2011 officer elections


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2011 officer elections

  1. 1. 2011 Officer Elections<br />PVMA<br />
  2. 2. Marisa Vandomelen (Junior)<br />My experience in the past year has been an indication of what I am capable of as a president. I make it my job to have working knowledge of the club and the projects that the officers are working on. I am able to plan meeting s, work with officers on projects, and lend a hand when needed. I an dedicated to this club, and know that I want to be involved.<br />President<br />
  3. 3. Mariah Crawford (Sophomore)<br />This past year I filled the position of FCCO Coordinator, and I feel that experience has prepared me for the responsibilities that are expected in the position of vice president. I have number of presenters in mind for next year that I feel will be fun, educational, and extremely beneficial to the club as a whole. My goal for next year is to re-establish our club as one of the most active and respected clubs on campus, and create a place for young pre-vet students to flourish and grow.<br />Vice President<br />
  4. 4. Tess Hopper (Sophomore)<br />I was the All Student Body Secretary at my high school for two years. I took notes, created agendas, organized mail and created and processed all fundraising requests sent to companies. I also was the president and vice president of (SPEW) Students Protecting Endangered Wildlife at my high school, which I took notes, created agendas and planned activities.<br />Greer Brander-McCaffrey (Sophomore)<br />I am a very organized individual who enjoys taking notes and writing memos. I have taken meeting minutes in my job at The Veterinary Hospital during our weekly staff meetings. During Obsidian Hiking association monthly meetings. I am a note taker for our school's disability access service organization, through this I have learned how to provide notes that are organized, well written, and understandable to all. I have also had experience maintaining a list serve in my past and look forward to the opportunity to do so again. Thank you for voting! Greer<br />Secretary<br />
  5. 5. Lauren Watson (Sophomore)<br /> I am currently a note taker for OSU's disability services. Although I can not see my rating as a note taker I know it must be good since I keep getting more and more students requesting notes from me. - I believe that this note-taking experience with Disability services shows my responsibility and commitment. As a note taker I am responsible for taking notes at all classes and posting them within 24 hours. As a secretary i can assure you the same amount of commitment. - When I ask people what words describe me, some of the common ones are organized, responsible, and well put together. All important attributes for a secretarial position - Lastly I am committed to the club. I have been at several events/fundraisers/activities and have yet to miss a meeting. I would love to continue my involvement with the club to the best of my ability! <br />Secretary cont.<br />
  6. 6. Treasurer<br />
  7. 7. Activities Coordinator<br />
  8. 8. Marisa Vandomelen (Junior)<br /> In the past year I have worked very closely with this position and have a working knowledge of the tasks and responsibilities. I am able to plan events, manage volunteers, and work with others to get things done. I am dedicated to this club and know that this position needs in order to be successful. <br />Fundraising Coordinator<br />
  9. 9. Katherine Younger (Sophomore)<br /> I have been an officer for the PVMA for the past school year, and I learned a lot about the other officer positions. I will be in Corvallis this summer, and I plan on volunteering a lot at Heartland Humane Society and other organizations, and if I am volunteer coordinator, I will use that time to maintain contact with different organizations for PVMA members to volunteer at. I understand that volunteering is an important step to gaining experience, and I will work hard to find good opportunities for our members.<br />Volunteer Coordinator<br />
  10. 10. Amanda Kyser(Junior)<br /> I attended symposium this last year in Mississippi (and had a blast!!) I have an good idea about what goes on at symposium, and I understand the work it would take to be the coordinator for our club. I like planning trips, and making sure I can find the best deal out there! Thanks!<br />Symposium Coordinator<br />
  11. 11. FCCO Coordinator<br />
  12. 12. Greer Brander-McCaffrey (Sophomore)<br />I understand Participation Coordinator is a new position this year and I would love the opportunity to become involved with the Pre-Vet club this way. I am very well organized and enjoy doing tasks others may find mundane like creating spread sheets and documenting member service hours. I create charts and tables in my spare time for all different things, so creating and maintaining one for this club and it's members would be exciting. I hope that I can help make our club run even smoother and get more people involved with this new position! Thank you! Greer<br />Alexa Ortiz (Junior)<br />I feel that I would be a great participation coordinator for the PVMA club next year, because of my past experience. Last summer I worked at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge as the field restoration coordinator where I had to coordinate volunteer events and keep track of volunteer hours and participation information to help with grant proposals, which is extremely similar to the tasks that the participation coordinator needs to do. I have a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Excel and similar software that will be useful for the position. I am very organized individual, who will keep accurate records and track hours throughout the year. I have learned some of these organizational and time management skills while competing on the Women’s Rowing Team at Oregon State. I will be a reliable officer committed to at tending as many member and officer meetings as I can. I have been a member of this club for two year now, and would really like to become more invested in the club to help improve and make it the best club on campus! <br />Participation Coordinator<br />
  13. 13. Alexandra Hogansen (Sophomore)<br />I believe I would make an excellent Agriculture Executive Representative because I take well organized notes and am a great speaker. I am eager to attend the Ag. Exec. meetings and get more involved with that part of the college. I also make great fliers and want to help get the Pre Veterinary Club more members and more well known. I also am good at sending out emails and getting into contact with people. I am very eager to learn and really excited about this club. I hope to be a bigger part of it next year! Thank you.<br />Ag. Exec. Rep<br />
  14. 14. Alexandra Hogansen (Sophomore)<br />My name is Alexandra Hogansen, I think i would make an excellent Historian for the Pre Veterinary club because I am very organized and love to take pictures. I also work well with websites and keeping them ubdated. I am a hard worker who performs the task at hand. I also have a lot of experience with scrapbooking if that was something the club would be interested in having. I really hope to help out more with this club and am very excited for the upcoming year. Thank you!<br />Kaya Semmes (Freshman)<br />I was on the Yearbook staff of my high school for two years, taking pictures of all sporting and most other school events, as well as editing and creating many spreads for the yearbook. This activity included interviewing, emailing, and otherwise communicating with my peers and the school faculty. I'm currently maintaining a blog, website, and Facebook page. I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I am a fast learner, especially when it comes to computers and the Internet. <br />Historian<br />