Evaluation - Q3. What have you learned from audience feedback


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Evaluation - Q3. What have you learned from audience feedback

  1. 1. I wanted to test what impression my media products would make in a real worldenvironment. I asked 3 members of the public to watch my video and look at both myancillary texts and tell me what they thought of each product. I provided them with aquestionnaire to answer the relevant questions.
  2. 2. Let’s start with feedback for mydigipack. All of the feedback I receivedwas very positive about my digipack.They felt it was eye catching andappealing to look at and wouldencourage the audience to look at thealbum if it were on a shelf in a musicstore. They felt the use of the bandlogo was very effective in identifyingthe artist of the album as a photo ofthe artists is not visible on the frontpage. Instead I have an image of thefemale actor from the narrative sectionof the music video. So clearly stating amotif to identify the band by was agood idea to know who the artist of theband is.
  3. 3. Another point one of thefeedback forms stated wasthey like the overall themethat’s continues through thedigipack and other products.The outside cover usedmore black and whiteelements to make the mostimportant objects in thepicture stand out. I also triedto follow the feel of thenarrative scene on theoutside, with the use of mynarrative artist and wooded and followed the performancescene, ...> theme on the inside that featured many images of the band in the music video performance setting. The feedback I told me that to use this method where I try to make all products look similar in nature and part of an overall product worked in my favour. I didn’t receive any negative feedback on my digipack so felt the design I used was very successful.
  4. 4. I will now move onto the feedback for mywebsite. In the questionnaire I asked theaudience to comment on both the designand features of the website. By features Imean such things as the blog, photogallery, music tracks and live twitterfeeds etc. Again the overall responses tomy website were very positive. Users feltthe design of the website was veryappealing a fit well with the rock genredue to the use of the colours red, whiteand black.
  5. 5. They also felt I used a suitable fontstyle that gives the ‘rock’ look byhaving a bold font type that wasvery angular in shape and appearedto have certain sections of eachletter missing. I tried to make allfonts used in my projects similar byensuring they are all very bold andangular in appearance, andtherefore keeping the design andfeel of all 3 products consistent. Users also felt they were lots of features that brought on more interaction between the band and the fans such as the online blog, live twitter feed and facebook profile links. These features let users see what the band was currently getting up to and gave the users a feeling of ‘knowing the band’ personally, which is what fans want when browsing a bands website.
  6. 6. Finally I moved onto the music video I created andasked users the comment on the range of shotsused and the quality of them as well as what theythought to the storyline, costumes and mise-en-scene. I got mixed reviews about my music videooverall and had some very good comments, but alsosome weaknesses to my video which I thought ofimprovements that I could do if I ever performed thisproject again.Viewers appeared to like the high range of shots Iused, I tried to use a wide range of shots andinclude some more advanced motion shots such asthe pan and zoom shots that I used oftenthroughout my video.
  7. 7. Viewers also liked thenarrative to my music videoas they thought it wasengrossing and interesting towatch. I hoped to have thisreaction as I felt a fullperformance video would betoo boring and viewers wouldlose interest so I was pleasedto hear the narrativebenefitted my music video. Italso fit with the commonconventions for rock musicvideos which says there isoften both a narrative andperformance section (whichoften consist of some type ofstage performance withinstruments). I was pleasedto receive these goodcomments however not allcomments were positive asuser did have some badpoints to say about my musicvideo...
  8. 8. Some viewers said the shots used in the performance video were of a poorerquality to the ones used in the narrative section and brought the impression ofthe video down slightly. I realised this was because the setting used to film thescenes was indoors and had poor lighting, so the shots appeared dark andslightly fuzzy.I took into account what the viewers said and thought of a solution to the problemif I ever did this project again. I came up with the solution that I could make sureall locations were outside during daylight to get maximum lighting or could buy orrent some professional lighting equipment which I could place around the roomoutside the view of the camera frame. These should improve the lighting insidethe room greatly and give the same crisp clear quality shots that I had with thenarrative scenes in my music video.