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The slide's from my Creative Mornings talk in Melbourne. #cmmelb

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  • Curated links\nBlog content\n
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  • – Hated socialising and small talk (aka “what do you do?”)\n– Networking is so ‘80s – it’s about friendships\n– Relationships are for life – people change jobs often\n– Emotion is what makes the world go around Dan Pink found money doesn’t motivate us to perform better, instead emotions do.\n– Work long hours – natural tendency to spend time with people you like\n– You can be a jerk if you’re very very good at what you do\n– The death of the separate Twitter account for work\n– Trust\n\n\n
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  • – First learnt about it when I started leading a dev team\n– Iterations – perfect for the perfectionists\n– Take small steps to move mountains – we would never be in ten cities if that was the plan from day one\n– Fluidity – change is good! No red tape – push changes live\n– Death of the five year life plan (and also the 50-page communication plan)\n– Got to be opportunistic and responsive (you can’t schedule content and forget about it)\n
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  • – In 2010, I was so sick of staring at my ceiling – quit my job and went to SF “If you never go, you’ll never know”\n– In 2011, I sold 85% of my possessions\n– No job, no stuff – what does your ego get propped up by? No business card to hand out. You can just be you. \n
  • – Always find it funny that the centre of maps changes where ever you are in the world – Antartica in the middle would look pretty weird!\n– Used to make phone calls and send letters to research other cities – now I just tweet peeps\n
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  • – Bachelor of Microbiology and Biotechnology (makes marketing seem like a walk in the park)\n– Prototype and explore by doing – you won’t be closer to what you want to do if you don’t take risks \n– Don’t sit around thinking about what you could do with your life \n– Or going back to study again and again\n
  • – Social web and bringing people together\n
  • – Digital director job meant I didn’t do as much writing or creating in my day, which I missed\n
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  • – A process to create and ship something faster\n– The Fetch MVP – built a community and need over features – stopped feature creep\n– Testing and analytics – don’t make assumptions about your provide or service\n– Five whys \n– Death of the big idea\n– Continuos innovation\n– People ask for an iCal feed – no we don’t want to spam your calendar\n– We get 45% plus average open rates across the board and 55% click through\n\n\n
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  • – Every day people with top teams, loads of resources and the distribution network are launching stuff – too much noise. \n– People turning off and waiting for word of mouth and peer-to-peer recommendations from friends\n– In the US, marketing is an esteemed and professionally regulated role\n
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  • – Don’t waste time trying to make it work\n– Self sufficiency doesn’t scale\n– You work At Will in the US\n
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  • – Don’t do coffee if there’s no point (unless your exploring/prototyping)\n– Conversation verse consultation\n– Introverted lamb being ripped apart at networking events\n– Walking publicity machine\n
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  • – Old friends\n– Take, take, takers\n– Create a support network\n– Discover what you need help in\n– People who don’t let you be you\n
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  • – Social is about conversations, community is about relationships\n
  • – Christine Tsai\n– Control what you can\n– Ask for things (I was Mary in the nativity play at primary school)\n– Complain and embrace conflict (break off that nice shell women!)\n– Stopped waiting for something to happen or someone to give you permission\n– Keep moving and don’t look back \n\n
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  • Creative Mornings Melbourne Talk

    1. 1. @katekendall // // // #cmmelb
    2. 2. 10 Lessons From The Journey To Global Growth
    3. 3. Beta launched out of Melbourne in mid-2011
    4. 4. The Fetch uncovers your city by curating the best events, news, cool jobs and must-reads in one place.
    5. 5. // 1 //Work is life and life is work
    6. 6. Merge the two and save time ;)
    7. 7. // 2 //Boost creativity by being agile
    8. 8. // 3 // Remove comfortsand define yourself then
    9. 9. Minimalism, Digital Nomadand MacBook Air Life
    10. 10. Connecting across the globe has become easy “cyborgs”Bad flight hacker!
    11. 11. // 4 // “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work youshould be doing for the rest of your life.” ~ Jessica Hische
    12. 12. Studiedscience then fashion then marketing
    13. 13. Weekly Friday breakfast at 1000 £ BendConnecting the community through coffee and conversation since 2009
    14. 14. // 5 // Do more usingLean Startup Methodology
    15. 15. Doers > talkers!
    16. 16. // 6 //Understand why people care in a sea of noise
    17. 17. Marketing isn’t a dirty word “Oh, look, a shiny object!” #attentionfail P.S. “Congratulating anentrepreneur for raising moneyis like congratulating a chef for buying the ingredients,” ~ Quirky’s Ben Kaufman
    18. 18. Community is so important!✓ CMs often the first non-tech role at startups✓ ~70 curators and ambassadors in our network✓ Low-key tools – don’t let tech get in the way✓ Aspirational – roles are often mentioned in LinkedIn and Twitter bios✓ Balinese style: Family -> Village -> Community
    19. 19. Lifestyle Professional Positioning
    20. 20. “We’re not just a newsletter!”Storytelling: “The architect’s house...”
    21. 21. // 7 // Hire slow, fire fast– including yourself
    22. 22. We create roleswhere we’re self- sufficient
    23. 23. Automating,and scaling our product whilebeing mindful of quality
    24. 24. // 8 //Know the place of “coffees”
    25. 25. Conversation verseconsultation
    26. 26. // 9 //Beware of energy vampires
    27. 27. They ruin your creativity!
    28. 28. // 10 //Social media is fake!
    29. 29. Be vulnerableand authentic in a sea of other’s showreels
    30. 30. “In business as in life, youdont get what you deserve,you get what you negotiate.” ~ Dr Chester L. Karrass
    31. 31. Thank you! Any questions?