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little book of super-sticky content
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little book of super-sticky content


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Klaus learns that not all content is created equal and sets about discovering what he needs to do to stand out from the noise. A content creation manifesto by Most Contentious.

Klaus learns that not all content is created equal and sets about discovering what he needs to do to stand out from the noise. A content creation manifesto by Most Contentious.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. the little book ofsuper-sticky contentbyKatherine DrewJustine Webse
  • 2. This is Klaus.He lives in a busy, noisy world.Klaus likes to be noticed, but heis finding that his advertising andPR efforts are no longer attractingthe attention he seeks.
  • 3. Klaus starts tweeting, bloggingand creating hang-outs wherever possible.He tweets about his luxurious African safari.He blogs about his new bespoke shoes.He Instagrams his breakfast daily.Nobody seems to care ...Klaus feels more unloved than ever.
  • 4. Klaus hasn’t grasped that all media is now social; he mustrely on networks to speak for him and allow others tocreate the story (with just a little inspiration from him).“Guys, listen! I am “One cat’s breakfast is another’s extremely interesting!” pinterest pic, youtube vid or tweet.”
  • 5. So, he sets out to do some serious soul-searchingand find his ‘inner customer’. ... Klaus emerges from his sabbatical enlightened.
  • 6. Klaus sees the world throughnew eyes.He now knows he needs to getinteractive with his marketing.He needs content (not straightads) that both his loyal andprospective customers canlearn from, be entertained by,comment on, follow and sharewith others.
  • 7. Klaus looks around and seescontent everywhere.He sees content done welland not so well.He knows he can producecontent in two basic ways:1. As a curator (find it and share it from elsewhere)2. As an originator/author (i.e. make it himself)Either way, Klaus knows his contentmust ‘stick’ to his customers all theway through the buying cycle.
  • 8. To create his super-sticky contentKlaus now understands he needs to: • Think like a writer not a salesperson. • See his product through his customers’ eyes. • Create dialogue not monologue.
  • 9. Klaus sets about making his super-sticky content,always applying these principles:• It’s not content unless it serves a purpose that aligns to the brand.• The channel and the content must complement each other.• If you can’t say something useful, don’t say anything at all.• Build community and dialogue over the long term.• Be reciprocal and responsive; don’t just push content out.• Be ambitious but accurate and balance timeliness with perfection.• Give something worth getting.
  • 10. mostcontentious.comKlaus gets busy living happily ever after.He finds his world far less noisy andloves the attention he receives fromhis customers.(He still Instagrams his breakfastnow and then, but only when it’srelevant to his audience.)
  • 11. Want to talk content?Find