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Katie Owens
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G324- Advanced Production

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A2 Media Coursework

  1. 1. Question Key:Question 1Question 2Question 3Question 4
  2. 2. Blue filter In each episode/trailer 3-4Conflict/disequilibrium storylines Main characters with Multiple storylines Soap Conventions BCU: The fourth wall -Forehead cut off -Emotion draws audience Set/Location POV (Point In, creates intimacy -Location Of view shot) Creates OTS (Over the realism shoulder shot)
  3. 3. Hollyoaks Documentary:I watched a documentary on how ‘Holly oaks Indecent Behaviour (2001)’ was created toHelp inspire me with the creation of my soap trailer. Story= Events in order Planning Key points on Hollyoaks Character documentary Production Narrative= Point of view Continuity
  4. 4. Hollyoaks Documentary: Accent Dialogue How is character created in Hollyoaks? Performance Stereotypes Costume
  5. 5. Summer Homework: Storyboarding of a Soap Opera Extract:A location shot taken from A two person medium A two person MCU Asymmetrical framinga low angle. tilted shot.A long, wide shot An MCU shot Two person medium shot A two person medium shotA long shot A two person shot, canted angle Canted angle, medium shot Symmetrical framing and a MCU
  6. 6. Mise en scene, Dialogue & Editing: In terms of editing, there are no The mise en scene Quick zooms, although the consists of a newsagent scenes have been carefully cut. style shop. There are no added Mise en scene, The lighting Sound effects or voice dialogue and is quite light overs within this scene. editing and clear. So, just diegetic sound was used. The dialogue consists of quite casual chatty script.
  7. 7. Summer Homework: Soap Opera FC: I decided to add a picture on the right hand side as the white background made the FC too bare. I used the soap opera FC above for ideas whilstIncluded a barcode, producing my Front cover. I used the idea of having aDate, issue number blank background and a banner at the top of theAnd price. All in a similar magazine. I also used a similar colour scheme andPlace to the Soap Opera layout.Magazine.
  8. 8. If I was to complete this I think my magazine would have looked task again I‟d make the more effective with a “busier” text bigger so that it is background rather than a plain clearer to read. backdrop. In order to make The image would work this piece fit more of the better if it was a two conventions of a real soap person shot because magazine I‟d need to include Evaluation most soap magazines More “buttons” and of summer feature two or more information about soaps homework people on the FC. I also In general. At the moment it think the catchphrase looks a bit vague. needs to be stronger to help draw the readers attention in.However, when I compare thisproduct with my final ancillaryproduct I can see that themagazine has improved and itdefinitely follows the conventions ofa real life media product.
  9. 9. Task 1- Comic Strip Video ‘Mary Worth’: What I did… First of all I copied a selection Of comic strip pictures into Adobe Premiere Elements 8, all together I had 6 Pictures, then I used the mini DV camcorder And filmed each clip at a fixed medium shot, But camera movement consisting of pan And zoom. I later recorded a dialogue to fit in With the captions. Then I added a sound track To the opening slide and applied a ‘fade out’ to Fit with the slide transition. This preliminary Task has taught me how to extract an audio from A video, use a variety of camera shots/angles Click And upload a video to YouTube and then to my Here Blog.
  10. 10. Task 1: Evaluation: Include more camera movement and angles.If I was to completethe task againI‟d think more about Include more ECU‟Snon-diegetic sound Evaluation and CU‟S(dialogue andsoundtrack). If I was to re-do this task, I‟d think more about the narrative- therefore making sure it I‟d also think more had a clearer storyline. about the overall representation of the piece and intended target audience.
  11. 11. Task 2: Produce a video of a scene from a soap: I used this trailer as a template for my second preliminary task. I copied the setting of the scene and used some of the script as well. Click Here
  12. 12. Task 2: Script for 2nd Preliminary Task:Michael and Alfie are having lunch in the cafe, Michael starts the conversation...Michael: Alfie tell me to keep my snout outAlfie: Keep your snout outMichael: If Kats six months pregnant, unless she got pregnant by letter or prisonvisits got a little more interesting Establishing shotAlfie: You‟re a right little miss marple aren‟t ya?Michael: If she‟s bin messing you around...Alfie: She ain‟t coz the babies not mineMichael: So what about the other guy? The father?Alfie: oh it was a one night stand.. While I was banged up in prison.. These thingsHappen eh?Michael: You alright about that? You bringing up someone else‟s kid? Medium shotAlfie: Matching shirts, who‟s gonna know hey?Michael: You‟ll know, Kat will know and everyday you‟ll be remindedAlfie: I know but we‟ve got each other, it‟s a fresh start and that‟s what countsMichael: What if he comes back on the scene?Alfie: He ain‟t gonna come back.. Tryna remember the blokes name.. Apparently heWas a right old stank, lasted 5 minutes and that includes the shower from start Asymmetrical framingTo finishMichael: Is that what she said?Alfie: Can‟t beat a bit of the old moon magic alright?Kat enters the cafe as she needs Alfie for something...Kat: Alfie? Medium shotAlfie: Hello sweetheartKat: It‟s GregMichael: We were just talking about you...Alfie: Want a sausage?Kat: No.. He needs sumit.. Dunno what it is, me and builders it goes straightover my headAlfie: Alright Ill sort it, cya Michael OTS SHOT
  13. 13. Task 2: Evaluation: However the tracking shot at If I was to the beginning of complete this the scene is good task again I‟d and works very choose a better well. location that is a bit more realistic Have to ensure characters speak More angles and shot louder and clever. Evaluation types are necessary for it to fit the conventions ofContinuity between shot soap. (More ECU‟S)takes is poor, have to thinkmore about the positions of Better scripting andcharacters and character casting to ensure Need to pay moreprofiles. branding is kept the attention to what props were used same. and continuity with costume for each character.
  14. 14. Final Task: Soap Trailer:ClickHere
  15. 15. The Reckless: Casting:When casting for my soap trailer Ithought very carefully. In the end Idecided that in order for my soap trailerto be of the best possible standard Iwould need sufficient actors to take onthe roles, so I used 6 students from thedrama department. I decided to use 4girls and 2 boys as I was primarilyaiming my piece at a female audience.
  16. 16. The Reckless: Prop Preparation:Intro Scene:For this scene I needed to usetwo glasses of “wine” for thecharacters to make a toast.However, I couldnot use real wine, but usedundiluted vimto instead. It looksreal and effective.
  17. 17. The Reckless: Voice overs & Dialogue:Voice Over: Dialogue:Beginning: A brand new soap opera Julia: You have no idea what I‟vewhich pushes all the limits... Sacrificed for youAfter Montage: Lies Lust Julia: Oh my god Infidelity Secrecy Vanessa: This isn‟t over! MurderEnding: THE RECKLESS… Comingsoon... on living!
  18. 18. The Reckless: Script: Click Here
  19. 19. The Reckless: Shot Lists:
  20. 20. Q1: In what ways does yourmedia product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  21. 21. The screenshot of the Eastenders trailer on theleft uses a soundtrack throughout withoccasional voice-overs. I mimicked this idea formy soap as I believe It helped highlight thedramatic storylines. I used the over shoulder shot from the Eastenders trailer for this scene as I wanted to give the impression that Charlotte’s character was talking down to Ellie’s (Charlotte being the superior one). I used this trailer as a template for my montage scenes. This scene creates a disequilibrium atmosphere for the audience.
  22. 22. I decided to use a similarscene to the one in „TheYoung and theRestless‟. However I chosethe „catfight‟ to be betweentwo female charactersinstead. During the makingof this scene, neither ofthem actually hit each other.I set up the scene to make itlook like they did by havingthem slap past each othersfaces and I clapped offscene to make the slappingnoise (non-diegetic sound).
  23. 23. I wanted my trailer to mimic the conventions and style of this American TV drama: ‘The Young and the Restless’. Therefore I wanted it to appear quite cliché but more glamorous than a typical British soap like ‘EastEnders’.I also mimicked the styleof their logo
  24. 24. I follow the conventions The costume theme used of a soap opera by within this trailer challenges the having a character killed. conventions of soap as the However it edges characters generally wear slightly towards the TV formal clothing which Is very drama side of the genre. unlike characters in a typically For example ‘Skins’. British soap like Eastenders.I have challengedother soap Because my piece isoperas by having Differences based on Americana steady from other TV dramas, my genrefriendship Is slightly more soapsbetween two of glamorous than athe characters. standard British soap.
  25. 25. About the show:The Young and the Restless is an American Used storylines The divisiontelevision soap opera created by William J which the audience between richBell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS. The show is can relate to and poorset in a fictional Wisconsin towncalled Genoa City. How IThe Storyline: mimickedThe Young and the Restless originally focuses on thetwo core families, the wealthy Brooks family andthe poor Foster family. Then, Bell replaced them storylineswith the new core families, the Abbotts and theWilliams. Over the years, other families such asthe Newmans and the Winters wereintroduced. Despite these changes, one storyline Rivalries betweenthat has endured through almost the shows certain charactersentire run is the feud between Jill Foster Abbottand Katherine Chancellor, the longest rivalries onany American soap opera.
  26. 26. I watched ‘The Young and The Restless’Montage to give me ideas for my videoand decided it worked for my piece. I copied theI mimicked the charactersstyle of the expressions, statustransitions, and whatWhich consisted they were wearing.of fading to white. I wanted to Ideas I show different used Social classes and the contrast between richer and poor.
  27. 27. I used the idea of a panning shot of a streetfor my opening credits of the trailer. It is verysimilar to coronation streets credits on theleft, whereas EastEnders uses an almostmap view instead.
  28. 28. For my soap trailer I used four locations, whichconsisted of two houses, college and outside. I wantedto keep my trailer close to the genre of soap andeveryday life which is why I decided to film in a house.It‟s affordable, domestic and creates a sense of realism.However, for the montage shots I needed to shoot thescenes with a blank white backdrop which is why Ichoose college.
  29. 29. In the cat fightThis is a close Scene I used two POVup shot. shots from each character by changing the angle of the camera.This is an over theshoulder shot. This creates a parallel narrative that converges I used a panning together. shot on the opening of the trailer. I used a zoom out camera action on the first scene.
  30. 30. I got the soundtrack I also scripted some voice overs which helped clip off YouTube by to create rhetorical questions for the audience to converting the video file think about and created narrative coherence using a programme which for the scenes. allowed me to save the file and upload to my project. IAt the end of my trailer, I also did this with the gunshotdecided to have a character sound effects.murdered to finish on aclimax. To compliment thisstoryline I completed the Music, script,scene with a non-diegetic voice overs & I added non-diegetic soundsound of a gunshot and then sound effects which was a dramaticapplied a slide transition of a soundtrack playing in thefade to black. I think this backgroundchallenges the conventions throughout the trailer. Iof soap slightly as it edges lowered the volume of thecloser to more of a TV drama soundtrack and enhancedlike „Skins‟ or a slightly more the volume of the diegeticcontroversial soap storyline sound (dialogue and voicelike Richard Hillman‟s in I had a voice over dialogue to overs). I also applied a fadeCoronation street. help fit with the conventions of a in and out on the soap trailer. It also helped to soundtrack which is typical make the trailer look more of a trailer. professional and dramatic by adding suspense to the piece.
  31. 31. I used natural based light for outside work.I ensured that for the Montagescenes, the characters were Whilst shooting the scenesshot under a bright between Scot‟s and Charlotte‟slight with a white backdrop in Lighting in characters the lighting was notorder to fit the conventions of Sufficient enough to suit thea typical soap montage the trailer scene and conventions,scene. E.g. The Young and so to amend this I had to reshootThe Restless. the scene and add extra lighting. Obviously used un-natural light for inside work.
  32. 32. I used an additive dissolve slide transition for these 2scenes because It helped to convey the negativeemotions and despair of Ellie‟s character during thisstoryline.I used a fade to white slide transition between thisshot of James‟s character and the montage of Antonia‟scharacter. I did this to show that James‟s character wasfeeling guilty about his affair and I think his expressions andactions portray this effectively to my target audience.
  33. 33. I had to reshoot this scene as the lighting was not clear enough to follow theguidelines of a trailer. Once I had re-shot the scene the lighting was better,however whilst I was in the process of making the trailer I realised that youcan see myself filming in the reflection of the window. In the future, in order toavoid this I would either close the curtains or shoot from a different angle inwhich you would not see me.
  34. 34. Antonia’s character:Snobby upper class business woman, bitnosey and a no-nonsense type woman.Has an affair with James’s character. (EllenJeffreys) Character ProfilesEllie’s character:She’s a married woman who cannot havekids. She is cheated onBy James’s character, so has aconfrontation with Antonia’s character.(Julia Winsor)Charlotte’s Character:Shy, innocent and reserved woman on the surface,however sheHas a darker side to her. She is also pregnant withScot’s character, but only herself, scot and Ellie’scharacters know.(Susannah Brookfields)
  35. 35. Aislings character:Loud overly confident womanwith a big ego. She is very flirtyand not afraid to say what shethinks.(Vanessa Stark)James Darwent’s character:Rich upper class business man, very full ofhimself and quite selfish. He is married toEllie’s character but cheats on her withAntonia’s character.(Rupert Daniels)Scot Chapman’s character:He’s the good friend of the group, the oneyou can always turn to. However he can bea bit two faced sometimes. He is the fatherof Charlotte’s character’s baby.(Kyle Stephenson)
  36. 36. I ensured I kept continuity with the costume and that character identity waskept clear throughout the trailer. Also, the three characters who appeared on the ancillaries kept their identity and style on those too. I wanted Ellie, Antonia and James‟s characters to look like they were from an upperclass background so I ensured they wore smart clothes, had correct posture and spoke correctly. In order to contrast with these characters, I wanted Charlotte‟s, Scot‟s and Aisling‟s characters to be of a middle class background. To portray this they wore less formal clothing and had a less superior attitude. In other words those characters would be easier to relate to from an audiences point of view.
  37. 37. The characters in the soap are I portrayed this played by students, however the through the use characters themselves of costume and behaviour. are much older- Probably in their late 20’s-Early 30’s.My soap does not reflectteenage culture and so the Representation I made the storylines reflect each representation of the region might of characters character’s personality, however Inot be made as clear as It could. exaggerated each storyline to a certain extent to fit the conventions of an American Even though my soap reflects drama and challenge the American sub culture to a certain conventions of a British soap extent, I wanted the region in which opera. it was set to be clear. I think the For example: One storyline was characters reflected this sufficiently that James’s character had an as they all have Northern accents affair which matches his superior and a Manchester dialect .Also, the attitude that he can do what he setting is very clearly in Manchester. wants.
  38. 38. I used theadvertisement fromthe Nikita trailer andchanged it to fit theconventions of thegenre of myproduction. I kept the branding similar by using a „Living‟ logo, however I changed the colour scheme and font.
  39. 39. I‟d especially include more tracking/reverse tracking shots and ECU‟s to help portray the characters emotions. If I was to complete this task again Id use more camera shots/movement to In terms of lighting, I think my trailer is make my trailer look more technically too dark and if I was to complete the pleasing and professional. task again I‟d think about the exposure settings on the camera.The use of voice overs almostmade my product cross over I think my trailer is reasonablyto the documentary mode of Evaluation easy to follow, however if I wasgenre. I think this worked however to make it again I‟d make myas it helped portray the storylines of finished storylines even clearer andbetter to my target audience. trailer portray each characters identity a little bit more.- Maybe include If I was to re-do this piece of a few more POV shots to create coursework I‟d think more denser parallel narratives? about the opening of the trailer and try and improve I‟d make sure that the actors spoke it so that it looks more I think this trailer would look louder when they said their lines so professional. better if it was filmed in a that the soundtrack would not drown few more realistic locations their voices. Because the dialogue rather than just a house. For was too quiet, I had to Gives the trailer example: A pub or café lower the volume of the more variety and soundtrack and makes It more increase the volume of interesting. the dialogue.
  40. 40. Q 2:How effective is the combination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts?
  41. 41. Templates I used for the Soap Magazine FC & Billboard:
  42. 42. Three people are onthis photo whichsuggests a storylinebetween them.I used the idea of a side columnrunning down the left hand sideof the FC- describing what wasinside the magazine I mimicked the catch line on the ‘All about soap’ magazine because it portrayed a similar storyline to mine so therefore fit with the conventions of British Soap opera. I used a similar style to the‘SoapOperaWeekly’ as it is an The image used in the American soap magazine, which is what magazine ‘Soap Opera my product is closer to in terms of Digest’ is a similar image I genre. used for my magazine as it contains the same idea
  43. 43. At first I was going to use the image above for my Soap Opera billboard. I then decided It did not work as it wasn‟t following the conventions of My soap and the branding was not kept the same. However I got inspiration for my photo from the FC Of Soap Opera Digest which features a similar setting.I chose a similar mood for my billboard as the one portrayed inthe billboard on the left. I didn‟t want to advertise my soap withthe characters looking all bright and cheerful. Instead, I wantedthem to look quite serious, which will inevitably draw the audiencein to find out what is going on. Similar font, colour scheme and position of logo and text.
  44. 44. American soap opera: I made my billboard quite minimalistic like this one because I think having too much text on it makes it look too “busy”, which makes it harder for the audience to read. I used a similar font and colour scheme to this logo.Spanish soap opera: I mimicked the idea of showing a storyline within the billboard. I used the idea of having multiple characters on my billboard.
  45. 45. Editing of the Magazine:I decided to change the title of the magazine because Soap-tastic didn‟tfit with the branding of my soap, so I chose „TV Listing‟ instead as it wasmore suitable to my product. I also changed the font and colour schemeas again it did not fit in with the branding of the trailer.
  46. 46. Editing of the Billboard:I originally wanted to produce a landscape billboardBut then decided my soap suited a portrait, bus stop typeBillboard instead. I also think the black and white LivingLogo worked better than the purple and white becauseIt helps enhance the glamorous image of the show.
  47. 47. I decided to use a banner at the top of the FC To advertise the soaps inside the magazine. This is a typical feature of a soap magazine. I used text off myfonts.com to fit the conventions of a real-life magazine. I decided the colour gold would highlight the glamorousness of the show, which therefore contrasts with other soap magazines. I used this catch line to fit In with the storyline of these three Characters. I chose the colour red to portray the elegance of the show.I included buttons and a logo for my soap, whichI also made on myfonts.com. Included a barcode, Date, masthead.
  48. 48. I used a similar image of the same three characters in both ancillaries. I did this toI decided to have my create a brand identity,soap sponsored by Which then enforcesHerbal Essences the piece into a widerbecause my soap is audience market.primarily aimed atwomen, although men aswell. So therefore, they I used the „Livingwould be most likely to channel‟ logo to ensurewant to buy this hair the branding was keptproduct. the same throughout my trailer and ancillaries.
  49. 49. Q 3:What have you learnedfrom your audience feedback?
  50. 50. Even though this trailer is following more of the conventions of an American soap opera, it This trailer is aimed at is still popular within the late teens- Late 40’s. British humour.The differences between British The genre is soapsoap are that this trailer is Audience opera/Americanmore cheesy/light hearted and Profile drama.less serious and blunt. My soap would have traditionally been aimed at women, housewives to be exact. However it is now aimed at men too, although still primarily women.
  51. 51. At the beginning, Voice over needs to Good, strong come in later. narrative. Ellie‟s character needs to lookStrong through windowbranding. Feedback looking sad after she has seen them kissing.Realistic and Clear genre of Actor looks into soap.clear setting/ Camera bystorylines. mistake which is not typical of soap.
  52. 52. 1: How close is my trailer andtwo ancillary products related to 4: Do the storylines in the trailer the soap? fit with the character representation? Extremely Very Yes Not really No Not at all 2: Does my soap products challenge the conventions of 5: Does my trailer and two ancillary British soap opera? products look professional like real life media products? Yes No Yes 3: Has my soap included a variety of different camera shots/angle and movement? Yes Yes but there is room for more Quite
  53. 53. Q 4:How did you use mediatechnologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  54. 54. To film my trailer, I used a mini DV Camcorder and a digital camera to take pictures ofmy ancillaries. I used Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 to produce my soap trailer andMicrosoft Publisher to produce my two ancillary products. As for my resources, I usedthe internet to find out information on different soap operas such as: ‘The Youngand the Restless’ , using different websites like www.youtube.com andwww.wikipedia.com. To evaluate my finished products, I have usedwww.blogspot.com and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  55. 55. “Creating your project” After this step… I was able to edit the video clips how I wanted on the timeline and was then“Uploading video/audio footage” able to add sound effects, transitions and pictures. I used a DV camcorder to film my soap.
  56. 56. To create my text on my magazineFC and billboard I usedwww.myfonts.com . I copieddifferent styles of text and pasted itinto Microsoft Publisher. By doingthis, I followed the conventions ofreal-life media.
  57. 57. “Altering the volume and unlinking video and audio clips” “Cutting a clip” You left click on the timeline where you want your clip to be cut and then you press the scissor icon in the far right corner of the video. Then you can right click on the cut clip and delete if necessary. You right click on the clip to get this window up.
  58. 58. Once I had finished my trailer I uploaded my video toYouTube using Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0. I did this byclicking on the share button on the right hand side and thenlogging into my YouTube account. From there, I had to give atitle for my trailer, add tags and put it into a specific genre. Ichose animation & film. In order to upload the video to myblog I got the URL embedded code from YouTube and This is what it should look like whilsttransferred it onto my Blog account. you‟re in the process of uploading the video.
  59. 59. Step 3…Step 1… Then I created a „new post‟ on my blog and pasted in the code, created a title for my piece and published the post. I clicked on the button called „Embed‟ below my video and then a Step 2… URL appeared underneath (Shown in the left hand corner), which I had to copy and paste into my blog.
  60. 60. I used my blog to show all my planning and preparation during the preliminary tasks and the preparation before my final piece of coursework was produced.“Creating your first post”