Don't be Un-Cool with Social Media


Published on - Are you cool or un-cool online? In any social network there is proper etiquette. Knowing the rules makes everything run smoothly and keeps you in the cool group.

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Don't be Un-Cool with Social Media

  1. 1. Power Up For ProfitsAre you “un-cool” when it comesto social media marketingHow to know if you are blowingit online
  2. 2. Power Up For ProfitsA few things that put you in the"un-cool" group.
  3. 3. Power Up For ProfitsAdding something to someones timeline that isnot true such as, "We worked together at ABCcompany" and this is your company but we neverworked together at the company. All you aredoing is promoting your company.Kathleen Gage says…
  4. 4. Power Up For ProfitsUn-cool: Adding someone to a group withouttheir knowledge or permission.
  5. 5. Power Up For ProfitsTagging a bunch of people only to get in front oftheir friends for something you are promoting andthe person you tagged has nothing at all to do withthe product, service or promotions.
  6. 6. Power Up For ProfitsAdding someone to your subscriber list becauseyou met them at an event. The proper etiquette isto send them a "It was great to meet you at ABCEvent. I would love to keep in touch. If you wouldlike to get my updates on XYZ click here to beadded to my subscriber list."
  7. 7. Power Up For ProfitsHeres what others thought...
  8. 8. Power Up For ProfitsPosting to someones timeline, without having apersonal relationship, and the post being all aboutYOU.Adela Rubio says…
  9. 9. Power Up For ProfitsPeople who post promos about themselves andyet, have previously never interacted with me.Nikki Leigh says…
  10. 10. Power Up For ProfitsThe people who say, "I liked your page, now like mypage." I appreciate the "Like", but liking withoutinterest or engagement is useless.Daphne Jongejans Bousquet says…
  11. 11. Power Up For ProfitsI consider it an invasion of my privacy and totallyrude and ill-mannered for people to addsomething to my timeline unless I okay it.Val Waldeck says…
  12. 12. Power Up For Profits"Fake profiles" submitting a request to join aclosed group on Facebook. A good tip is to look attheir profile before automatically saying "Yes" toapprove them. But some of them are sneaky -- youmay not realize they are a spam profile until theymake their first post.Bridget Weide Brooks says…
  13. 13. Power Up For ProfitsInviting people to events of someone I dont knowjust because it is a client of theirs. This is a waste ofmy time and theirs.Terri McMahon Zwierzynski says…
  14. 14. Power Up For ProfitsHow to become“Cool”
  15. 15. Power Up For ProfitsBe authentic rather than trying to take short cuts,which dont pay off in the end.Jane Unsworth says …
  16. 16. Power Up For ProfitsUnfortunately, most abusers dont learn theetiquette rules before they jump in and start self-promoting. The lesson is to learn how before youjust do.Wendyy Bailey says …
  17. 17. Power Up For ProfitsTreat those online like you would your real friends.Respect their time and their space.Create real value, build relationships, and realizewe are all busy.
  18. 18. Power Up For ProfitsBefore taking a particular action think how youwould feel if someone did to you what you aredoing to them.Aghhh, the Golden Rule is so applicable here.Do unto others as you would have done untoyou.
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