Cutting the cable


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Presentation at the January 12th MacPeople Users Group. Tired of paying for a subscription to Cable or Satellite Television? Katie walks you through how she recently ditched her cable subscription saving over $75 a month and is still able to watch all of her favorite content using a combination of a digital antenna and online sources for a fraction of the price.

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Cutting the cable

  1. 1. Cutting The Cable MacPeople MUG
  2. 2. Why Cut The Cable• Fed up with the cable company• More commitments, less time• Not a good value for the money.
  3. 3. Cable Internet
  4. 4. Why Cut The Cable Before After
  5. 5. Research First• What was I really watching?• Where were my programs available?• Alternatives to Cable? (U-Verse, Satellite)• Monthly costs for content?• Startup costs?
  6. 6. Why Switch Now?• Digital TV Transition • Free HD over the air signals • Great picture quality • Higher definition than cable in many cases! • Availability of alternate media sources
  7. 7. What Was I Watching?
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Digital Antenna
  10. 10. What’s Needed +
  11. 11. What’s Needed+ +
  12. 12. Installation • Back-fed to main splitter to feed all TVs in the house. • Main line still feeds cable modem.
  13. 13. Not Without My TiVo
  14. 14. TiVo• Digital Video Recorder• Works with Digital Antenna• Amazon TV & Movie Rentals/Downloads• Blockbuster Movie Rentals/ Downloads• Netflix Streaming
  15. 15. AppleTV• iTunes Content• Movies & TV Shows• Podcasts• Airplay• Netflix• YouTube• WSJ News• NHL, NBA & MLB Sports
  16. 16. Connected Blu-ray Player• Plays DVDs and Blu-rays• Hulu Integration• Netflix• Amazon Streaming & Downloads
  17. 17. Roku• Dozens of content channels• Works with virtually any TV• Price starts at $50
  18. 18. Other Content Sources• Hulu• Network Websites• iOS Apps• Netflix CDs• Blockbuster Express
  19. 19. What I Miss• Cable News• Sports (not really)• HGTV
  20. 20. Supplements• Apps• Podcasts• Movies
  21. 21. Problems• Alignment of Antenna• Interference• Saga of Canceling Cable
  22. 22. Sports• NFL Rewind• NFL on iTunes• NBA League Pass• MLB.TV• NHL Gamecenter
  23. 23. Takeaway• Several months in - no plans to go back• I still have plenty to watch• TiVo is key• Enjoying the savings• Finding better things to do with my time• Still miss cable news
  24. 24. Tips to Get Started• Do your research• Start small• Look to the devices you already have• Be careful buying too many shows a la carte
  25. 25. Questions?