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Mini lesson

  1. 1. NOT ONLY; BUT ALSOUse when there are two noun clauses or twoverb clausesTwo items connected must be similar in kindUse parallel structure with “not only…but also,”Invert the subject and verb with a sentence.
  2. 2. Not only; but also If you say “not only” you are required to also say “but also.” You can NEVER have the construction “not only…also” or “not…but also” or anything else of the sort. “Not only” and “but also” are BFF’s, and you can’t have one without the other. What follows “not only” must be structurally and logically similar to what follows “but also.”
  3. 3. Not only…but alsoAre the sentences correct? I bought not only bread, but Correct! Bread and milk are also milk. both nouns. I bought not only bread, but Wrong! Bread is a noun, but also considered buying milk. “considered buying milk” is a more complex clause. He is not only a great quarterback, but also a great Correct! Great quarterback musician. and great musician are two noun clauses He is not only a great quarterback, but also plays Wrong! One is a noun clause amazing music. the other is a verb clause.
  4. 4. Neither…Nor Neither is a singular adjective and can be paired with nor in a sentence. Neither is NEVER paired with or Neither says not the first object and not the second object are behaving in a certain way. The nouns/pronouns are in agreement with one another. Nor can be used independently when negating the second part of two negative clauses.
  5. 5. Neither…nor Used in sentences in a negative sense meaning “not this one nor the other, not this nor that, not he nor she, etc.” Verb conjugation depends on the subject (singular or plural) closest to the conjugated verb.
  6. 6. Neither…norAre the sentences correct? Neither Corie nor Bob Corie isn’t going to the play went to the play. Bob isn’t going to the play She said, “I don’t like Neither is used here broccoli.” I said, “Neither because she doesn’t like do I.” broccoli, and I don’t like Neither Frank nor Lilly broccoli. lives in Eugene Neither Axel nor my other Second subject is friends care about their singular future. Second subject is plural
  7. 7. Neither…norRewrite the sentences… We could fly. We could go Either we could fly or we by train. could go by train. Jack is not here. Tom is Neither Jack nor Tom is in another city. here. Fred loves traveling. Both Fred and Jane love Jane wants to go around traveling. the world.
  8. 8. Quiz: neither…norPair the letters that fit the best. A. Both Peter F. Not only wise to listen to your parents but also B. Either Jack will have to work interesting. more hours G. Both my laptop and my cell C. In the end he had to choose phone on holiday. D. I would love to take H. Either his career or his hobby. E. Sometimes it is I. Or we will have to hire somebody new. J. And I are coming next week.
  9. 9. Either…or Either is a singular adjective. It means one or the other, but NOT both. Either expresses one noun/pronoun doing one thing and the other noun/pronoun doing another; in this way it is a “positive” word because what is occurring is true. “Either” can be paired with “or”, but NOT “nor”
  10. 10. Either…or Used in sentences in a positive sense meaning “one or the other, this or that, he or she, etc.” Verb conjugation depends on the subject (singular or plural) closest to the conjugated verb. If your element (the words that follow neither or either) is singular, then your verb needs to be singular If one or both of your elements is plural, then your verb needs to be plural.
  11. 11. Either….orAre sentences correct? Why? Neither Jaymee nor Dave Jaymee and Dave are is having a party. singular so you use the Either the dancer or the singular “is” not “were” acrobats are doing the tricks. One of the subject is Either Jane or Matt is plural, so “are” instead going to visit next of “is” is used weekend. Second subject singular Either Peter or the girls need to attend the Second subject plural course.
  12. 12. Which is correct?A. Not only the movie but the play was good.B. I like only the movie but also the play.C. The actors were not only engaging but also skillful in their performances.D. The plot moved not swiftly but also artfully throughout the movie.
  13. 13. Which is correct? I don’t think much of either of the candidates. I am hungry or I don’t want to eat. Do you want pizza either a hamburger?
  14. 14. Which is correct? The book was neither interesting nor well written. You will have to have either, the blue shirt or the red.
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