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  • TESOL seminar 4, Ian McLean Penrith PS ppt

    1. 1. Scaffolding for success- Guided Inquiry, storyboarding and ICT TESOL Seminar - Information Technology: strategies for supporting ESL students, 2012 Ian McLean, Teacher-librarian, Penrith PS
    2. 2. Why me?Enthusiasm!A practitioner in Web 2.0(BBS, blogging, Wikipedia in areas ofinterest) - ICT“Learning together”Circle TimeTracking and sharing the students’learning journey – “Guided Inquiry”.
    3. 3. Penrith Public SchoolOutskirts of western SydneyTwo to three classes per gradeTwo hearing support classes: K-3, 1-40.63 Reading Recovery (6students/day)Full time STLA (2 teachers jobshare).
    4. 4. ESL learners at Penrith PS128 students out of 403 are LBOTE36 home languages (includingPersian/Farsi/Dari/Arabic, Tokelauan,Vietnamese, Punjabi, Filipino, Shona, Malay,Thai)0.8 ESL teacher supports 54 ESL students (and3 ESL students have hearing support)19 are Phase 1; 30 are Phase 2; 5 are Phase 3Saturday language school (Farsi & Dari).
    5. 5. Other supportRainbow CottageReading tutor program with trainedvolunteers and paid teachers aides (PSPfunding - till 2013)Buddy reading and community readingpicnicsTutor buddies - sight word flashcards;shared reading“Racing to Read” - fluency.
    6. 6. Circle TimeProvides a nurturingenvironment, models oralresponses, opportunities forvocabulary building, retelling eventsThree rules: only one person speaksat a time (eg. wand); you can pass ifyou need to; we don’t put anyonedown.
    7. 7. Supporting our ESL studentsCultural experiences & behavioursCreating a stress free environmentComprehensible input - visual aidsLanguage development - in context.
    8. 8. Travel buddies• Cranky the crocodile• (Stage 1 students).• Cyclic K-2 literacy program:• nursery rhymes• fairy tales• Dreaming stories• fables
    9. 9. Travel buddies.
    10. 10. Second Law of Prediction“The only way of discoveringthe limits of the possible is toventure a little way past theminto the impossible.” - Arthur CClarke (1917-2008)
    11. 11. Travelling Fearless - ICT• Kindergartens Photo Peach slideshow
    12. 12. Introducing Guided InquiryCyclic K-2 literacy program: factual writingFour core values: learning, cooperation,respect, environmentExtended brainstormingScaffolds (eg. PMI – “Plus, minus, interesting” matrix)StoryboardingPhoto Peach digital slideshows (Web 2.0).
    13. 13. Guided Inquiry• Endangered animals: beyond the rainforest• Collaborating with the ESL teacher• Group work• Collaborating with the teacher librarian• Tools to measure student learning.
    14. 14. Scaffolds• Flickr Creative Commons• Thanks jeffk42
    15. 15. Leading learninga clear vision for the future oflearning we wish to see in ourschoolsbuild from our own experience, andlearn by doingchart the learning - ie. demonstrateexcellence through evidence-basedpractice - Dr Ross J Todd, 2008.
    16. 16. Web 2.0The challenge: “What will you dodifferently on Monday to incorporateWeb 2.0 into your teaching?”“If I wait till I’m ready, I’ll never beready” - Mepenrithpslibrary.pbworks.com
    17. 17. Using Web 2.0Gold quest blogNewspaper clipping generator
    18. 18. ESL students using Web 2.0• Talking tomatoes• Talking owls• Wizard text generator• A cigarette packet (anti-smoking – Secondary).
    19. 19. Other Web 2.0Booked Inn: ianmclean.edublogs.oPenrith PS rappers & bloggersQR codes!