Skin care secrets that surprise you


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Tips on skin care

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Skin care secrets that surprise you

  1. 1. Skin Care Secrets That Surprise YouKatie V. Adams
  2. 2. If you want to achieve a radiantly glowing skin,then you must educate yourself on how to takegood care of it. Exhaust all the possible meanslike the Internet in gathering skin careinformation. Eventually, you will be able tomake a highly informed decision if you knowhow to buy skin care products that are best foryour skin type. For one, you must avoid buyingskin care products that you will see online.
  3. 3. Buying skin care products that does not suityour skin type would be only futile and a wasteof money more so if you are not taking othersteps in improving your skin.Understanding the different factors which canprovide you with much healthier skin is therebya must. Actually there are various factors wherethe health as well as the beauty of the skindepends on.
  4. 4. These are: a well-balanced and nutritional diet,an intake of ample amount of water, and asufficient amount of sleep and rest. Also, thequality of your surrounding including the air willaffect the health of your skin. However,considering the unique makeup of our skin,these factors variedly affect us. There arefactors that affect the person internally andexternally and there are also factors that can becontrolled while there are thosethat cannot be controlled.
  5. 5. Skin care is the first step and the next stepwould be getting sound advice on how to takecare of your skin. Skin care advice would not becomplete without mentioning skin care productsincluding topical solutions like lotions andcreams. The goal should be choosing the bestskin care product for your skin type. Your skintype must guide you in choosing the best skincare product for it.
  6. 6. The first skin type is the normal skin. Normalskin is considered the best hence people withnormal skin are very fortunate. Normal skinlooks supply, healthy and clear. As such, normalskin type needs the least skin caring comparedto other types though you still have to use someskin care products to maintain its texture andmoisture level.
  7. 7. The second skin type is the dry skin. Dry skin isnot able to retain its own moisture unlike thenormal skin. Dry skin can easily flake,deteriorating with time. Dry skin is also prone todifferent skin problems like the signs of aging aswrinkle and fine line. People who have dry tovery dry skin should strictly follow skin careadvices. The most common advice is usingmoisturizers generously throughout the day as away of preventing prematureskin aging.
  8. 8. The third type is the oily skin. Oily skin ischaracterized by a skin that can easily get ‘shiny’due to the excess amount of sebum on the skinsurface. People with oily skin often complain ofacne and spots. People with this skin typeshould cleanse and tone and moisturize the skinon a regular basis.
  9. 9. The fourth type is the combination. Some partsof the body especially the face are oily while theothers are dry. This is a bit tricky since you haveto find the skin care product that can addressboth issues.
  10. 10. Katie V. Adams is a nutritionist and fitnesstrainer that has help many individuals loseweight successfully through exercise regime anddiet.To learn how to melt the body fat like magic,visit