Using Photoshop


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Using Photoshop

  1. 1. Using Technologies on Photoshop A step by step guide showing how I used the Technologies to achieve professional looking products.
  2. 2. Step One:The first step was to open my Image inAdobe Photoshop. I used Photoshop as itcontains a variety of facilities for me to editmy picture. I have used Photoshop before,therefore I understood how to remove thegreen background and manipulate theImage into looking professional andappropriate for my Ancillaries.I chose to use this Photo of Cason as he islooking directly into the camera, giving thereader direct address. The shot is a MediumClose up which is perfect for the FrontCover of my Magazine. The image is clearand the lighting is also good.
  3. 3. Step Two:The second step was for me to click on theBackground Eraser Tool (Highlighted inblue) in order to remove the greenbackground off my star.I then changed the settings at the top(Highlighted in red) I changed the brushsize to a medium size 40, as this was smallenough for me to use around his hair. I alsochanged the Tolerance to 30% meaning thewhen I ran the eraser around my star, thegreen background would be removed,however his hair and t-shirt would stay. Ifound that this was the easiest and mostprofessional way for the background to beremoved.
  4. 4. Step Three:Continuing from Step Two; I zoomed in onmy star (Highlighted in blue) in order to geta better view of the area that I was erasing.I held down the left mouse button andslowly started to erase any greenbackground. I traced around all of my staruntil I was happy with the result. After erasing all the green from around my star, this was the finished result for this step.
  5. 5. Step Four:Step Four was to finish off removing thegreen background. As shown in Step Three,I traced around my star using theBackground Eraser Tool. I then clicked onthe Magic Eraser Tool (Highlighted in blue)in order to remove the remainingbackground. On Photoshop, the checkerbackground behind the star means that ifyou then copy this image onto Publisher,the background will be transparent.
  6. 6. Step Five:As you can see on the image, there is afuzzy brown line around Cason’s hair. StepFive shows how I removed this. Firstly Ilocked in the Transparent pixels so thatnothing else moved (Highlighted in red). Iclicked onto the Paintbrush (Highlighted inpurple) in order to have a preciseapplication. I had to change the top settings(Highlighted in yellow) I changed the brushsize to 65, in order to cover a large surfacearea. I also changed the mode (Highlightedin blue) to ‘Color’ in order to just removethe brown fuzziness.
  7. 7. Step Six:Once Step Five was completed, I had toremove the small patches of green behindCason’s hair. To do this, I firstly selected thesmaller Paintbrush (Highlighted in orange).I clicked the left button on my mouse ontoCason’s hair in order to mimic his haircolour (Colour highlighted in blue) Thiswould then change the green to a darkbrown. This made my image look a lotmore professional.
  8. 8. Step Seven:The last step was for me to remove anyredness off Cason’s face. I selected thePlaster and then the Healing Brush(Highlighted in blue) in order to get Cason’sskin matching. I did this because it is aconvention of the Made in Chelsea stars tohave ‘perfect’ looking skin. (Shown below).