Ecco case studies examples for paris italy final


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Ecco case studies examples for paris italy final

  1. 1. Plant of the Month: integrated PR activityIntroduction: Flower Council of Holland is the agency promoting the Dutch plants cultivation sector and the sales of plants from the Netherlands both home and abroad. Their 2011/2012 PR Plan main focus has been potplants communication. Each month we worked on a specific potplant telling about its secret benefits and personalities. The activity main goal has been to improve Italian consumers’ knowledge, attitude and behaviour towards plants, encourage people to see plants on a different perspective and live freely their „Green Relationship‟. ??.??.?? 2
  2. 2. Plant of the Month integrated PR activity:Social Media developmentChallenges:Expand Pot plants communication plan, based on a mix of Media Relations and Web Pr, on SocialMedia Channels with the support of offline events, co-marketing and Guerrilla activities. Facebook hasbeen identified as the most suitable social platform for triggering engagement and create positive buzzaround our theme of interest (connecting people & plants). The new Facebook page “Le piantedonano gioia” (the joy of plants) has been created with the following main objectives:  Create social engagement and users participation around themes of interest for FCH and for the identified consumer target  Use the platform as a tool to strengthen web visibility on FCH events/news and activities.  Increase traffic to the official Flower Council consumer oriented website ??.??.?? 3
  3. 3. Plant of the Month Facebook PageSolutions Facebook on going page maintenance Drafting of monthly editorial plan including focus on single plants of the month, with info on plant care and main characteristics, posts on specific events and other press office activities, sharing of interesting online press publications and/or press clippings. Community management and daily page administration Provide a detailed Monthly Reporting on fluctuation of fan numbers, engagement level, number, frequency and type of ??.??.?? 4
  4. 4. Plant of the Month: Facebook PageSolutionsExtra activities aimed at keeping high levels of fan interest and increase fan number1. Introduction of Live Guest intervention: involvement of Green experts/Green bloggers to answer fan questions on botanical issues directly on the page and develop specific editorial focuses on plant of the months2. Co-Marketing activities aimed at increasing visibility opportunities3. Development of off line events to establish a direct connection between consumers and the on line social network environment1. Development of facebook advertising campaign ads and on line ??.??.?? 5
  5. 5. Plant of the Month Facebook PageSolutions1. Live Blogging: One month after the new page launch, we planned a dedicated Live intervention day by a green expert on the FB page dedicated to the pot plant of the month. The green blogger researched various news and curiosities about and posted them following an editorial plan created in collaboration with the agency. A special downloadable greeting card designed by the blogger was also published and was available for download to all Facebook fans. Results: TOT number OF green expert POSTS: 25 TOTAL ENGAGEMENT LEVEL (sharing, comments, likes): ??.??.??
  6. 6. Plant of the Month: Facebook PageSolutions2. Co-Marketing activities aimed at increasing visibility opportunities In order to increase fan numbers we organized a special In Store event with accessory brand Camomilla Milano. Set up of shop window with a display of Roses: inside the shop, customers had the possibility to have a picture taken by a professional photographer with their small plant of rose donated as a gift. The pictures were uploaded directly on the facebook page, from where costumers could download their picture directly. Results: More than 200 uploaded pictures and new fans ??.??.?? 7
  7. 7. Plant of the Month Facebook PageSolutions3. Off line Guerilla Events: Metro Therapy In the middle of a chaotic workday we offered a Metro Therapy session, with the help of plants, to all tube passengers. A special ‘Poinsettia’s living room’ was placed just at the entrance of two main city tube stations. Everyone who visited us received as gift a small Poinsettias with a special card message “I‟m your plant, take me with you!” and the instructions for downloading their on the Facebook page. Total passage of people: around ??.??.?? 8
  8. 8. Plant of the Month Facebook PageResults2. Off line Guerilla Events: Metro Therapy The pictures of the event were uploaded as album on the Facebook page and a special Flickr FCH dedicated album was also created. Guerrilla Visitors could easily find their photos thorough direct Facebook and Flickr links, tag it, share it and download it. THE METRO THERAPY MADE PEOPLE FEEL BETTER! more than 1.000 pictures taken! ??.??.?? 9
  9. 9. Plant of the Month Facebook PageSolutions4. Contest and Facebook ads campaign for “Grandparents’ day” initiativeThe national celebration of Grandparents day is part of the programmed annual activities by FlowerCouncil of Holland: FCH’aim is to promote plants as the ideal gift for grandparents. In order to developour PR plan, we used the facebook page ‘le piante donano gioia’ as a crucial tool to support theintegrated activity, which included:1) Creation of a contest/survey (in collaboration with a research institute) hosted on website2) Promotion of the contest/survey on facebook with the creation of a especially created tab linking to the main website3) Set up of facebook ads campaign (around 3 weeks) promoting the contest and invitingusers to become fans4) Organization of two off line family events to celebrate grandparents day and promote the contest off ??.??.?? 10
  10. 10. Plant of the Month Facebook PageResultsMore than 16.000 unique visitors to the website and 10.000 contest registrations website Facebook ??.??.??
  11. 11. Plant of the Month Facebook PageResultsFacebook fans increased from around 400 to more than 12.000 in less than a month with high level of fan engagement and ??.??.??
  12. 12. Plant of the Month Facebook PageResultsMore than 1.500 participants to the family events with around 500 pictures taken and uploaded on ??.??.?? 13
  13. 13. ©The content and creative ideas within this presentation are the property of Kinross+Render Ltd. The content may not be copied or used without Kinross+Render’s prior written permission.