Globalizing the CCSS - Amy
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Globalizing the CCSS - Amy



Classroom example of globalizing the CCSS through literature

Classroom example of globalizing the CCSS through literature



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Globalizing the CCSS - Amy Globalizing the CCSS - Amy Presentation Transcript

  • Global Literacy and the Common Core StandardsUsing meaningful texts in a 5th grade Language Arts Classroom Amy Gaddes, M.Ed.
  • Choose your texts carefully, with yourstudent’s needs andexperiences in mind.
  • Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai
  • Consider the‘staircase of text complexity’… …but don’t lose sight of your student’saccessibility tothe target text.
  • Align with district’s emphasis:“close reading…withtext-based answers. (Shift 4)
  • Ask yourself: “Whatstandards are at work?” W.5.3.b.Use narrative techniques such as dialogue…to develop experiences, events or characters.
  • Reading Standards for Literature RL.5.10 Read and comprehendliterature…in the grade text complexity band proficiently, withscaffolding as needed…
  • Written Conversations
  • Ernie: “Há, can you tell me how you felt while you were on the ship?”Há: “ Sure…when I was on the ship I felt like everyone waslooking at me and sad because my home was destroyed.”
  • Ernie: I’m so sorry youhad to lose your home. I was in the airport[coming to America] and I also felt that everyone was looking at me and I feltsad that I was leaving my home.”
  • We uncovered the universality of humanistic themes that can be explored globally or locally. “…I can relate to Há being sadbecause I had to leave a lot of stuffbehind to go someplace better…”
  • Reader’s theatreStudents were invited to reenact anyscene from the book. Their rationale for scene selection was powerful!
  • One chosen poem…
  • Speaking and Listening Standard: SL.5.2.a. Interpret information presented…and explain how it contributes to a topic, text, or issue under study.Use their experience….culture…. to think analytically…
  • Cultural validation occurredas one student understood the setting’s proximity to his home country, the Philippines.
  • We gave voice and socialcredibility to our English Language Learners.
  • This reinforced my rationale for choosing this text as I worked through my ownlearning curve regarding the CCLS.