Huck Finn Mississippi River Keynote


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This is a Keynote presentation created by 10th grade students during the Huck Finn Unit. Students created the Keynote to explain some key background information that is necessary for students' understand of the unit.

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  • Huck Finn Mississippi River Keynote

    1. 1. The Mississippi River Tying together life on the Mississippi between Mark Twain and Huckleberry Finn
    2. 2. Impact of the Mississippi A 1,300-mile waterway linking five states to the Gulf Coast export markets, the River System supports a tremendous range of uses. Commercial navigation, recreation, and fish and wildlife all flourish on the Upper Mississippi. The region's more than 30 million residents rely on river water for public and industrial supplies, power plant cooling, wastewater assimilation, and other uses.
    3. 3. Impact of the Mississippi Once served as our Nation's western border, and expansion beyond it was a key turning point in our history. Through his writings, Mark Twain made the Mississippi River a household word.
    4. 4. The River’s Impact Explained • The Mississippi served as a central trading route because it was the main link between the major U.S. export markets • Uses: Commercial navigation, recreation, transportation, fishing, etc. • Relied upon for public and industrial resources, power plant cooling, wastewater assimilation, etc. • Used to serve as the border between the eastern and western sides of the U.S. • Through his writings, Mark Twain made the Mississippi River a part of everyone throughout the country
    5. 5. Background Information • French and Spanish explorers are known as the first Europeans to colonize along the river basin (1500’s-1600’s) • Was a main trade route for fur traders • New Orleans became a key commerce area (essentially, whoever controlled New Orleans controlled the trade flow and the Mississippi) • After negotiations with France to gain control of New Orleans, the United States became the new owners of the Mississippi River Valley.
    6. 6. Background Information • Through President Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase, the U.S. gained the Mississippi • Control over the Mississippi allowed the U.S. to continue their westward expansion
    7. 7. The Role of the Mississippi River in Huck Finn The Mississippi River plays a very important role in the novel Huck Finn. The entire novel revolves around Huck and Jim floating down the river on a raft. Huck and Jim begin their journey at St. Petersburg, Missouri, a fictional town based on Hannibal. Their plan is to raft down the Mississippi to Cairo, Illinois and then take a steam boat to Ohio.
    8. 8. Quotes about The Mississippi “We said there warn’t no home like raft after all. Other places get do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don’t. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft” (Twain 116).
    9. 9. Mississippi River Quotes “Sometimes we’d have the whole river to ourselves for the longest time. Yonder was the banks and the islands, across the water; and maybe a spark--which was a candle in a cabin window; and sometimes on the water you could see a spark or two--on a raft or scow, you know, and maybe you could here a fiddle or a song coming over from of them crafts. it is lovely to live n a raft” (Twain 119).
    10. 10. The Geography of the Mississippi • The Mississippi River flows south from Minnesota nearly 2,350 miles, drains 31 states from Montana to New York • Discharges 612,000 cubic feet of water every second into the Gulf of Mexico. • Home to fish, mussels, amphibians, and mammals, the river system also serves as the main flyway for migratory birds. • The floodplain supports thick forests, prairie grasslands, rich farmlands, and cypress swamps, yet also threatens life along its banks with floods, earthquakes, and pollution.
    11. 11. Bibliography • - Provided picture of the Mississippi River. Found on Slide 1. • - Provided information on the geography and background information of the Mississippi River. Found on various slides. • Provided Photos: • riverboat.bmp • . • • Mississipi_River_PDSMO.jpg • • •