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Contributing member proposal for workshop

Contributing member proposal for workshop



This document includes:

This document includes:
Workshop proposal
Collaborative marketing agreement
What to expect before, during, and after your workshop; during panel and radio show



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    Contributing member proposal for workshop Contributing member proposal for workshop Document Transcript

    • Contributing Member Workshop Proposal and Collaborative MarketingAgreementUpdated July 22, 2012Thanks for becoming a contributing member - your online workshop(s) are what helpmake this membership program a dynamic and impactful service to the members.This document includes:1. The Workshop* Proposal Form2. The Collaborative Marketing Agreement3. What to expect before, during and after your Flowing with Change workshop, duringthe Panel Discussion, and During a Blogtalkradio showThis is a work in progress, so things may change!Month Themes:August Love your body, love yourselfSeptember Lifestyle Choices: Changing, Breaking, and Creating HabitsOctober Career, Work, and PurposeNovember All RelationshipsDecember SpiritualityJanuary Money and AbundanceFebruary Healing and WellnessMarch Intimate RelationshipsApril Conscious BusinessMay HomeJune Pleasure, Recreation, and SensualityJuly Abundance and MoneyDates:Workshop proposals are due on the 1st of the month prior to the theme. (i.e. proposalsfor August – Love Your Body, Love Yourself – are due on July 1)Collaborative marketing happens the month before for the following month themeincluding:Panel discussion – 3rd Wednesdays Noon – 1:00 ESTBlogtalkradio Positive About Change – to be scheduled at your convenience*Workshops are different than webinars! Flowing with Change workshops areexperientially based and interactive. Webinars are presentations and have no or littleinteraction. If your subject is best presented as a webinar vs. a workshop, discuss yourthoughts with Kathryn before submitting your proposal.
    • WORKSHOP PROPOSALSUBMITTING AN ONLINE WORKSHOP PROPOSALTo submit an online workshop proposal, send the following information to Kathryn in aWORD DOC at Kathryn@CenterforEmbodiedConsciousness.com. I will respond toyour proposal within a week.YOUR NAMETITLE FOR THE WORKSHOPDESCRIPTION FOR THE WORKSHOP to be used on the website (about 100 words –see examples on the website http://flowingwithchange.com/workshops/)3 POSSIBLE SPECIFIC DATES AND TIMES (include beginning and end time and thetime zone) FOR THE WORKSHOP IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE or indicate if youwant it to be a RECORDED WORKSHOP. Recorded workshops have no participantsother than your workshop host – usually Kathryn. Members with Mac computers maynot be able to watch your recorded workshop. Your first choice date and time will bechosen unless another workshop is scheduled at that time. If you would like to offer yourworkshop two or three times during the month, feel free to propose multiple dates andtimes and indicate how many you would like to offer. If offering it more than once, varyit for daytime, evening, or weekend times – give 3 choices for each. Remember memberslive in a variety of time zones. As you plan the structure and timing of your workshop,remember 5 minutes at the beginning and 5 minutes at the end will be for the workshophost to make announcements.HOW DOES THIS WORKSHOP PROVIDE SUPPORT OR TRAINING FOR PEOPLEWHO ARE or WANT TO BE POSITIVE ABOUT EXPERIENING OR INITIATINGCHANGE? WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR – WHAT TYPE OF CHANGE ARETHEY DEALING WITH OR INITIATING? (for example: loss of loved one, move, jobchange, relationship change, desire for wellness/health or fitness, a baby, etc.) If yourworkshop is for the business partner members, please indicate this and explain how ithelps them – one business partner member workshop will be offered every month.WHAT 1-3 CONCEPTS, IDEAS, OR TOOLS WILL PARTICIPANTS LEARN?WHAT EXPERIENTIAL(S) WILL YOU USE TO HELP PARTICIPANTS LEARNTHESE CONCEPTS, IDEAS, OR TOOLS? (Workshops should include experientiallearning of some kind.)YOUR BIO WITH LINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE AND 1 OR 2 SOCIAL MEDIALINKS about 100 words to be used on the website (include a jpeg picture of you if youdon’t have a picture on your website or fb page we can use for the website).
    • DO YOU FEEL THAT YOUR WORKSHOP CONTENT AND YOUR EXPERIENCEAS A PRESENTER WARRANTS OFFERING IT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC FOR AFEE. YES OR NO. All workshops are FREE to FWC members. If offered to thegeneral public for a fee, please read the attached Collaborative Marketing Agreement. Asof June 23, 2012, fees for workshops are $22 for 1 ½ hour workshops and $29 for 2 hourworkshops. You receive 25% of the gross revenue from non-member registrants.WOULD YOU LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PANEL DISCUSSION FOR THETHEME OF THE MONTH? YES OR NO. If you would like to, please read theCollaborative Marketing Agreement. It will be on the 3rd Wednesday of the month priorto the month of your workshop at noon – 1:00 PM EST. The theme will be the theme forthe month your workshop is in. If yes, Kathryn or Yoneco will contact you to confirm.WOULE YOU LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN A POSITIVE ABOUT CHANGEBLOGTALKRADIO SHOW TO DISCUSS THE THEME OF THE MONTH ANDYOUR WORKSHOP? YES OR NO. If you would like to, please read the CollaborativeMarketing Agreement. It will be scheduled 2 - 4 weeks before your workshop. If yes,send 3 dates and times you’re available for a 30 minute show - you’ll need to arriveabout 5 – 10 minutes prior to the show start time. Kathryn or Yoneco will contact you toconfirm.
    • COLLABORATIVE MARKETING AGREEMENTCollaborative marketing benefits everyone! The more we all share about events and theFlowing with Change community, the more we all benefit. When all of us participate incollaborative marketing, information about you, the event, and the Flowing with Changecommunity reaches more people.The collaborative marketing agreement is for the following types of events*: • The panel discussions • The Blogtalkradio show • A workshop with a fee to the general publicA Facebook event will be created for each of these events. Please do the following withthe Facebook event: • Invite any friends you think might be interested – or invite all of your friends. • Share the event 3 – 10 times – either on your personal and/or business Facebook page – approximately once a week. If you tweet – feel free to tweet or retweet it. • When you see it shared by Kathryn or another person, like and comment on it! • If possible, share about it the day of the event – a few hours before – or right before for the blogtalkradio show! • Afterwards, post the recording link for the panel discussion or the blogtalkradio show one or more times within a week of the event.Email your list:Include information about the event in your emails or send a special email about it toyour e-list. If possible, send a special email about 1 - 3 weeks before and then anotherone about 1 day before.When sharing and posting about the panel discussion, I encourage you to share the namesof all the panel members (and their businesses). This way more of us get our names outinto the world.Collaborative Marketing Works!The more often we share about an event, the more likely it is that people are actuallygoing to see it and the more likely it is that the event will register in their minds assomething useful to do and the Flowing with Change community will become somethingthey want to participate in.*If your workshop is only for the Flowing with Change community and you do notparticipate in the panel discussion or the blogtalkradio show, you are not “required” toparticipate in collaborative marketing. However, sharing about the Flowing with Changecommunity, the panel discussions, the blogtalkradio shows, any workshops with fees,courses, or Kathryn’s webinars offered to the general public is appreciated!
    • What to Expect Before, During and After Your Flowing with Change Workshop,During the Panel Discussion, and During a Blogtalkradio showBefore your WorkshopWithin one week of submitting your workshop proposal, Kathryn or Yoneco will emailyou to let you know that your workshop has been accepted and the date(s) it’s scheduled,please confirm the receipt of that email and the date(s).By the 7th of the month before, you will be informed whether or not you will be on thepanel discussion and/or on a radio show and which day for the show. Included in thatemail will be links you can use to promote the events. Please confirm this as well.You will be invited to the Anymeeting event for your workshop as a presenter. I believeyou will need to sign up beforehand with the link that is emailed to you. Please do so.If you’re new to Anymeeting and FWC workshops, Yoneco or Kathryn will schedule a15 minute “run-through” so that you know what to expect, how to share your slides, andwhat happens. If you want to familiarize yourself with this experience, create your ownAnymeeting.com account and practice on your own. It’s free. Just go toAnymeeting.com. I highly recommend doing this, recording your webinar, and thenseeing how you do. Obviously with people it will be different, but still you’ll feel morecomfortable with facilitating online workshops with some practice.If you need help creating your slides or designing your workshop, Yoneco Evans canhelp you for a fee. She actually trains people in this area, so feel free to hire her!During Your Workshop:Login online and call in to the conference call 10 – 15 minutes before your workshopstart time.Kathryn (or your FWC workshop host) will welcome people as they arrive. You can dothe same. (Participants will have been asked to log in a couple minutes before yourworkshop starts so that we start on time.)Kathryn (or your FWC workshop host) will start the workshop exactly at the start time –or one minute after – by welcoming everyone to a Flowing with Change workshop,introducing you, sharing a couple of logistics, and then handing it over to you.During the workshop you will “be in charge.” You can do what ever you’d like with thetime. Ideally FWC workshops are experientially based and interactive. Preferably,you’ll share slides and be on video.
    • Plan on ending about 5 minutes before the end of your workshop time. Kathryn (or yourworkshop host) will wrap up with a few announcements.Recommendations for your workshop • Include an opportunity for all participants to introduce themselves or say something within the first 5 – 15 minutes of your workshop. • When asking a question from the participants, either ask specific people to answer it; go in order of people who are logged in and call on them by name; or ask people to respond via the chat box if the number of people attending warrants this. When asking specific people, always give them the option to not respond if they don’t feel comfortable – or to respond if they do feel comfortable. Otherwise, questions often don’t get responded to or only 1 or 2 people speak up.After your workshopWithin 1 week, Yoneco or I will send you a list of the workshop participants and theiremails.If there were any paid workshop participants, approximately on the last day of the month,Kathryn will mail you a check.During the Panel Discussion3rd Wednesdays noon – 1:00Recordings will be available afterwardPlease login and call in about 10 - 15 minutes before noon! Hopefully, all the panelmembers will be on video as well as the phone. (We’ll be learning how it goes the firstfew times!)Kathryn will both moderate and “participate” in the discussion. She will welcomelisteners, introduce the topic and at some point during the event she’ll tell folks a bitabout the Flowing with Change membership program – probably at the beginning, in themiddle, and at the end!Kathryn will send you some questions a week or two before the panel discussion so youcan be prepared. There will be a slide with your name, picture, website, social media ifyou want and any way you want folks to be able to contact you. This slide will be usedeach time you speak.Kathryn will let folks know about the rest of the upcoming workshops and how toregister for them or join FWC.
    • Depending on the time and what’s been said so far, Kathryn will either ask a questionthat anyone can answer, open the “floor” for discussion, or invite attendees to askquestions or make comments.Kathryn will wrap up the panel discussion. Thank each of the panel members and theattendees. Let folks know how to register for the workshops, join Flowing with Change,or stay connected via email.During a Blogtalkradio show2 – 4 weeks before your workshopPlease arrive 5 – 10 minutes before noon. Kathryn will introduce the show and theninvite you to introduce yourself. She’ll ask you questions like… • Why did you become a FWC contributing member? • What do you like best about the FWC membership program? • Tell us about your upcoming workshop like who it’s for and what they can get out of it. • What about this (your workshop topic) is interesting to you? Why are you teaching about it? • We’ll chat… • Kathryn might ask you – is there anything else you want to say about your workshop or the Flowing with Change membership program before we end. • Kathryn’ll wrap up. She’ll let people know how they can connect with you, join FWC, or register for your workshop. She’ll thank you and listeners.The same link that is used for the LIVE show, will be good for the recording.