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Causes of WWII Charts Causes of WWII Charts Document Transcript

  • Causes of WWII<br />Germany from 1929 to 1939<br />YearEvent #1Event #2VisualCommentPictureUrl1929August: Over 60, 000 Members of the Sturm Abteilung attend Nuremberg RallyDecember: The Nazi Party has a membership of 178, 000 HYPERLINK "" to Nationalism the people felt it was their obligation to follow the Nazi Party because Hitler made it seem it was their “German Duty”.1930January 23rd: Wilhelm Frick becomes the first Nazi to become a minister in a state government.September: The Nazi Party wins 107 in the Reichstagg1503063810 HYPERLINK "" “peer pressure” that the Nazi Party was inflicting upon the people of Germany was getting to the government officials as well during this year.1931January: Ernst Roehm is appointed Sturm Abteilung chief of staffThe SA had 400 000 soldiers, which was four times larger than the German army.’s persuasive nature made the people more comfortable joining the SA, rather than the German Official Army, because they felt it their Nationalistic Duty to fight for their country, not necessarily under the German army, but the Nazi ran version of it.1932April 24: in Prussia the Nazi Party becomes the largest single party in the state parliament.July 31st: The Nazi Party wins 230 seats in the Reichstag. Nationalistic worldview that the people were being infected with spread like the bubonic plaque among the people of Germany.1933January 30th: Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of GermanyMarch 23rd: The Reichstag passes the Enabling Bill. Nationalism of the people finally broke down the government and enabled Hitler to gain power.1934March 16th: Adolf Hitler announces an increase in the German Army.Paul Von Hindenburg dies and Adolf Hitler becomes president as well as chancellor. his newfound power, Hitler uses Nationalism to break the Treaty of Versailles and start to realize his goals for the country.1935September: Nazi Germany adopts the swastika, an ancient symbol representing life, power and luck for its national flag.September 15th: The Nuremberg Laws, which impose strict laws on citizenship and civil rights for German Jews, are adopted. was at an extreme in this year, the people changed their flag to represent the political party that lead them.1936March 7th: The German Army enters the RhinelandNovember 1st: Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini agree to a military alliance. had infected the people so badly at this point that they were willing to go against the very meaning of the Treaty of Versailles and take back what they had been convinced was “theirs”.1937October 17th: Pro German Riots take place in the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.November 6th: Italy joins Germany and Japan in the Anti- Comintern Pact. of Germany has begun to take hold of nearby countries and areas that were had the same beliefs as Germany.1938March 13th: Austria is declared part of the German ReichOctober 1st: German army occupies the Sudetenland took in their “brothers” in Austria and infected them with their Nationalistic pride.1939September 1st: German Army invades Poland.September 3rd: Britain and France declare war on Nazi Germany. countries felt their Nationalism in danger and began to defend themselves against the infective disease that was the Nazis.<br /> HYPERLINK ""<br /> HYPERLINK ""<br />*Note: Event’s are not numbered in importance. They are numbered in chronological order.*Our Top Five Events<br />And Reasons<br />In Prussia the Nazi Party becomes the largest single party in the state parliament, April 24, 1932.<br />We chose this first event because it is showing how much the people have begun to believe that they must be ultra nationalistic. This is shown in the Nazi’s principles and with the people voting so people chose them over the communists and democratic parties.<br />Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany, January 30th, 1933.<br />We chose this as one of the most nationalism influenced events because it was nationalism that drove the High Chancellor to finally believe in Hitler’s words and allow him to become the next Chancellor of Germany.<br />Nazi Germany adopts the swastika, an ancient symbol representing life, power and luck for its national flag, September, 1935.<br />This could be very much so the most nationalistic symbol of the Nazi Germany Causes of WWII, we say this because the national flag of a country is just that, a symbol of that NATION. It is what identifies your nation or country; to have that change would mean that the values of the country had begun to change, in an ultra nationalistic way. So in a sense, the decision to change the flag was the decision to change the country. <br />Pro German Riots take place in the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia, October 17th, 1937.<br />German nationalism had spread to Czechoslovakia and the people there were chanting with the Nazi’s. They fell into the ultra nationalistic way of thinking just as the people in Germany had begun to do in the past years.<br />Germany Invades Poland, September 1st, 1939.<br />Nationalism at this point was exceedingly great, the people had a “them VS us” view of the world and took steps, perhaps leaps, to destroy that “them”.<br />