Diversity and inclusion at the home depot v2


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  • Diversity and inclusion at the home depot v2

    1. 1. Diversity & Inclusion at The Home Depot Canada
    2. 2. 2 The Home Depot Values Doing the Right Thing Means making all of our associates, customers, and community partners feel valued and included. Building Strong Relationships Inclusion allows our associates to build stronger relationships and collaborate with their colleagues, customers, and community. Giving Back Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has garnered over 300 community partnerships in the hiring of diverse associates. Excellent Customer Service Delivering exceptional and personalized service to a diverse customer base means ensuring our workforce is representative of the communities in which we operate. Create Shareholder Value We are able to better serve our customers by creating a diverse and inclusive environment, which leads to greater customer engagement, repeat business, and increased shareholder value. Entrepreneurial Spirit By recognizing and encouraging diversity of thoughts and ideas, our associates can grow and innovate, regardless of their backgrounds and differences. Respect for All People and Taking Care of Our People Requires that we treat all of our associates, customers, and community partners with dignity and respect. The Home Depot has eight core values that guide the beliefs and actions of all associates on a daily basis. Our journey in diversity and inclusion is intrinsically tied to our values and enriches the lives of our associates, customers and communities.
    3. 3. 3 Associates Driving Diversity Associate Resource Groups Orange Unity Power of Possibilities Orange Mosaic Orange Women’s Network Promotes a safe and inclusive workplace for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) associates by providing the necessary resources and tools which will promote understanding, increase acceptance, and advance equality to build unity and cohesion amongst our associates through events, activities and information. Fosters an inclusive environment at The Home Depot where people of all different abilities are able to achieve success and reach their full potential. Acts as a resource for The Home Depot and our associates by encouraging intercultural understanding through celebration, education, and providing culturally specific insight to drive business growth. Promotes professional growth for women at Home Depot through networking, development activities and community outreach. Each of the ARGs have three broad objectives: 1.Celebrate and raise awareness about diversity at The Home Depot Canada 2.Provide resources to support participants in their work life 3.Support business development activities and company priorities around diversity
    4. 4. 4 Orange Unity
    5. 5. 5 Power of Possibilities
    6. 6. 6 Orange Mosaic
    7. 7. 7 Orange Women’s Network
    8. 8. 8 Driving Diversity Through Leadership Equitable Leader Assessment & Employer of Choice Surveys The Home Depot Canada conducts the Equitable Leader Assessment, which uses a 360 feedback process to assess our leaders against eight equitable leadership competencies. The Home Depot’s Employer of Choice Survey includes questions around inclusiveness and leadership behaviours. Learning and Development Women in Leadership improves the career opportunities for female leaders throughout the organization The Respect for all People three part training is integrated into associates and new leaders onboarding programs Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council Led by The Home Depot Canada’s President, the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council, comprised of leaders from all major stakeholder groups, meets quarterly to discuss key diversity and inclusion topics across the business.
    9. 9. 9 I Speak Badges Worn on the associate’s apron, these badges are easily visible to customers, allowing them to speak in their preferred language. Marketplace and Customer Diversity We put our customers FIRST. The Home Depot aims to be the #1 customer service retailer in the world. Workshops Regular “Do-It-Herself” and Know- How Videos and Workshops in different languages are conducted for beginner and experienced Do It Yourself’ers. Community Outreach In-store, combined with print, radio, and television commercials to recognize and highlight major holidays and events, such as: Lunar New Year, Diwali and Holi.
    10. 10. 10 Careers at The Home Depot Canada www.homedepot.ca/jobs