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Capsule proposal

  1. 1. Capsule Proposal A. Basic Information Project Title: Waste Segregation: It’s benefits to the environment Project Leader: Kate S. Magpoc Institution: BSHM-2A Address: Greenplain Mambog II, Bacoor City Contact No. : 09494068332 Email: Researchers: Project Location : Project Duration: Start Date: July 18, 2013 Completion Date: September 20, 2013 B. Technical Description Background Study: Waste segregation accumulation has become a challenging aspect in the world today. The volume of wastes generated in the world today surpasses municipal authority’s capacity to manage it effectively. Services related to waste management have become inadequate and almost unavailable as evidenced by proliferation of permanent waste piles and illegal dumping activities in industrial and commercial residential areas. This inefficiency in waste segregation systems in urban centers around the world is attributed to the rapid urbanization and lack of skilled waste management measures and personnel. There is the need to develop a sound material-sound society to ensure that solid waste is properly managed. Therefore, despite the challenges of solid waste management, it is vital to harmonize environmental protection by formulating long-term solutions to the issue of solid waste in across the world. Objectives: General and Specific General Objective: The main aim of this study is to explore the waste management strategies. In order to meet this objective it is particularly important to: Conduct survey, interview and observation in St. Dominic College of Asia. Prevent the generation of waste Promote reuse of waste Promote biological recovery of waste and recycling of materials. To educate the Dominicans in terms of being aware of the certain possibilities, effects and impacts of neglecting the proper waste segregation.
  2. 2. Target users / Beneficiaries: Environment People And other life forms such as Animals Significance of study: The study is significant to the environment especially of developing waste management and providing every Dominicans and other public with comprehensive and comparable information. It is also concern into minimizing the further damages and waste in the environment specifically for reducing garbages so that it couldn’t affect the drainage to cause flash floods. Methodology: The study will sample on St. Dominic College of Asia in Bacoor City. The sample will be stratified-random sampling. The survey strategy will be used for data collection. A structured questionnaire will be constructed for the survey and will be distributed to the respondents through personal appearance. Participation of the respondents will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Data will be analyzed and the analysis will look for the percentage and weighted mean of responses on each items. Project Work Plan: Gathered materials needed : Sample trash can that indicate biodegradable and to non bio- degradable. Research or read an article about the said topic Follow the procedure itself Place the sample trash can into crowded area Observe the student Take down notes on student behavior and awareness Take photos in every action and observation Make a research paper References: Internet management.html#ixzz2YogNw9D6
  3. 3. Survey form Instructions: Please answer each of the following questions. If you do not feel comfortable answering a question or it does not apply to you, feel free skip the question. Please check the box that is most applies to you. 1. Name of respondent: (optional) 2. Address 3. Age 15 16 17 18 19 and above 4. Do you know about any waste segregation or recycling programs in your school? Yes No Not sure 5. If not to above do you and your classmates do any recycling on your own? Yes No Not sure 6. Have you ever done any school composting? Yes No Greetings! We are the BS of Hospitality and Tourism Management from St. Dominic College Asia, that conducting a research and observation entitled “Waste Segregation: It’s benefits to the environment”. In this survey, our goal is to educate and make our school an environmentally safe place to studying. Your participation in this survey will greatly assist us in accomplishing this goal. This survey form is designed to obtain your opinion and input which will be used to help develop the plan. Your answer will help to identify those serious problems with garbage and other waste in the community develop ideas and make recommendations on ways our school can improve its waste disposal practices. In addition, your answers to the survey questions will ensure that the planning work group considers Dominican’s ideas and opinions. Your input into our project is very important. We ask that you please take the time to complete this survey. Thank you very much.
  4. 4. 7. Would you be willing to segregate your waste into biodegradable if your school collected these for a composting program? Yes No Not sure 8. Do you use a separate container for your plastic waste and food leftovers? Yes No 9. How often do you practice segregating wastes in your house/school? daily weekly once a month never 10. Does the local government require the segregation of wastes in your school (area)? Yes No maybe I don’t know 11. If yes, do they still collect garbage bags even if these were not segregated? Yes No maybe I don’t know 12. Are you in favor of “no segregation, no collection?” Yes No maybe I don’t know