hersenior year• Natalee was partying onenight with her friends andwas never seen again• Their have been somesuspects but none wereguilty• She has been proven deadbut her body has still notbeen found
  24. 24. The Nile River• The Nile River is thelongest river in theworld running for atotal of 4,000 miles.• The Nile empty’s outin the MediterraneanSea. Which means thatthe Nile flows north.• 95% of the Egyptianpeople use water fromthe Nile-Surfed the Nile-Went boating
  25. 25. Ancient Egypt• Ancient Egypt is known for their unique pyramidsand statues that have perfect math and angles.• Ancient Egypt was discovered by King Menes in3150 BC and ended in 332 BC• Egypt has very fertile ground do to the Nile River• Egypt has a unique culture because somethingsare Modern somethings date back thousands ofyears ago
  26. 26. Poor Africa• Africa is has someof the poorestcountries in theworld and becauseof that they don’thave much moneythey are verymalnourished• Over 300 millionlive on one dollar aday with access tono clean water-Helped the Poor people-Built homes-Gave out food
  27. 27. Andes Mountains• The Andes are the longest mountain range inthe world stretching almost the whole left sideof South America• The tallest peak in the Andes is Aconcagua it is22,837.3 ft tall.
  28. 28. Peru• A tradition in Peru is toride an Alpaca into theAndes mountains• Alpacas are also usedfor their soft fur• This may seem strangeto us but this is atradition dating backhundreds of years.
  29. 29. Mexico• Drug Trading is one of thegreatest crime threat tothe United States• There have been manyefforts to try to stop thisbut there are so manycartels it will never end• 90% of Cocaine and 80%of Meth enters the USAthrough Mexico
  30. 30. Rub Al-Khali• Rub Al-Khali means “emptyquarter” or “where knowone comes out”• Dunes can reach 800 feet tall• 10 years can pass withoutrain• Temperatures can reach 150degrees• It is located in The ArabianPeninsula
  31. 31. Jerusalem• There are three major religions that all traceback to JerusalemChristianity Judaism IslamThe Old TestamentThe New TestamentJesus is the MessiahThe Old TestamentJesus was aTeacherThe Old TestamentThe New Testamentand a little more
  32. 32. Israel and Palestine• After WW2 the UN feltbad for the Jews andgave them the land ofwhat is now Israel• The problem was thePalestinians were stillliving their• The Israeli people overthe years have beentaking more and more ofThe Palestinians landwhich has created anoutbreakPalestinian People Protesting