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Business Plan of Soza Spa (experimenting)

Business Plan of Soza Spa (experimenting)






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    Business Plan of Soza Spa (experimenting) Business Plan of Soza Spa (experimenting) Presentation Transcript

    • CHAPTER I: BACKGROUND A. Title “Soza Spa” Soza the Greek translation of “whole” means complete, healed, prosperous and redeemed.
    • B. Location Address: B2 L9 Addas Greenfields Commercial, Molino Boulevard, Bacoor City, Philippines. C. Map
    • D. Benefits Benefits of Soza Spa The bottom line is that people love to be pampered, which is why owning and operating a Soza Spa is such a great opportunity. In today’s crazy world, people work long hours and then spend entire weekends working around the yard, cleaning the house, running kids back and forth to various events, and trying to find some down time for self. Although it is considered a luxury type of self pampering to some, many people have no trouble going to a day spa to unwind. Some individuals will visit spas on a regular basis while others will make it an occasional treat but regardless, the outcome is always the same – relaxation.
    • Benefits to Health of a Spa • The benefits to health of a spa won’t only help you in relaxation, but in boosting your health to the maximum level. • Improving body’s circulation. • It can improve the immune system because the body is released from all the tension and pressure. • It is also good for your mental health because it is soothing and releases all the stress. • Massage is also believed to improve the way lymphatic works and boost metabolism, as long as the important points are being massage thoroughly. • Massage is also believed to make your circulation get better because of the gentle pressure points implemented on your body. After the massage, you will get other treatments, such as manicure and pedicure, soaking in the warm tub, and many more. Those treatments are very good for your body as well as your mind, which also affects the way your body works. When the body relaxes and be free from any tension and stress, your system will naturally produce better hormones that can affect your health. That’s why most people who like going to spa usually have better health.
    • E. Advantages/Disadvantages • Offer a very unique experience. Visitors not only relax and reduce stress, but they learn meaningful information about their bodies that can be applied every day of the year. The typical day spa experience provides a wealth of relaxation, but the lasting benefits can be minimal. A week or two after the treatment, the relaxation has worn off.
    • F. Owners • Our CEO is Ms. Gene Rey although we are the team who present this spa project, we also have a position for each. Ms. Kate Magpoc is the secretary who deals directly with the president. Ms. Sherylene Mancera is a treasury who manages all the money. Ms. Jamie Payas is sales director who increases the sales. Ms. Carmela Samon is accountant who balances the cash flow in and out. Ms. Angelique Romero is masseuse coordinator who deals with the operation. G. Types of Business We are part of the retail health and beauty industry which has 3 major types:. 1. Day Spas: Stores specializing in body health maintenance through a variety of services and products. 2. Day Spa & Salon: Stores combining the services of the two aforementioned. 3. Health & Beauty Products: Stores selling only merchandise products covering the wide range of products available but not inclusive of those sold by salons and spas.
    • CHAPTER II: Marketing Plan A. Overview • Soza Spa offers therapeutic massage services, body treatments, facials and anti-aging treatments. Services are provided by licensed therapists and aestheticians who are independently contracted and paid on a commission basis. The upside of the commissioned employee is that there is very little overhead without sales; employees only make money when the business makes money. • We also offer a full retail line that complements the services menu. Products included are high- end cosmetics, creams, candles, and other beauty products. These high-end items tend to retail at a minimum of Php. 150-350 per item and have 50% mark-up, or higher. B. Competitors • Customers choose spa services based on proximity to their daily commute, quality and an exceptional experience. With our combined services, we expect to dominate the Day Spa market. There is not one direct competitor of this nature within the area where we are intending to locate. • The two closest competitors is the Skin Ritual and Haven Spa. Skin ritual it is located in Central Molino New Molino Blvd. Bacoor Cavite. Skin Ritual which is a face and body care center that offers additional, limited, spa services. Another one is Haven Spa which is located PTT Gasoline station corner Molino Blvd. Molino III, Bacoor City. Haven Spa has limited spa services because they only focusing on Hand and Foot Care. And since there location is in gasoline station corner, • • is hard for the customer to see their exact place, the gasoline station itself covering the entire place. With our target location in Molino Blvd., we will be servicing all nearby villages and subdivision, as well as downtown commuters. There are no spa’s in Total which is located in Mambog and also in Bayanan.
    • E. Customer As individual as our clients are, they seem to fall into one of four general categories: Injury Recovery Self-Pampering/Relaxation Alternative Care Users Athletes. Besides the obvious differences in the style of massage or treatments each of these prefer, they also represent separate groups for marketing and retention purposes. In addition, the booming anti-aging market is an additional momentum builder.
    • F. Distribution • Advertising We will utilize local newspaper, local social and health magazines, local radio, local television, mail-outs to all households within the immediate five mile radius, and mail-outs to all local business within a five-mile radius. • Internet We will have a comprehensive website. • Alliances We will place our brochures within the offices of our medical referral clients.
    • G. Competitive Advantage • Soza Spa competitive advantage is their unique combination of services, location, and customer-centric focus. Both the extraordinary services and location has been detailed previously. Soza Spa has set out since its inception to provide quality, dependable services. Soza Spa has an innovative training program that is extensive in its depth, properly training employees to provide an unprecedented level of customer service. All customers will leave Soza Spa with a feeling that their needs were met well beyond any expectations that they previously had and far better than any competitor. This customer-centric business model is not just rhetoric, there are financial incentives in place for employees to offer unprecedented levels of service. This will ensure a high rate of return customers, allowing Soza Spa to meet their ambitious goal of 90%. • Our market advantage is wide open, and will give us the opportunity to service a large population base that is not currently being well served. When you include our service of energy works, we become the sole provider of all three services of body works and energy works not only in downtown Molino Blvd, but for the entire greater Molino-Bacoor area.. • Strengths of the above are services offered: location proximity to major housing developments, and name recognition.
    • H. Market Differentiation • Soza spa is a combination of our unique services, outstanding location, and our interaction with customers. By providing our customers a holistic and integrative spa , we build relationships of trust and satisfaction. Our customers will come to depend on our unique services and fulfilling environment. • Soza spa is that we offer a relaxing atmosphere that can refresh the mind, body, and soul. Offering special classes for those with serious health concerns sets us apart, as does the availability of all services under one roof. I. Trends Market Segmentation • Our market segmentation is specific to two target groups. Our first target market is the corporate workers of Molino-Bacoor. We have chosen these people, ranging from early twenties to mid forties, because they are in stressful jobs and could use relaxation and exercise. They also have the financial opportunity to regularly treat themselves to a facial or massage. • The second group we target is people either recovering from an injury or people who have a condition which needs special attention. We wanted to create a safe environment where people feel comfortable and get the attention they need without feeling ostracized or sick. We offer special classes, massage, and homeopathic opportunities for people with specific needs.
    • Pricing Strategy • Our pricing strategy will be similar to that of our competitors. We will not charge over, nor substantially under, standard prices for our services. We will be paying our employees a higher straight percentage of their total individual customer sales than our competitors. This will allow us to hire the best employees, and have a built-in motivational factor that will keep them working hard and happily. Marketing Strategy Our marketing strategy is the key to our success: • Emphasize our name and unique services through advertising. • Focus on the convenience of our location. • Build community relationships through unique and quality service, friendly and caring atmosphere, and establishing absolute dependability of our services.
    • CHAPTER III: Technical Plan A. Service Process Our service process goes with having guest reservation and we are also open for walk in guest. we have a receptionist who will assist our guest while waiting for their room to be prepared, since we only have 6 employees shifting from Monday to Sunday The ability to give a relaxing full body massage is a great skill to have. You can use it to de-stress friends and family members, to help people with aches and pains, or to get intimate and romantic with your partner. Giving a fantastic full body massage is not difficult, it just requires a little preparation.
    • B. Supply (raw materials) • It is forbidden to buy supplies other than the authentic suppliers. Soza spa doesn’t buy candles or beauty products at any store. The spa carefully chooses brands and products. It is better or more appropriate to tell customers that a certain lotion is out of stock or is unavailable than to get it somewhere else. Soza spa uses some famous brands like olay and dove. Spa products are usually of Filipino brand and made from proudly local ingredients. As much as similar to the food businesses, the spa also practices first in first out of products for assurance of quality and to prevent any expiring of products. Some of the spa inventory supplies are ointments, lotions, soaps, shampoo, powder and other beauty products. C. Machinery and equipment • There would be very few equipment since we depend a lot at manual massagers and spa related products. Equipments are highly costly and not ideal to our starting business hence we avoid the initial purchase of any in particular. Nevertheless, we would still bring some of this modern spa technology later on, at the right time and at the future.
    • D. Waste Disposal • We separate biodegradables from non- biodegradable. Our maintenance collects scraps, cans, bottles and other garbage that may be recycled to be brought the nearest junk shop. • We put on trash bins all over the vicinity. Garbage bags are disposed every night every closing time. They were place on a small holding room till the scheduled collector arrives.
    • CHAPTER IV: Management Plan A. Organizational Structure As a beginner/newbie in the industry, we follow an organizational tall structure that is simplest.
    • B. Man Power Requirement • Every massager is well-trained, before massager are accepted by our organization, they need to be trained at least 3 months. • Every six months, every massager has to participate in training programs such as body massage, foot spa and body massage. • Every employs must have a good manner and very polite to our customers. • Massagers, therapist and alike equal employees should at least finish related courses like physical therapist to be trained or oriented a week or so. The degree finish by the applying assistant manager however does not be necessary to be a physical therapist. • One of the criteria to be hired as assistant manager is to get a wide array of former job experiences within the managerial level before applying. Aspiring assistant managers should be presented neatly with good confidents and pleasantness. All employees are required to have medical check-ups almost every month. • Soza spa does not discourage students and people with disabilities to be part. The company treat everyone fair and without bias, which is stated in the house rules.
    • C. Job Analysis Job Position Description Specification Spa Manager/ Director To provide leadership, direction and supervision of staff in the daily operations of the spa, including but not limited to retail, salon, yoga/fitness programs and membership program. The spa director is to oversee the coordination of all guests request, be directly involve in budgeting, forecasting, payroll and scheduling as well as product inventory and ordering. Requirements are representative of minimum levels of knowledge, skills and/or abilities. To perform this job successfully, the incumbent will possess the abilities or aptitudes to perform each duty proficiently Assistant Manager/ Receptionists Is responsible for collecting money and checking an income at the end of the day. Spa receptionists are responsible for answering the telephone, transferring calls, taking accurate messages, greeting customers, cashiering, giving tours of the spa facility and scheduling appointments. Their duties also include notifying staff members of any customer cancellations or the arrival of any unscheduled visitors. Aesthetician Responsible for recommending skin care and certain types of treatment for various skin conditions, they design treatments that fit into a client's lifestyle and budget and offer tips for daily maintenance as well as all-over corrective procedures. Aestheticians must undergo fairly rigorous beauty school training and are often members of national foundations that keep them up-to-date on new developments through conferences and ongoing training. Aestheticians also need to stay updated with current trends in the industry, including the latest services and products, in order to ensure the delivery of the most effective treatment solutions to customers.
    • Job Position Description Specification Massage Therapists Massage therapists are trained in relaxation and medical massage. Although it's not required in every spa environment, in order to become certified most massage therapists must learn how to deal with injuries through massage, and are medically trained to help heal pulled muscles or aches and pains. In a medical spa, they will put these skills to use; in a typical day spa, they may just be required to use relaxation massage to give clients a good experience. Outstanding communication and listening skills, in addition to basic computer knowledge, Team player, Have an enthusiasm and possess superb customer service skills and take pleasure in working with people and have a welcoming and outgoing personality Fitness Attendant These individuals offer support to therapists or aestheticians. In general, an attendant will do everything from clean and organize hair-cutting tools to cleaning and maintaining fitness equipment. 1.High school graduate or equivalent 2. Pleasant phone demeanor 3. Ability to communicate effectively 4. Prior housekeeping experience preferred 5. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish all major responsibilities and tasks. 6. Must be self-motivated. 7. Must work in a safe, prudent and organized manner. 8. Must have basic mathematical skills, technical aptitude and spa operation knowledge. 9. Knowledge of specific spa industry applications is desirable, such as spa soft. 10. Must have a commitment to follow all local and corporate policies and procedures
    • Job Position Description Specification Nail Technician These individuals offer support to therapists or aestheticians. In general, an attendant will do everything from clean and organize hair-cutting tools to cleaning and maintaining fitness equipment. Providing nail and hand services to customers, such as basic manicures, artificial nails, gel nails, hand massages, hot-oil therapy, nail fills, nail
    • D. Operating Schedule Service Hours of Operation: Mon. – Sat. 8am – 8pm Sun. 8am – 4pm Monday Massage Therapists, Aesthetician, Fitness Attendant and Nail Technician Tuesday Massage Therapists, Aesthetician, Fitness Attendant and Nail Technician Wednesday Massage Therapists, Aesthetician, Fitness Attendant and Nail Technician Thursday Massage Therapists, Aesthetician, Fitness Attendant and Nail Technician Friday Massage Therapists, Aesthetician, Fitness Attendant and Nail Technician Saturday Massage Therapists, Aesthetician, Fitness Attendant and Nail Technician Sunday Aesthetician and Fitness Attendant/ Nail Technician