Coordination And Integration Of Federal


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Coordination And Integration Of Federal

  1. 1. <ul><li>Coordination and Integration of Federal, State and Local Programs and Resources</li></ul>Federal, state and local services and programs are effectively coordinated through the district consolidated application process to support the schoolwide plan. In fact, Gerrish-Higgins is involved in a number of grants that the Business Manager, Shay Anderson; Superintendent and Director of 31a, Dr. Millie Park Mellgren; and Title I Director, Kathy Rees, have written through the consolidated application process. They have worked to coordinate the following grants. (See Title I Attachment 1)<br />Title I, Part A/D<br />Title II, Part A<br />Title II, Part D<br />Title V<br />31a State At-Risk<br />Kathy Rees is responsible for the Title I grants. Dr. Park Mellgren, Superintendent, coordinates services for students formally identified to receive at-risk services. Mrs. Anderson coordinates Title II, Parts A & D and Title V. Mrs. Anderson, Dr. Park Mellgren, and Mrs. Rees have coordinated their efforts to efficiently supply materials, professional development activities, teacher stipends, release time and other support to the entire school district. The district professional development request form has been very helpful to coordinate those types of opportunities. On the forms, staff members are first and foremost requested to identify the connection of the professional development activity to the School Improvement Goals. They are also required to obtain the approval of the project director if funding from one of the above grants is required.<br />Mrs. Anderson, Dr. Park Mellgren, and Mrs. Rees adjust the source of the funding, with the purpose of coordinating all of the grants. For example, staff members who request to attend professional development activities need to complete a plan of how they intend to share and use the information themselves, upon their return. The goal is to make meaningful choices for professional development, which reflects a comprehensive, coordinated approach for educational reform. At the intermediate level, Mrs. McNitt, Roscommon Elementary Principal is a member of the COOR Intermediate Coordinating Committee for Professional Development (CCCPD). The CCCPD have coordinated grant efforts and have offered extensive training sessions that are ongoing throughout the year.<br />At the community level, the Title programs coordinate services with several different agencies within the Gerrish-Higgins community to provide services and resources to our students. Action plans are written for some of the programs that outline what services or resources are needed. A record is kept that identifies program goals, technology needs, and agencies providing the service, target dates and a summary reflection. Some of the agencies that St. Helen Elementary School utilizes are: <br />COOR ISD serves as a hub for most of the state and federal educational programs and support services for St. Helen Elementary School. Their support covers three main areas of education, general education, special education and vocational education.<br />St. Helen Mini Bus System offers St. Helen students a reduced rate for transportation as long as rides are booked in advanced. <br />Michigan State Police, Roscommon County Sherriff’s Department, and the Gerrish Township Police Department all offer support and programs for St. Helen students and their families. For example, bike rodeo, internet safety courses, Walk to School Day support and bullying. <br />School Based Medical Clinic is located within the middle school. St. Helen students and parents have access to the medical clinic. The clinic provides help for students and parents on medical issues, sports physicals, counseling, and provides current health information for students and their families and the staff. Having the clinic in the school offers parents the option to receive walk in services that allows students to seek immediate medical services and are often returned to class the same day. <br />Coordination Chart<br />St. Helen Elementary coordinates and integrates funds from all of the funding sources listed above to support a variety of programs as depicted in the chart below. Each of these programs is intended to provide staff, parents and students with the skills and resources necessary to be successful in their educational role. <br /><ul><li>Schoolwide ComponetsFunding SourcesProgramsComprehensive Needs AssessmentGeneral FundElectronic Comprehensive Needs Assessment ProcessSchoolwide ReformGeneral FundSt. Helen Elementary Improvement/ Schoolwide PlanInstruction by Highly Qualified Professional StaffTitle IIA General FundAll Staff (teachers and paraprofessionals) are currently highly qualifiedStrategies To Attract Highly Qualified Teachers To High Needs SchoolTitle IIAGeneral Funds Mentoring and TrainingDistrict Professional Development ISD wide Professional DevelopmentHigh-Quality Ongoing Professional Development Title II AGeneral FundFrameworks For PovertyLucy CawkinsRewardsMy-Access Everyday MathStrategies to Increase Parental InvolvementTitle IMSRPSafe and Drug Free FundsParent Involvement Evening Educational Programs.1,2, 3 Parent Training ProgramPreschool Transition StrategiesGeneral FundsMSRPKindergarten and Preschool Round-upOpen Houses HeadStartTeacher Participation In Making Assessment DecisionsGeneral FundsTitle II AMiBLSi Data Analysis Training SessionsCurriculum MeetingsGrade Level Meetings NWEA TrainingTimely And Additional Assistance to Students Having Difficulty Mastering the StandardsTitle ITitle IIAGeneral FundsExtended DaySummer School Jump Start ProgramParaprofessionalsCounselor ServicesCoordination and Integration of Federal, State and Locan Programs and ResourcesGeneral FundCoordination of funds is completed by the State and Federal ProgramsCoordinator with Staff, administration, and Central Office.