Audience research: results and conclusions


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Audience research: results and conclusions

  1. 1. Audience research: Results & { Conclusions By Kate Constable
  2. 2. Are you male or female? This question was an important one because, this helps me know what gender most of my audience is. When I was giving out my questionnaire, I mainly gave them to females that were 16, this caused my results to be quite unfair and more bias towards females. I will be aiming my magazine at both males and females but as I mostly got females to answer, I know more about their opinions towards rock etc than I do boys, this influences my planning slightly because I could end up following my results of other questions and my magazine end up only appealing to females. Next time I do audience research I will ensure that I get an equal set of results from both males and females.
  3. 3. How old are you? I chose to do this question because it helped me find out an overall age group that my magazine would be aimed at. The target audience I chose to do is 16-25 year olds. Overall, the results that I got show that most of the people that I asked were ages 16-21, this is good because this is very similar to what I want my target audience to be. 25-30 and 30+ are quite small bars, which doesn't really matter because they are not involved in my target audience. These results are helpful to me because it helps me now what sort of content to include in my magazine, as I have to include things that will appeal to my target audience.
  4. 4. What genre of music do you listen to? This graph shows the results of finding out what music my target audience listen to. On the question I stated to tick the boxes of all the ones that they listen to, this is why I have a lot of results. The most popular genre was rock and pop. I thought this would be the results because usually I associate these 2 genres of music with that age group. These results help me decide on my final choice of what genre of magazine to make. I will be making a rock magazine, by getting this question answered it helps me know how many people will actually want to buy the magazine. Also by getting the favourite genre identified, it can help me what to include in the magazine, like content and colour schemes.
  5. 5. How often do you buy music magazines? The most popular result on this question was that they never buy music magazines, this is helpful because I know the honest answer of how much they buy it, I can now ensure that I make a good professional magazine that will make everyone in my target audience want to buy the magazine. I will do this buy ensuring that everything in the magazine fits to their likes and dislikes. In my graph the results for weekly and monthly publication is quite similar. With these results I know that I should probably aim to make my magazine at a weekly or monthly publication.
  6. 6. What colours do you associate with the genre rock? This question is one to find out which colours my audience would want on a rock magazine. I gave a selection of colours to choose from and let them circle as many as they thought would look good on the magazine. The most popular answers in this question were black, red and grey. These answers will now help me with what to put on my colour scheme so I can make sure it appeals to my audience. Nobody chose green and yellow which I understand because I think that those colours are too bright to be associated with the rock genre.
  7. 7. What words do you usually associate with the rock genre? I chose to do this question because the answers I got from it will help inspire me with the planning of my magazine. E.g some of the words said could help influence what content will be in the magazine. For this question I got the people answering it to write as many words they could think of, that they associate with the rock genre. From this I ended up getting a varied amount of words, some of them were repeated by a few people. I went through the questionnaires are chose the most popular words that were said and also ones that I found in the questionnaire that I think associate with rock. These are the words chose: Chaotic Shouting guitars crazy loud noise bands entertaining powerful meaningful emotional angry heavy metal scary annoying noise roll hard-core music rolling stone ballad anthem men sound lively fun rubbish sweat sad manic I think there are a good selection of words here which I think all associate with rock well. The main reason I chose this question is so I know what the audience thinks rock is and what they associate with it.
  8. 8. What do you think would be a suitable title for a rock magazine? This question was aimed to get my audience to suggest some magazine titles that they think would be suitable for a rock themed magazine. Their answers will help me to decide on what to call my magazine, so it appeals to them. I got a variation of suggestions, but only a few of them I actually would consider putting as my title. Each suggestion was different and had its own quirk to it. All of them will influence the title in some way because I will take a word from my favourite titles and then create a final one. The suggestions for the titles were: •Rock noise •Rock weekly •Rock boy •ROCK •Rock King •Rolling rock •HARD CORE •The noise •Sound •Rockin’ Robin •Rock magazine •Rock Daily •Wave •Sound wave •Rock & the mole •Clash rock •Rockin’ sound •For those that rock!
  9. 9. What fonts would you like to see on a rock magazine? This question was helpful to me so I can find out which fonts my audience would find most appealing on my magazine. I gave them a selection of 6 fonts to pick from and allowed them to circle the ones they found to look like it associated with rock. I tried to choose fonts that I would associate with rock, but left it too my audience to choose the one they liked best as they will be the one reading the magazine. I found out that font 6 was the most popular because they believe that it matches most with the genre rock. The answers that I found out will help me with my planning of my magazine because I now know what fonts my audience would want on the magazine. 1-Rock 2-ROCK 3- ROCK 4-ROCK 5-ROCK 6-ROCK
  10. 10. How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? I think that this was one of my most useful questions to ask my audience because this will influence my decision on how much I will be selling my magazine for. I found out that most of my audience would spend £1+ on a music magazine, This was the most popular answer and £3+ was the least popular because it would have to be a spectacular magazine for people to buy it at that price, or even a special edition. The popular result of £1 will influence my planning now because I know what price to start at when making the magazine. If I make the magazine so that it appeals to the audience completely maybe they would want to spend a bit more money.
  11. 11. What music magazine do you mostly read? This question was chosen so I could find out which magazine my audience read. The most popular answers were Kerrang and the other option. I gave an option of ‘other’ in case they didn’t read any of the magazines I put in the multiple choice. Most people that chose other, specified that they read none of these magazines. I realised that I should of given an answer box saying ‘none’ as it would of been easier to collect the results. The results that I got are very helpful because I can use the most popular magazine as inspiration for mine, this will help me with things like colour scheme and content. I thought that Kerrang would be the most popular magazine as this is quite a well known magazine within this target audience.
  12. 12. What bands or artists do you associate with rock genre? This was quite an essential question to ask my audience because the answers from this would help influence, what bands or artists I should feature in my articles. As I gave the people who were answering the chance to write as many bands/artists they could think of, I ended up with a long list. The band/artists are all different types of rock music which is actually quite helpful and good because, it gives me the idea to have different types of rock in the magazine, this then would make the magazine appeal to more people. If I focused on one type of rock e.g indie rock, I would only have a certain group of people reading the magazine and that would be fans of that music. I want my magazine to be a wider range of rock. These answers help with me being able to do that. Radiohead Bring me the horizon Muse Rival sons slash green day Linkin park Bon jovi led zeplin guns n roses papa roach Mick jagger pink floyd metallica Biffy clyro Kings of Leon All time low You me at six stevie nicks nirvana the killers Avril lavrigne rolling stones queen Fall out boy my chemical romance ACDC journey