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ESNC 2014 Presentation at the International Kick off in Rotterdam on 15 April
Presentation of the DLR Special Prize that is organised by the German Aerospace Center

Sign up from 1 April - 30 June at www.esnc.eu

About the Competition:
The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) is an international contest that awards the best services, products, or business innovations using satellite navigation in everyday life. Since 2004, ESNC’s mission has been to spur on development of market-driven applications based on satellite navigation technologies, including EGNOS and Galileo. Within the past nine years more than 6,000 developers took part in the ESNC. This year’s prize pool is worth EUR 1 million including cash, business incubation, coaching, patent consulting, prototyping and marketing support, access to customers and user communities, and publicity in the world’s leading satellite navigation network. Winners of the 25 regional and 7 special prizes will be in the running for the grand prize of EUR 20,000 and six months incubation in a regional centre of choice. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) enable countless applications here on Earth. Submissions are welcome in any relevant application field, including: Location Based Services, Smart Moving, Safety & Security,Navigation, Health, Energy, Augmented Reality, Gaming, Sports & Tracking, Public & Social Services, Agriculture and many more.

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05 esnc 2014 special prize_german aerospace center_dlr

  1. 1. www.DLR.de • Folie 1 > Vortrag > Autor • Dokumentname > Datum The DLR Special Topic Prize: GNSS Reloaded: Applications within Context European Satellite Navigation Competition 2014
  2. 2. DLR Innovations – High-tech for the market Competences, technologies and ideas from… Aeronautics Space Transport Energy Security …for new applications, products and services with Context!
  3. 3. GNSS Reloaded: Applications within C GALILEO Control Center DLR Oberpfaffenhofen
  4. 4. Main Subjects 1. Robust Navigation for Transport & Automation 2. Early Services OS, SAR, CS & System Performance
  5. 5. Topic 1: Robust Navigation for Transport & Automation  Public Transport Positioning: From Infrastructure-based towards GNSS & EGNOS  Safety Critical Applications, e.g. for Aviation in all Phases of Flight  Automated and Remote Machine Control
  6. 6. Areas of search: - GNSS Receiving Methods & Sensor Fusion - Integrated Navigation & Miniaturization – Antennas, Receiver systems and components - Personal Privacy Devices (PND) and others – Interference Prevention, Detection & Mitigation - „Ghost Positions“ – Counter-measures against Spoofing Topic 1: Robust Navigation for Transport & Automation
  7. 7. Topic 2: Early Services (Open / SAR / Commercial) & System Performance Areas of search: - Assessing GNSS – Signal Quality & Deformation - Performance Improvement by System Evolution - Interference Monitoring & Detection Infrastructure - Applications using Early Services (except PRS) of Galileo Utilization, further development, and next generation of GNSS
  8. 8. WANTED: Unlimited ideas towards „GNSS Reloaded“ - Augmented approaches, systems and signals - New answers to further increasing dependency on localization - Enabling a vastly extended future use - Contributing through - technical breakthrough, - market value, - social or environmental benefit, - or increasing public safety.
  9. 9. The DLR Special Topic Prize - One common objective: - The Prize leads to direct implementation together with the DLR - The winner will be honoured by a voucher for DLR services in the further development of his idea, such as technical support for research activities, access to testing and simulation facilities, expert advice, feasibility or concept studies - Winner: - DLR Voucher* 50,000 EUR - Many chances: - All contestants underline their competence by participating - The final selection will additionally enjoy the benefit of a valuable quality seal as being distinguished as „Winner of the DLR Special Topic Prize“ * Note: 10,000 EUR is equivalent to one man-month
  10. 10. Selection criteria: The way to win - Evaluation of proposals in terms of: - Key advantages - News value of the idea - Excellence in technology and / or service orientation - Comprising the fundamental strengths of GALILEO, EGNOS and other constellations (GNSS, SatCom etc.) - Benefit for potential customers, the scientific community and / or the society - Market attractiveness & competitiveness - Innovation character / new user segment - Value for operational use, process integration, gains in efficiency - Technical feasibilty & practicability - DLR competences play a decisive role for further technical development of the idea towards an application, product or service and / or for market introduction
  11. 11. Call for YOUR advanced ideas & inspiration - GNSS RELOADED - Is heading in a new quality dimension - Means cross-functional usage - Serves as background technology and / or as user interface - Offers added value in a diversity of application fields – WITHIN CONTEXT - The DLR Special Topic Prize 2014 - Covers the key application fields - Promotes the integration into business processes and core tasks - Sharpens research results towards market readiness - Honours technologies and products as well as service innovations - Provides competences and capacities to succeed at customers - Targets ROBUST NAVIGATION – Safety for Succes, realized by new ideas, technologies, methods, application products, solutions and services - Is open for public organzisations, enterprises and individuals to participate
  12. 12. Contact: German Aerospace Center (DLR) Robert Klarner Technology Marketing Branch Office Oberpfaffenhofen Tel.: +49 8153 28 – 17 82 Mailto:robert.klarner@dlr.de