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ESNC 2014 Presentation at the International Kick off in Rotterdam on 15 April
Presentation of the GSA Special Prize that is organised by the European GNSS Agency

Are you the next European GNSS application entrepreneur? The European GNSS Agency (GSA), a European Union agency, works with the European Commission on a range of activities aimed at helping European entrepreneurs and businesses take commercial advantage of European GNSS (EGNOS and Galileo). The GSA Special Prize rewards the year's most promising application idea for European GNSS. This year's winner will have the opportunity to advance their idea at a suitable incubation centre of their choice within the EU-27 for six months, with an additional six months possible based on an interim evaluation.
Sign up from 1 April - 30 June at www.esnc.eu

The European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) is an international contest that awards the best services, products, or business innovations using satellite navigation in everyday life. Since 2004, ESNC’s mission has been to spur on development of market-driven applications based on satellite navigation technologies, including EGNOS and Galileo. Within the past nine years more than 6,000 developers took part in the ESNC.

This year’s prize pool is worth EUR 1 million including cash, business incubation, coaching, patent consulting, prototyping and marketing support, access to customers and user communities, and publicity in the world’s leading satellite navigation network. Winners of the 25 regional and 7 special prizes will be in the running for the grand prize of EUR 20,000 and six months incubation in a regional centre of choice.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) enable countless applications here on Earth. Submissions are welcome in any relevant application field, including: Location Based Services, Smart Moving, Safety & Security,Navigation, Health, Energy, Augmented Reality, Gaming, Sports & Tracking, Public & Social Services, Agriculture and many more.

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03 ESNC2014 special prize_european gnss agency_gsa

  1. 1. ESNC 2014 KICK OFF ROTTERDAM, 15/04/2014 GSA Special Topic Prize The most promising application idea for European GNSS
  2. 2. European Council and Parliament European Commission European Space Agency (ESA) European GNSS Agency (GSA) Political Oversight Programme Oversight and Programme management Execution IOV Contracts FOC Contracts delegation delegation assistance Upstream (space) industry Downstream (applications) industry GNSS Programme Committee EGNSS Applications R&D Ensuring the Security of the EGNSS Exploitation of Galileo Exploitation of EGNOS Market Development: supporting the use of EGNSS GSA role within EU GNSS programmes
  3. 3. 1 billion GNSS devices by 2020 in Europe. LBS and Road leading in revenues… 27 Jun 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Units (billions) Installed base of GNSS devices by region EU27 North America Rest of the World CAGR: 22% CAGR: 9% Road 46.2% Maritime 0.3% Aviation 1.0% LBS 47.0% Agriculture 1.4% Surveying 4.1% Rail 0.1% Cumulative core revenue 2012‐2022
  4. 4. GNSS market report issue 3: the most up-to-date global overview of GNSS market SECTORS COVERED: • LBS • Aviation • Road transport • Maritime • Rail  • Surveying • Agriculture http://www.gsa.europa.eu/market/market‐report
  5. 5. Objectives – Raise EGNSS awareness in all user sectors – Demonstrate the business potential of EGNSS – Stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in EGNSS markets The Prize • Opportunity to realise the idea at a suitable incubation centre of their choice within the EU28 for six months… • …with the option of additional six months based on evaluation after the first period * Costs should not exceed EUR 20,000 per 6 month period. 2014 ESNC GSA Special Topic Prize
  6. 6. Propose an idea that… – Positioning is key enabler of the application. – EGNSS is the primary means of positioning. – Uses EGNSS: special attention given innovation in adapting it to the specific applications. – Addresses a significant business opportunity or has an important social dimension. – Can be developed further as a new venture or spin-off in an EU business incubator. 2014 ESNC GSA Special Topic Prize
  7. 7. • Evaluation criteria • Technical / operational feasibility, maturity of the idea • Benefits / market potential • Innovation compared to current solutions • Exploitation of EGNSS signals and operational advantages • Contribution to EGNOS and Galileo adoption 2014 ESNC GSA Special Topic Prize
  8. 8. GSA 2008 Winner – Sci-Tech Sci-Tech – winner of the 2008 GSA Special Topic Prize, UK Regional Winner, and the 2008 "Galileo Master" Real-Time Rescue - A personal GNSS tracker for maritime applications
  9. 9. Nogago - winner of the 2009 GSA Special Topic Prize Outdoor navigation application for smartphones GSA 2009 Winner – Nogago
  10. 10. Mobilizy – winner of the 2010 GSA Special Topic Prize & the 2010 "Galileo Master" WikitudeDrive – Augmented Reality Navigation for smartphones GSA 2010 Winner – Mobilizy
  11. 11. UAVTCAS – winner of the 2011 GSA Special Topic Prize & the Catalonian Regional Winner Mini-UAVs Traffic collision avoidance system GSA 2011 Winner – UAVTCAS
  12. 12. GSA 2012 Winner – Geko Navsat Geko Navsat – winner of the 2012 GSA Special Topic Prize 3 Sound Navigation – Track Navigation Solution Based on GNSS and 3D Acoustically Augmented Reality
  13. 13. GSA 2013 Winner – JOHAN JOHAN– winner of the 2013 GSA Special Topic Prize JOHAN: The digital oracle for field sports, including the GNSS player tracking in real time THE PROTOTYPE IS READY
  14. 14. THANK YOU Jean-Marc Pieplu EGNOS Exploitation Programme Manager European GNSS Agency