Analysis of shots in music video


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Analysis of shots in music video

  1. 1. Media Studies Katie Walshaw Find 2 contrasting music videos - In each identify aparticularly interesting example of the following and beprepared to show and explain how it works in context. •A transition •An extreme close up •A pan shot •A tracking shot •An establishing shot •A section where the lyrics contrast or reinforce the visuals •What you consider to be the most artistic or interesting shot of all
  2. 2. In this transition the cameratakes advantage of the glarefrom a light to cut out thepicture and then dim into thenext shot. I think this is anoriginal and artistic way to use atransition and gives more dramaand effect than a basic cuttransition would.
  3. 3. In this shot the camera shows an extreme closeup of thechess board two people are playing on. It has used anextreme close up to show that the board and it’s piecesare shaking, from tremors in the floor. This is a goodexample of an extreme closeup as it has been specificallyused to show the shaking object in more detail. Extremecloseup’s are not the best shot to use and should have aspecific reason for showing the shot in so much detail.
  4. 4. In this shot the camera pans over the side ofthe aircraft up to the top looking down at it.This enables us to see that the aircraft is in theshape of the take that logo. I think this hasbeen put in place to promote the artists andrefer to them throughout the video. I like thisexample as it is original and shows how youcan shoot an object from multiple views.
  5. 5. I like the way they have used this tracking shot as it feels suitable for the scene. Tracking shots are more advanced and more interesting shots to use as the camera view moves. They perform this shot using a dollyIn this shot the camera moves out from being stand on a track.positioned behind some boxes to show a better, moredominant view of the artist. This shot shows more ofthe old rooms surroundings and gives a better look atwhat the artist is doing by shooting from a side angle. Ialso shows artists costume and other finer details.
  6. 6. In this shot the camera zooms in on a boy watchinga kids sci-fi cartoon on the television. This directlyrelates to the title of the song showing a child and achildren’s cartoon. It also refers the sci-fi themethat takes place throughout the video. I think this isa good establishing shot to use as in introduces youto the theme of the video going to be used.
  7. 7. Lyrics: Out on the streets tonight, There making peace tonight, There making peace-In this scene the lyrics are about making peace on the streets. The visualson the video reinforce this as it shows a boy pushing through the wall ofarmed police aiming at the artist to get a photo of them. At which he isextremely pleased. This makes the scene very moving and makes thelyrics more dramatic to the audience, focusing their attention on thewords used. This type of shot consists with Goodwins theory of six whenthe lyrics reinforce the visuals of the shot.
  8. 8. I think this panning shot used is rather interesting as itreinforces the beat of the song. It does this by showingan army marching in sync with the clapping beat of thesong. I like that they have used a shot to refer to the beatof the song as no lyrics are used throughout this part.
  9. 9. In this transition special effects havebeen used to make the video rollthrough the different shots, similar to afilm rolling through a projector. It iscontinuously flowing without any cutsto separate the shots. I think this is aninteresting transition to use as it isoriginal and dramatic, referring to themysterious and dramatic feel of thevideo.