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Senior Project Speech

  1. 1. Kathryn Hunter18 April 2012Mrs. CorbettAP Literature Senior Project Speech How many of you have the luxury of food on your dinner table every night and have acomfortable bed to sleep in? Well, most Americans assume that everyone is granted with thesepleasures, when unfortunately it is far from that. Based on a study done by the chair person forHomelessness in Atlanta, there are around 24,000-34,000 homeless people currently residing inthe city we all call home. I chose my senior project topic based on my understanding of theproblem and my motivation to make an impact. Through the process of obtaining the product Iwanted, I held a tennis tournament and camp in my neighborhood, raising profits and collectingdonations, all to be given to Must Ministries in my local area. At the beginning of this process when deciding on who my project facilitator should be, Ithought of someone I could rely on and who would actually contribute to what I would needthroughout my process. I then thought about someone who knows basic things about tennis andorganization skills that could help me plan my camp. After long, hard thought about whom tochoose, I decided my tennis coach, Mr. Jason Hubbard, would be the best fit. Not only does heplay and coach the sport, he is a teacher and would know how to help plan and organize myevent.
  2. 2. Due to my facilitators help throughout my project, the steps I followed to achieve myproduct were very simple and were completed in an organized manner. We would meet on adaily basis at tennis practice or in the classroom to discuss my progress and what I needed helpor guidance with. Whenever we did not have time to thoroughly talk at practice, I knew I couldgo to talk to him at school and have his full attention. The first real step to my project, afterplanning everything with my facilitator, was to create and pass out flyers around myneighborhood. I live in a largely tennis-based community so I knew that if people saw the wordstennis and donations, they would be quick to want to respond. Next I planned and organized thewhole event, ordering t-shirts, buying prizes for the winners, planning out what drills and gamesto play with the participants and setting up an area for donations of food and money. Much of myown money was spent planning, but I knew that all of the donations I was about to receive wouldpay off when the camp was over. On the day of the event, I spent ten hours at the tennis courts,from setting up in the morning to cleaning up at night, and I loved every second of it. In themorning I had fun drills and skill building for the kids and in the afternoon I organized andplanned an adult round robin tournament for more than 15 people. As stressful as it was, myfacilitator was there for me for a majority of the day and I was also getting much satisfaction bywatching the donations table fill higher and higher with non perishable goods. This project wasdefinitely something I enjoyed doing regardless of all the challenges I faced. In order to accomplish great things in life, one must learn to overcome the hardships toreach his destination. Throughout my project, there were definitely obstacles I had to face but inthe end, I do feel it only made me stronger. Towards the start of my project after I first passedout my first set of flyers, no one was responding to me about wanting to sign up. At first, I wasconfused and almost heartbroken that I had put so much effort into something that people did not
  3. 3. even want to participate in. But after much thought and realization, I figured out that I should notgive up after one attempt to spread the word. So I kept my head up and began to brainstormmany other advertising possibilities I could pursue to convince people to come. I then began topass out more flyers to parts of the neighborhood I looked over, scheduled a meeting with ourneighborhood activities director and convinced her to send out an email to everyone in thenewsletter and I talked to the director of the tennis association to spread the word at adult tenniscamps that play out of my neighborhood. Another hardship I had to overcome was when Iordered many t-shirts that I had put a majority of my time and effort in and then I realized it wasa fake website that was never actually going to send the shirts I had ordered. However, I did notlet one more small speed bump get me down. I researched around Canton and decided it wouldbe a better idea to go to the store instead of ordering them online. After designing new shirtsmyself, I then drove to the new store and ordered the new shirts. Regardless of all the problems Ifaced through this journey, I am grateful that with all of these difficulties there was a lessoninvolved as well. While completing this process, I knew from the beginning there was a possibility I wasbound to hit some speed bumps. But through the overall journey, however, I have learned somuch about myself and I am glad things worked out the way they did. I learned through thisproject that if I work hard enough and put enough effort in to something, that in the end, it willwork out and even if it does not, then I will always know that I could not have tried any harder. Ihave always known that I am an organized person, but this process definitely put my skills on anew level with the amount of planning I have done and the amount of lists I have created tocomplete this in the most orderly fashion as possible. I also learned a great deal about mycommunication skills due to the amount I had to talk to the director and multiple coaches of my
  4. 4. tennis community and due to the fact that I set up a personal meeting with the head of activitiesdirector for my entire neighborhood. I also met many new people from my neighborhood thatcame to the camp that I very quickly became friends with and thoroughly enjoyed talking to andmeeting. One career choice that I am definitely considering is something in the field ofmarketing and advertising or pursuing a field in party/event planning and organizing. I think thisproject only benefited me for the better and confirmed that I do want to pursue a career inmarketing.Thank you for your time today. Are there any questions?