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  • 1. Who Am I?Katie Higgins
  • 2. My name is Katie Higgins and I live in Horsham, Pennsylvania.
  • 3. F My family has a wide range of career A choices. • My Grandmother was offered a full ride to M the University of Pennsylvania but didn’t take I it because her father told her it was more L important to raise a family than to receive an Y education. She later became a pre-school and elementary teacher. • Both of my grandfathers went into the C military and toured throughout Europe. When A they came home they both went to school R and got jobs. E• My other grandmother moved from Scotland to the United States and was a secretary. E • My mother is a business analyst. She R originally wanted to be a psychology and sociology major but her dad told her she P wasn’t allowed. L• My father is an accountant. He wanted to bea firefighter but his parents told him it wasn’t a A good enough career. N S
  • 4. • According to my Interest Profile, I am social, investigative, and artistic. • According to my Work Survey, I am independent and I like to feel accomplished.• Myers Briggs profiled me as the type of person who is an extrovert, has an intuition, enjoys thinking, and has a large perception. Surveys
  • 5. Speaking for my friends and family, I think they would say that I am logical, opinionated, and that I have a good sense of humor.My teachers may think that I am determined and hardworking; even if I am an average student. O T H E R S S A Y
  • 6. Passions I have many things that I am interested in but I am trulypassionate about gymnastics.
  • 7. Personal Dreams Speaking on behalf of my personal dreams, I am almost positive that I do not want kids. I am still unsure as to whether or not I want to be married. I can see myself in the future living on my own because there are many things that I want to do by myself ; I don’t want other people to hold me back from doing them. I want to live in a condo overlooking a city with floor to ceiling windows. I sometimes think ? that I set dreams too far but if I don’t then I will have nothing to strive for.
  • 8. P R O D F R E E S A S M I S O N A L On a more professional level, I have thought of many things that I would like to do. Ipromised myself when I was little that I would like to open my own gym, designated only for gymnastics. As I got older, I realized that my interest changed. I now want to be involved in the fashion industry. If I realize the fashion industry is not for me or is too competitive, I would love to open my own gym.
  • 9. Dream Strategy My dreams are a good fit for me because I feel that dreams can never be too farfetched. I know people doubt what I can do which is why I want to prove everyone wrong.
  • 10. InterestsBesides gymnastics, I also enjoy art.My favorite media to work with is paint.I love listening to music as well asplaying the piano. Even though I maynot be strong academically, I know forsure that I have a large imaginationand determination.
  • 11. Personal Flaws I have many personal struggles such as: I am easily frustrated and I am incredibly impatient. I also dislike how I start things but I feel like I cannever finish them because Idrop interests just as fast as I create new ones.
  • 12. After working at a summer camp, I developed the thought of not having children. I also realized that I dislike working outdoors. I keep going back each summer because the Work Experience people I work with and the memories I make overpowerthe working conditions and kids.
  • 13. P L A C E S TO L I V E After living in the suburbs for so long, I want to leave as quickly as possible. In 8th grade I went to England and knew as soon as my plane landed that there was somuch more to offer outside of the Hatboro-Horsham community. My potential places to live would be in the city (New York), on a beach (California), or even a different country (Greece) to experience new cultures.
  • 14. Academic FlawsI absolutely hate math more than anything in theentire world. Math destroys every sense ofconfidence that I will ever have. I have no ability toask questions on why things are the way they are.I do not understand why letters are involved withnumbers when they should be left for the alphabet.I do not like things done in order and I do not likebeing told how to do them. I feel like math ispointless and completely illogical.
  • 15. Contact InformationI can be easily contacted through either my email or cell phone. My email is: Katelynehiggins@gmail.com My cell phone number is: 215-779-4631 Thank you for viewing this presentation.