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oikos Brochure 2009


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oikos Brochure 2009

  1. 1. www.oikos-international.org be informed get involved make a difference oikos is the international student organisation for sustainable economics and management and a leading reference point for the promotion of sustainability change agents. oikos_Brochure_2009_090919_MHe.i1 1 19.9.09 18:38:41 Uhr
  2. 2. oikos Spring Meeting 2009, Oslo Local Chapters oikos Local Chapters are run by As of May 2009, oikos had 27 highly skilled and motivated students Local Chapters in 18 countries on who energetically work to integrate 4 continents. In 2008, the teams sustainability at their universities organised at least 126 events, and the local community. The teams including conferences, panel work independently and show how discussions, simulation games, responsibility, hands-on project seminars, surveys, lectures, movie experience and fun go together. screenings and reading circles. Oslo Hamburg London Belfast Clausthal Paderborn Bayreuth Brussels Warsaw Opole Paris Reims Bratislava Ashland Prague Cologne Sylhet Graz Witten/ St.Gallen Herdecke Budapest Dhaka Monterrey Friedrichshafen Constance Monrovia oikos Local Chapter Get involved Johannesburg To contact a Local Chapter, Chapter in accession as of May 2009 please check www.oikos-international.org/chapters/ oikos_Brochure_2009_090919_MHe.i2 2 19.9.09 18:38:57 Uhr
  3. 3. Student Engagement oikos International, located in online tools, marketing materials St.Gallen, is a network hub that and contacts to decision makers. We supports the existing Local Chapters also bring together student change to develop their activities and makers from the oikos Chapters in maximise their impact. It also our international Spring and Autumn stimulates the foundation of new meetings – for exchange of ideas, chapters and guides their start-up concepts and experience, and to build process. To achieve these goals, lasting networks of future change we offer coaching, skill seminars, makers. advancing the oikos network empowering projects Winter School Chapter Coaching Student Award Spring Meeting Autumn Meeting Project Development Fund President & Advisors Retreat Project Leadership Curricula Programme Change Global Case Writing PhD and Young Competition Scholars Academies Faculty Development PhD Fellowship Workshops Programme strengthening research PhD and Faculty Engagement With the oikos Foundation, we Our events, like the PhD and organise academic projects to Young Scholars Academies, prepare integrate sustainability into aspiring academics for high-impact innovative research and teaching at inquiry into sustainability, and make the world’s departments and schools them change agents for academic for management and economics. innovation globally. /chapters/ oikos_Brochure_2009_090919_MHe.i3 3 19.9.09 18:39:09 Uhr
  4. 4. Get involved as a student To become active in one of our Local chapter, please contact the local team directly. No chapter in your town? We constantly grow our network at the leading schools of management and economics worldwide. Want to found a new Local Chapter? Contact us! Concept & Design: Kate Negacz & Martin Herrndorf | Fotos: Robert Stürmer p. 1 & 4 © oikos International 2009. 1st May 2009. printed on FSC Mix paper Join forces as a partner To increase our outreach and impact, we work together with leading organisations in the sustainability field. Besides strengthening our existing relations, we constantly search content, media and sponsoring partners for local and international events. Got an idea? Contact us! ? whom to contact on what …on oikos in 2009? …on PhD and faculty projects? …on the Local Chapters? …on potential involvement as a …on the international projects? donor? Kate Negacz Dr. Jost Hamschmidt oikos International, President 2009 oikos Foundation, Managing Director kate.negacz@oikos-international.org jost.hamschmidt@oikos-international.org phone +41 (0)71 224 2698 phone +41 (0)71 224 2595 skype ‘katenegacz’ oikos Circle of Donors www.oikos-international.org oikos_Brochure_2009_090919_MHe.i4 4 19.9.09 18:39:19 Uhr