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The aztec empire  ms vanko
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The aztec empire ms vanko


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  • 1. The Aztec Empire: More Essential Information!
  • 2. How did the Aztec Empire expand? •TheAztecs made the city of Tenochtitlan their home after defeated a tribe called theTepanecs in 1428 C.E. •Their leader, Moctezuma helped the empire grow until it covered much of Central Mexico and evenGuatemala •At the height of the empire, there were 5 million people
  • 3. Interestingly Enough…When Aztecs took control of land, they: • DID NOT force conquered peoples to adopt their ways of life • Create city-states that were forced to pay tribute (taxes) to supportTenochtitlan’s large population • Tribute could include: • Food, cacao, gems/stones, cotton, cloth, animals, building materials, and even soldiers • 7,000 tons of maize (corn) and 2 million cotton clothing cloaks were average numbers of goods traded! WOW! • Tax collectors were spread throughout the empire to make sure everyone paid taxes.
  • 4. 7 Steps to Controlling an Empire 1. divide the empire into provinces 2. base power on military conquest 5. let local rulers govern their own regions as long as they pay tribute 4. Exercise loose control over much of the empire 7. Destroy villages, capture or slaughter the inhabitants if they don’t pay the early 1500s, the Aztecs controlled a vast Mesoamerican empire, which stretched from central Mexico to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. 6. respond brutally to local rulers who fail to pay tribute 3. demand tribute from conquered people in the form of gold, maize, labor
  • 5. AztecWarfare: War was the center of Aztec life, butWHY? • Successful battles allowed Aztecs to gain land, laborers to build, and sacrificial victims!  • To please their most important god Huitzilopochtli, they needed A LOT of blood, and captured many people to sacrifice. • They also threatened to sacrifice people in lands they took control of…This way, they paid their taxes
  • 6. -Every male Aztec trained to be a soldier -In battle, they used bows, arrows, spears, and wooden swords and stone blades -Warriors often carried shields with figures of animals on them. (The figures would represent different strengths, like the jaguar or eagle.) DECLARATION of WAR: First, Aztecs asked a city to join their empire. The city had 60 days to agree. If they refused, the Aztecs declared war.
  • 7. Aztec Battles: • As armies faced each other, a general gave attack signal • Warriors fought commonly in hand-hand combat • Most wars ended quickly, usually Aztecs won • After a win, Aztecs would bring captives toTenochtitlan, and most were sacrificed!
  • 8. Aztec Rulers Allowed… • Conquered cities to keep their religion, language, customs, and original leaders • However, most conquered people never felt truly Aztec • They wanted freedom, and this led to lack of unity in the Aztec empire • Later, the Spanish took advantage of that weakness and made the Aztec enemies their allies to fight against the Aztecs