Principles of tourism ii
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  • 1. A projectof the coursePrinciples ofTourism II
  • 2. "As you walk and eat andtravel, be where you are.Otherwise you will missmost of your life."-BUDDHA
  • 3. Accommodationsector
  • 4. Traders HotelConveniently located along Roxas Boulevard, overlooking thepicturesque Manila Bay and its radiant sunsets.Traders Hotel, Manila is just a mere 20 minutes away from theinternational airport,and close to the citys premier exhibition and conference centers,entertainment and shopping centre.
  • 5. For breakfast, lunch or dinnersavour a wide variety of Asianand International cuisine atLatitude–Casual dining restaurant–Serves a la carte menu–Specialty of the house,SteaksService
  • 6. Lobby Lounge offers an ideal place to offers delicious menu of pastries,salads, sandwiches, pasta paired with coffee aswell as other refreshments.Other services:–Wi-Fi internet access–Computer stations–Printing and scanning services–The hotel can also host all types offunctions from large corporate events,business meetings or intimategatherings with the 620 sqm.
  • 7. Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) Matrix determinesthe strengths and weaknesses of Traders Hotel.The High standard Facilities weighted mostimportant strength of the company. Having thescore of 2.65, the company is responding in anabove average way to existing strengths andweaknesses in the industry.Strength and weaknesses
  • 8. SplashIslandSpa &Resort
  • 9. Splash Island Spa and resort, located at theSouthwood Ecocentrum in Biñan, Laguna,is known as the largest waterpark in thePhilippines. Splash island sits on a vastpiece of real estate where more than12water attraction can be found . The parkis so vast so it can accommodate 6,000guest at any given time.Patterned after the famous water themepark in the United States, Splash island hasa myriad of slides, pools and other waterattraction for guest for all ages. Add tothese the assurance of security ,themanagement has set up height andcapability restriction for some attraction.
  • 10. Motel
  • 11. Compare-In US, Motel is a hotel designedfor motorists, and usually hasa parking area for motor vehicles.- but later on the Motel in thePhilippines made for a short termaccommodation for Sexual purposes.(prostitution)- In Philippines, Motel usually locatingat Urban area while in other countryMotel locate along highway.Contrast-Motels almost by definition included aparking lot.-room service may or may not be there-Cheaper/less expensive-offer only room service and housekeepingand none of the other specialized services.-has a single story building and basichygienic rooms.-can either be short term accommodationor long term accommodation motels.-Single or double storied building withconnected rooms; has open walkways,exterior entrances.
  • 12. Travel Agency
  • 13. - the IATA scheme protects consumers from losingtheir flights/holiday booking if a company involvedin the holiday were to o bankrupt.An IATA agentwill provide cover in such a situation.- An IATA agency is one that has a license tooperate and has access to airlines booking andticketing.- it also has an IATA number.- while non IATA cannot issue tickets as they donot have accreditation.Differentiate each one of them
  • 14. Benefits- IATA provides a powerful, unified and experienced voice to support and promote its airlinesoperations and aspirations.- Environmental responsibility. IATA is driving the industry towards carbon-neutral growth andultimately a carbon-free future.- Members have the opportunity to help drive the industry s priorities on key initiative such asSimplifying the Business, which aims to improve passenger convenience while reducing costs andimproving efficiency.- IATA offers a number of financial services at reduced fees to help contain costs, improve cash flowand maximize efficiency.- IATA is also helping members achieve cost reductions related to ATC charges, fuel and taxation.- Participation in member conferences, committees and groups offers unprecedented access to avariety of airline and industry partners.- The IATAAnnual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit bring together representativesfrom leading international airlines.- IATA helps members gain influence with the travel agent community through the IATAAgencyProgram.- IATA provides training in major fields such as passenger, cargo and safety.- IATA programs help to strengthen the capabilities of aviation industry professionals.- IATA members can receive discounts up to 30% on a number of IATA products and services.
  • 15.  - IATA offers comprehensive training andprofessional development services among which theIATA/UFTAA (Int’l Travel and Tourism TrainingProgramme) is globally recognized as the best andmost complete travel and tourism qualification. - you have more access to inside information andalso more credibility.Advantages
  • 16. The disadvantages of non-regulated companiesinclude lack of guarantee of a return flight if thecompany ceases trading; the destination countryreceives a very small share of the profits; thedestination country receives low-spending tourists;and charter companies do not participate in thepromotion of tourism in weak resorts, preferring tofly to established tourist areas, which then becomesaturated.Disadvantages
  • 17. Restaurant
  • 18. Service
  • 19. Ambiance
  • 20. Airlines
  • 21. Philippine AirlinesThe Philippine Airlines(PAL) is the nationalairline of the Philippine andAsia’s first airline. PhilippineAirlines has been thedominant air carrier in thePhilippines since its creationin 1941. PhilippineAirlines rebranded itself as“Asia’s sunniest airline” tocap its new marketing andadvertising trust.
  • 22.  - In late August, 1988, Cebu Air was established in Pasay City, Metro Manila, thePhilippines, but it only started operations almost 8 years later, in early March,1996.- In February 1998, Cebu Pacific Air was grounded by the government, butcontinued its services next month, after the re-certification of its aircraft.- In late November, 2001, Cebu Pacific Air started operating international flightswith a twice-daily service to Hong-Kong.- On the 1st of March, 2002, Cebu Pacific Air introduced thrice-weekly flights toSeoul.- In the following years, Cebu Pacific Air continued to introduce new routes andincrease flight frequency for some of the existing ones.- In late May, 2008, Cebu Pacific was named as the worlds number one airline interms of growth, ranking fifth in Asia for Budget Airline passengers transportedand 23rd in the world.- On July 22, 2008, Cebu Pacific became the first airline to use the new Terminal 3of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the first airline to operateinternational commercial flights from the new terminal.- In August, 2009, Cebu Pacific opened its Twitter account, being the first airline inthe Philippines to use social media.- The only fatal accident in the history of Cebu Pacific took place on the 2nd day ofFebruary, 1998, when Cebu Pacific Flight 387, a DC-9-32 travelling from Manilato Cagayan de Oro, crashed on the slopes of Mount Sumagaya due to a pilot error,killing all 104 people on board.Cebu Pacific
  • 23. Target market/contrast Flight RoutesMarketingStrategy-Business andleisure travelers- PAL now operatesA330s on seven ofCebus internationalroutes -Bangkok, HongKong, Jakarta,Osaka, Seoul,Singapore andShanghai- “class”- Productdevelopment- Business andleisure travelerswho travelfrequently, or duringvacation/holidays,and demand anaffordable, fun, and“no frills” airlineserviceSingapore, Hong Kong,Seoul and Bangkok are fourof Cebu’s five largestinternational destinations(the other is Kuala Lumpur,which is currently not servedat all by PAL). Manila toCebu and Davao are Cebu’stwo largest domestic routes(PAL does not serve Davaowith A330s but does operate747s on some flights toDavao).- LowCost
  • 24.  Passengers must personally report to dedicated Web Check-In Counter atthe airport for the applicable visa and travel document checks. If the guest has any check-in baggage, the bags will have to be presented tothe Web Check-In Counter at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled flightdeparture to tag their baggage. All check-in timelines followed currently at the airport will be applicable forpassengers who undergo the Web Check-in process. Passengers should present a valid photo ID and the Web Check-in BoardingPass for security clearance as well as for boarding. Valid IDs for this purposeare a Company ID, Drivers License, Passport, School ID, SSS Card, TINCard. The name in the valid photo ID should match the guest name that wasentered upon booking. Should the Passenger fail to show up at the dedicated Web Check-incounters or at the boarding gate within the prescribed period or board theaircraft at the appointed boarding time, Cebu Pacific will proceed with theflight without him and without incurring any liability to him. In that event, the flight will be considered flown and the Passenger will not beentitled to refund the fare or rebook the flight or apply for the creation of aTravel Fund.Guidelines and procedure
  • 25. Important details needed in an E-ticket•E-tickets, like their paper counterparts, will containan official ticket number (including the airlines 3-digit ticketing code, a 4-digit form number, a 6-digitserial number, and sometimes a check digit).•Carriage terms and conditions, (or at least areference to them)•Fare and tax details, including fare calculationdetails and some additional data such as tourcodes. The exact cost might not be stated, but a"fare basis" code will always identify the fare used.•A short summary of fare restrictions, usuallyspecifying only whether change or refund arepermitted but not the penalties to which they aresubject.•Form of payment.•Issuing office.•Baggage allowance.
  • 26. 10% cheaper than the Paper ticketFlexible, which can be changed easilySecured/ it can’t be lostVery useful for the passengers and airlinesMore convenientEnvironmentally Friendly
  • 27. (3)Airports inthe Philippines
  • 28. MANILA has four (4) airportterminals, located on four (4)different locations :a) a) Ninoy Aquino InternationalAirport (NAIA), also calledTerminal 1 = for allinternational flights, exceptPhilippine Airlines and CebuPacific.b) b) Centennial Airport, alsocalled NAIA Terminal 2 = allinternational + domestic ofPhilippine Airlines only.c) c) Terminal 3 = allinternational + domestic ofCebu Pacific, Air Phil Express& code share flights forPhilippine Airlines.d) d) Terminal 4 ( formerlyManila old Domestic Airport )= flights of Seair / TigerAirways and Zest Air airlines.
  • 29.  1. Terminal Fee corruption2. Incompetence of so called experts, governmentand aviation authorities3. No direct rail/metro connection or even theprospect of one4. Smelly dirty toilets5. Widespread bribery at all staffing levels6. Very low standard of airport design7. Airport taxi drivers - dishonest and cheating,foreign visitors especially targeted8. Very poor signage9. Hiring very poor airport staff - awful management,rubbish planning, no vision10. Terminal 3 dispute still not fully resolved, costingmillions of more dollars.Compare and criticize the 3 airports in Manila?
  • 30. Landmark,Historical &Cultural sites
  • 31. Sta. Rosa Arch "TheLion City of theSouth" since 1994 –is a famouslandmark in Sta.Rosa, Laguna whichis the significant ofthe revolutionizingand civilizing area
  • 32. The 200-year-old ancestral homeof Jose Rizals motherBuilt in the 1800s, the two-storeyhouse with a floor area of about600 square meters was owned bythe family of Jose Alberto Alonzo,the father of Rizal’s motherTeodora Alonzo. The property hasbeen passed down to his heir,Gerardo Alberto.
  • 33. The parish of Sta. Rosa deLima originated in 1792 withthe arrival of Fray FranciscoFavie of the DominicanOrder. Both the church andthe convent were completedwithin 12 years, and thechurch was inaugurated onAugust 30, 1792with SANTA ROSA DELIMA as its patron saint. Andinstead of “Bucol”, theresidents chose to name thetown “Santa Rosa.”
  • 34. An image of St. Rose(holding an infant Jesus)of Lima, Perú. The town(now a city) of Santa Rosawas named after her.Paintings of the fourgospel (New Testament)chroniclers underneaththe cupola.•Gravestones in Spanish.Gravestones are a usualsight inside old Philippinechurches. They are installedinside the sidewalls inhonor of a churchspatron/donor.
  • 35. Rizal shrineGusaling museoCasa Zavalla. Casa Tiongco.
  • 36. Largest shopping mallsin the Philippines with390,193 square metersand consists of fourbuildingsinterconnected bywalkways; the mainmall, the entertainmentmall, and the north andsouth carparkbuildings.
  • 37. The Mall of Asia Eye is a 55-metre(180 ft) tall Ferris wheel whichopened to the public at the SM Mallof Asia complex on December 18,2011 It has 36 air-conditionedgondolas, each able to carry up tosix persons, giving a maximumcapacity of 216 passengers. Itoperates from 10:00 until 01:00 onFridays and Saturdays, and fromnoon until midnight the rest of theweek Food, drinks, animals, andpregnant women are not permitted,and children under 42" must beaccompanied by an adult.
  • 38. Natural Resources
  • 39. Taal Volcano, in thePhilippines, wasoriginally a hugevolcano, that towered18,000 feet up into thesky. It has been called thesmallest active volcano,because it seems smallnow, but many peopledont realize that it is oneof the largest volcanoesin the world. It is locatedabout 70-km south ofManila on "volcanoisland" inside a lakecalled Taal Lake, or LakeTaal.
  • 40. How do they preserved cultural and historical attraction?“Sta.Rosa Arch”-well maintainedbecause thislandmark is asignificance of thecity of Sta. Rosa,laguna“Ancestral Home ofRizal’s”- They do notpreserved thiscultural sites.“Sta. Rosa de LimaChurch”-Well maintained