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New Year's Resolution 2012
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New Year's Resolution 2012


What are your New Year's Resolutions?

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Published in Spiritual , Technology
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  • 1. Undeserved ForgivenessWow,  those  2  words  together  are  powerful!  I  believe  that  God   grants   us   undeserved   forgiveness   and   that,   in   turn,  we  are  meant  to  allow  the  same  for  others.    Actually  doing  it  .…..well  that’s  the  hard  part.  As  a  Christian,  I  know  and  believe  that  it’s  possible  to  achieve  this  but  I  can  tell  you  that   it’s   something   that   I   have   to   continuously   work   on.  And  perhaps  it  will  be  a  lifelong  journey.  Every  time  I  think  I’m  getting  close,  I’m  tested  again  and  realize  that  I’m  not  quite  there.  
  • 2.    “Forgiveness  is  a  beautiful  word  until  you  have  something  to  forgive.”  C.S.  Lewis      There   will   always   be   people   who   will   let   you   down   and  things   that   just   aren’t   fair   in   life   but   it’s   not   up   to   us   to   set  it   right.   You   have   to   keep   going   and   remain  positive.     Letting   those   people   and   situations   get   to   you  will   weigh   you   down   and   prevent   you   from   living   the   life  that  God  has  for  you.  Holding  onto  pain  serves  no  purpose.  Can   you   imagine   the   freedom   that   comes   from   truly  abandoning   of   all   of   the   bitterness   and   feelings   of  disappointment   of   things   past?   What   a   release   it   would  be!      And   if   I’m   being   really   honest   with   myself,   I   must  acknowledge   that   the   things   that   have   hurt   me   in   the   past  aren’t  so  horrible.  Yes,  some  of  them  caused  a  tremendous  amount   of   tears   and   are   taking   a   lot   of   hard   work   to  overcome.   But   when   I   think   about   the   people   that   have  found   a   way   to   forgive   rapists   and   murderers…….my  transgressors   pale   in   comparison.   I   can’t   begin   to  comprehend   how   one   forgives   that   kind   of   horror.   And   I  thank   God   that   I   haven’t   had   to   work   on   that   level   of  forgiveness.  I  have  been  blessed  and  am  thankful.  
  • 3.    As   I   get   ready   to   start   a   new   year,   I   think   about   all   the  baggage  I  can  choose  to  leave  behind  or  to  carry  with  me  into   2012.   What   a   great   resolution   to   make!   Talk   about  losing   weight……this   will   really   lighten   the   load,   the   load  on  your  heart  and  soul.  So  I  challenge  you  to  make  this  a  New   Year’s   Resolution   for   2012…..forgive   someone   who  has  not  asked  to  be  forgiven,  who  hasn’t  even  admitted  to  doing  you  wrong,  much  less  deserves  to  be  forgiven.  That  doesn’t  mean  you  have  to  set  yourself  up  for  more  abuse  from   that   person   but   you   can   choose   to   forgive.   Your  forgiveness  will  impact  YOU  way  more  than  it  will  them.  It  will  set  you  free.      May   2012   be   filled   with   many   blessings   of   grace   and  mercy.  Happy  New  Year!    
  • 4. Kathryn   Crawford  Wheat  is   an  ordinary   woman  who  has  found  a  way  to  share   some   of   her   life’s   experiences   in   the   hopes   that   others   will   be   able   to   identify   with   her   and   take   comfort   in   knowing  that  we  all  face  similar  things   in   life.   She   is   an   Author,   Speaker   and   Blogger.     She   enjoys   spending   time   with   family   and  friends,  scuba  diving,  wine  tasting,   dancing,   exercise,   yoga,   writing,   and   musical  theater.     Some  of  the  best  things  about  Kathryn       include   her   faith,   courage,   and   fierce   loyalty.   She   is   grateful,   joyful,   empathetic,   determined,   motivated,   observant,   a   little   foolish   and   sometimes  a  bit  crazy!     For  more  visit     281-­‐794-­‐8111   PO  Box  5055   Katy,  TX  77491