Top 3 popular diet programs


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Top 3 diet programs

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Top 3 popular diet programs

  1. 1. Top 3 Popular Diet ProgramsKatie V. Adams
  2. 2. There are many diet programs now, andchoosing which one is the best can be verydaunting. Diet is a very important component oflosing weight hence you have to choose the bestdiet program to go with your exercise routine.One of the ways to find the best diet programsis searching through the Internet. Basically,these diet programs usually vary in approachand style but they often have the same purposeof contributing to yourweight loss goals.
  3. 3. Here are just some of the most popular dietprograms which you may choose your own dietprogram from. Some of these diet programs arealready well-established while some are verynew diet program concepts but have alreadyproven effective.The first is the fixed menu, which can beconsidered as the simplest and easiest to followamong the diet programs today.
  4. 4. One advantage of this diet program is that themenus as well as the recipes are definite. Apart,this diet program has a very detailed list ofrecipes that had been perfected in due course.However, you are not allowed to change orreplace the sequence which means that fixedmenu diets can eventually become boring. Onceyou finished the diet program, you will also haveto create your own diet program,which, when you failed at doing,can lead to gaining weight again.
  5. 5. The second is the exchange type. This is a dietplan which allows you to swap recipes. Ofcourse, you have to find the recipe that matchesthe recipe to be replaced so that the rightamount can be achieved. When we say the rightamount, this means that the right amounts ofnutrients are still there even if you replace itwith another recipe. Variations in the foods thatyou are eating are thus possible,making you an adventurous eaterif you want to call it as such.
  6. 6. The process will not be boring since you maycombine the foods to your liking. However, thiscan be a problem if you have no idea of properbalancing and following instructions. You mightfind matching the required foods difficult in thelong run. One example of exchange type dietplan is the South Beach Diet. Individualsfollowing this diet are allowed to eat foods thatthey like for as long as it complies with the foodgroup requirements.
  7. 7. The third is the pre packaged meal diet. In thisdiet plan, the sizes as well as the proportions ofthe foods that you have to eat must be strictlyfollowed. One advantage of this diet plan is thecareful and appropriate measurements of thefoods that you have to eat. Apart from the size,calorie intake also affects the overalleffectiveness of this diet plan.
  8. 8. On the other hand, this diet plan tends to bevery expensive since you have to buy the foodsto comply with the size and proportionrequirements. If you are creative, then you cansearch how to prepare the foods yourself,saving yourself of buying these foods.
  9. 9. Katie V. Adams is a nutritionist and fitnesstrainer that has help many individuals loseweight successfully through exercise regime anddiet.To learn how to melt the body fat like magic,visit