Webinar Social Media Marketing for Construction Industry


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SMPR (Simply Marcomms Ltd) Webinar - Social Media for the Construction Industry.

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  • Social Networking sitesLinked In – Groups – create and participate in discussions/share your blog posts/add news to groupsBuilding Network - create and participate in discussions/share your blog posts/add news to groupsTcN – New and emerging – Quite exclusive – for companies and individuals, lots of Top Construction Companies are joining every day – no access to recruitment consultants – Tip: watch this site – they are launching V2 imminently and we think it will be the major player in the construction industry by the end of the yearFacebook – Fan pages allow people to like your content – allows you to share multimedia content and blog posts – this is my least favourite as I think it’s more relevant for B2C companies marketing.When you think about building value within a social network, think practically. For example, if you build a network of 3,000 contacts on LinkedIn and don’t have a clear idea of what you want them to do, or how to engage with them, will it be of any use? It’s a common thought that there’s a certain connection between the size of a network and the effectiveness of that marketing campaign. However, when we talk about social media, quality plays a bigger role than quantity.This is why you need to gather insight and learn more about your audience when creating a social media content strategy. This can be achieved through effective participation, employing various monitoring tools, analyzing and studying the traffic generated through social media sites and using third party data reporting tools which we will cover later.All of the above applies only when you have unique content that communicates directly to your audience.
  • Media Sharing sites allow users to create, optimise and upload multimedia contentUpload optimised contentPage 1 through ‘blended’ search SERPSAllows people to ‘like’ ‘vote’ and ‘share’Include tags, alt text, keywordsSet up searches and ‘Google Alerts’create a YouTube channel for all your videos
  • Book marking and voting sites are underused in the UK – but can be very effective for news stories/breaking news and for driving traffic to your website or blogWhen a website receives a large number of natural, permanent links from trusted domains, it develops authority. Search engines trust it. If you optimize your content and website structure properly, you can easily start ranking for competitive keywords, which will in turn bring in search engine visitors. Do this often enough and your search traffic will undoubtedly increase. In a sense, you are obtaining these quality links through borrowed trust. Many bloggers and webmaster still think that if an article is on the Digg or del.icio.us homepage, then it’s probably worth checking out and referencing through a link.Digg/Stumble Upon/Del.icio.us – sharingAllows users to submit and vote on web contentExcellent for creating links to specific campaignsKey is consistency – Develop a reputation for sharing storiesGreat for news items and press releasesContract wins and PR stories
  • Webinar Social Media Marketing for Construction Industry

    1. 1. Kirstie Colledge <br />Twitter: @KirstieColledge<br />LinkedIn: KirstieColledge<br />Building Network: Kirstie Colledge<br />TcN: Kirstie Colledge<br />kirstie@simplymarcomms.co.uk<br />Header here or text<br />Header here or text<br />
    2. 2. What we will cover<br /><ul><li> Forms of Social Media
    3. 3. Social Media Marketing Strategy
    4. 4. Content Strategy – What is Social Media Content?
    5. 5. Strategy & Tactics – Content Sharing & Publishing
    6. 6. Measurement & Analysis
    7. 7. The all-important ‘Case Study’</li></li></ul><li>Why is social media so important?<br /><ul><li>What is social media marketing?
    8. 8. What does it allow you to do?
    9. 9. Build business connections
    10. 10. Increase your digital footprint
    11. 11. Network with customers and prospects
    12. 12. Share information
    13. 13. Collaborate on projects
    14. 14. Social media marketing - keep search in mind
    15. 15. Changes to Google’s Search</li></li></ul><li>Changes in the search landscape?<br />
    16. 16. Forms of Social Media<br /><ul><li>Blogs
    17. 17. Microblogs
    18. 18. Social Networks
    19. 19. Media Sharing Sites
    20. 20. Social Bookmarking and Voting sites</li></li></ul><li>Forms of Social Media - Blogs<br />Improves your website <br />ranking for organic search results<br />RSS Subscribers Opt-In<br />Blogs enable you to <br />generate regular content and debate on the products and services you provide<br />
    21. 21. Forms of Social Media - Blogs<br /><ul><li>Use Wordpress – Why?
    22. 22. Use your own domain – Why?
    23. 23. Add regular content – all media types
    24. 24. Add RSS feed
    25. 25. Feed content to social networking sites
    26. 26. Add Tweetmeme button
    27. 27. Optimise all content and posts for search</li></li></ul><li>Forms of Social Media – Microblogs (Twitter)<br /><ul><li>Personal or Company? – use App – Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
    28. 28. Catchy biography
    29. 29. Don’t auto follow
    30. 30. Set up searches with keywords in mind
    31. 31. Add RSS feed – use keywords in prefix and suffix
    32. 32. Feed tweets to blog and social network sites
    33. 33. Optimise all content and posts for search</li></li></ul><li>Forms of Social Media – Social Networks<br />
    34. 34. Forms of Social Media – Media Sharing Sites<br /><ul><li>Upload optimised content
    35. 35. Page 1 through ‘blended’ search SERPS
    36. 36. Allows people to ‘like’ ‘vote’ and ‘share’
    37. 37. Include tags, alt text, keywords
    38. 38. Set up searches and ‘Google Alerts’
    39. 39. Create a YouTube channel</li></li></ul><li>Forms of Social Media – Bookmarking & Voting <br /><ul><li>Digg/Stumble Upon/Del.icio.us - sharing
    40. 40. Allows users to submit and vote on web content
    41. 41. Excellent for creating links to specific campaigns
    42. 42. Key is consistency –
    43. 43. Develop a reputation for sharing stories
    44. 44. Great for news items and press releases
    45. 45. Contract wins and PR stories</li></li></ul><li>Social Media Marketing Strategy/Tactics<br /><ul><li>Set objectives/goals/benchmarks
    46. 46. Listen to conversations
    47. 47. Find construction and sector communities
    48. 48. Identify industry influencers
    49. 49. Develop a content strategy
    50. 50. Choose your tools
    51. 51. Create/Optimise/Share your content
    52. 52. Engage with networks and create conversations
    53. 53. Measure results against objectives</li></li></ul><li>Create a Social Media Marketing Plan<br /><ul><li>Create a Social Media Marketing plan
    54. 54. Situation Analysis
    55. 55. Market Segmentation
    56. 56. Review Traditional Marketing Plan and activities (4 p’s)
    57. 57. Create Content Schedule for each Social Network
    58. 58. Create
    59. 59. Optimise
    60. 60. Publish
    61. 61. Share</li></li></ul><li>Content Strategy - Integration<br />Create Content<br />Optimise Content<br />Publish Content<br />Share Content<br />“All content should be created, optimised, shared and published with search in mind”<br />
    62. 62. Content Strategy - What is Social Media Content?<br />
    63. 63. Example: Video Content<br />Corporate Video<br />Training Video<br />Video Case Study<br />Exhibitions and Events Highlights<br />Health and Safety Video<br />Product Video<br />
    64. 64. Measurement & Analysis<br /><ul><li>Google Analytics/Feedburner/Pingbacks/Blog Grader
    65. 65. Bit.ly/Hootsuite/Tweetmeme/TwitterAnalyzer
    66. 66. Delvr.it/YUDU/Slideshare/YouTube
    67. 67. Hubspot – websitegrader/twittergrader
    68. 68. Digg/Del.ic.ous/Stumble Upon
    69. 69. CTA’s on Main Website or Blog! You want enquiries and new business!</li></li></ul><li>Case Study – Camfil Farr<br />
    70. 70. Social Media Marketing Results<br /><ul><li> 2 Blogs – page one Google
    71. 71. 3000 + RSS Subscribers
    72. 72. 2000 Whitepaper Downloads
    73. 73. Email database of 8000+
    74. 74. 40% increase visitors
    75. 75. Several leads from PR content</li></ul> click throughs<br />
    76. 76. References – Check these out!<br />Books<br />Engage – Brian Solis<br />Inbound Marketing – Brian Halligan/Dharmesh Shah<br />The Social Media Marketing Book – Dan Zarrella<br />The New Rules of Marketing and PR – David Meerman-Scott<br />Blogs and sites<br />www.b2bseoblog.co.uk<br />www.briansolis.com<br />www.hubspot.com<br />www.tcn.uk.com<br />www.econsultancy.com<br />www.pauleycreative.co.uk<br />www.constructionmediablog.co.uk<br />www.pwcom.wordpress.com<br />www.angelamaiers.com<br />www.hitwise.com/uk<br />www.forrester.com<br />
    77. 77. SMPR Social Media Marketing Services <br /><ul><li>Traditional PR
    78. 78. Online PR & SEO
    79. 79. PR Writing & Distribution
    80. 80. Social Media Marketing Strategy
    81. 81. Social Media Marketing Management
    82. 82. Online Publishing
    83. 83. Online Content Generation – all types</li></li></ul><li>Q&A Session<br />Header here or text<br />Header here or text<br />
    84. 84. Kirstie Colledge <br />Twitter: @KirstieColledge<br />LinkedIn: KirstieColledge<br />Building Network: Kirstie Colledge<br />TcN: Kirstie Colledge<br />kirstie@simplymarcomms.co.uk<br />Header here or text<br />Header here or text<br />